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Elections in Honduras: The Left Riots, Loots, Burns At Losing in the Counting

December 2, 2017

The international press is totally mutilating the truth in its reporting out of Honduras about the elections held on Sunday this week, where the beast of Venezuela style socialism rears its ugly self again, after being rejected soundly by the nation in 2009.

A recap of events in 2009 in Honduras, and how this would be strong man little Chavez wanted his own dictatorship:

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Voters in Honduras went to their voting stations this past Sunday, November 26, 2017, to cast ballots for mayors, diputados (congressional representatives), and for president.

Juan Orlando Hernandez is the presidential candidate for the Partido Nacional (“Nationalist Party”). The main opposition candidate is sportscaster Salvador Nasralla, a candidate for the leftist “Alianza de Opposicion contra la Dictadura”, a candidate for the so-called “Partido Libre” and PINU. This “Alianza” should really be called the “Alliance to Impose Dictatorship”, because of the personality in the background, returning to the fray after Honduras rejected him because he rejected Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, aka Mel Zelaya. His official title in this confederacy of villains is “Coordinator”.

If Nasralla wins, then Zelaya wins.

Nasrallah signed an agreement with the International Observers who came for the election, as did Juan Orlando, to accept the results without protest the results as announced by the TSE.

But some three hours after signing the document, he renounced it. The word from Honduras (forget the international agencies) is that he did this without checking with Manuel Zelaya first. He hid in the background in the campaign while calling the shots. Zelaya didn’t like that at all, and three hours later he broke the agreement. And now yesterday, he called for street protests, knowing that he was unleashing an orgy of violence, and that’s exactly what is happening right now in Honduras, this day, Friday, December 1, 2017.

Part of the blame may fall on the TSE, but they have announced, and the European Union observer team also said in press conference, that they had to suspend the counting efforts because of the tear gas floating in from outside. The tear gas was used to disrupt the so-called Alliance supporters who were outside the TSE offices and trying to get in to disrupt the counting. And as an excuse he said it was because of the computer outage during the counting.


My wife was in high school with Manuel Zelaya, who is the figure she tells me pulls the strings on Nasralla. She told me her classmates regarded him as the dumb one in school. And when one teacher told the class anybody could be president in the country, Zelaya announced he was going to be president. The class roared in laughter. Before his arrest in 2009, while still president, many political observers thought Secretary of State Patricia Rodas was the mastermind of his presidency. Patricia Rodas did her college studies in Cuba.

What is lost in the noise is that the Alianza de Oposicion has representatives present for the counting.

Nasrallah led in early counting but the tide turned after a time, so it was easier for the leaders of this socialist alliance to send their gullible followers to the streets.


During the campaign, one interviewer asked Nasralla about the brutal violent gangs Salvatrucha 13 and the 18 gang. He said he was not afraid of them, they were his “friends”. At some point, I’m told he said (publicly) that he would stop Juan Orlando’s construction of maximum security prisons to hold them, and would let them go to the streets.

Those gangs and their violence got much worse during the Zelaya presidency.

My wife has a friend, a poor friend, who lost a son to the gangs. A cousin as well. And the friend’s son was almost killed until her errant daughter (who was or is a friend of some sort with the gang leader at the time) intervened to protect him.

It seems to some extent, too, and certain times, these gangs learned to cool down a bit with honest working families. For awhile, they were running out of people that had anything. One family, friends with part of my stepchildren’s close circle of college friends,

The gangs collect what they call a “tax” from businesses in their territory. But sometimes their turfs “overlap”. We have a close friend of the family there that had a good small family store. She was already having to pay this “tax” to one gang, and then came another to collect. So now she has to pay this monthly extortion to TWO gangs. Very discretely, because if one gang finds out about the other one, they will murder her.

That’s one reason in reality, Juan Orlando is so popular among the productive sectors of the people, and a great number among the poor as well. One channel walked up one street and asked every person waiting on a bus which way they leaned, and it seemed like an even mix.


The head of the delegation of observers from the United Nations, and the head of the group of observers from the European Union, are asking the Opposition (Nasralla-Zelaya) and their followers to cease from the violence in the streets, so they can continue counting the votes. They are waiting for the Opposition to return to the TSE counting area so they can continue, because the law says all parties should be present.

One man speaking for the Partido Nacional demands that Opposition return to the counting table, asking if they won the vote, then why are they not present to defend their interests?

So the official delegations from the OAS and the UN can see who are the disruptors, who are the cheaters.

So far, there has been a lot of burning and looting, and in San Pedro the looters cleared an entire department store of its merchandise, drugs, furniture, electric appliances, stoves, refrigerators, clothes, everything.

Blocking roads. They destroyed the toll booths on the road outside San Pedro to the main highway that leads to Tegucigalpa. In one town they set a very old church on fire. It was recorded by someone wailing that they had no shame.

They don’t want a fair vote, looks like they want power, and the poor fools sucked in by their demagoguery are willing to do the sacking the looting and the burning for them.

En Copan, one National Party leader denounced one of the leaders of Alianza who went into hiding because someone discovered that she had ordered their followers to burn down the police station for the town.

This a fake protest on the part of Nasralla and Zelaya, who simply want to take power, by riot and mayhem if they cannot win an honest vote.

Please say a prayer for Honduras tonight. (And tomorrow).


More guns: Less crime?

December 1, 2012
Cover of "More Guns, Less Crime: Understa...

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I read John Lott‘s book “More Guns Less Crime“. It is jam-packed with pages after pages after pages full of the statistics across the country of FACTS that show the correlation between “shall issue” laws for “concealed carry” permits and the drop in crime shortly thereafter.

Every single rebuttal I’ve ever read against John Lott’s compilation of studies has been worthy of ridicule, including the ones written by master obfuscators. The Freakonomics authors didn’t even attempt a refutation except for a wave of the hand acknowledgement that there are critics of the book, after admitting that they did not even attempt to argue with it.

Numbers don’t “prove” a cause/effect relationship, but we deduce the obvious from temporal correlations.

And that’s only one example of the types of studies. Permissive gun laws, crimes go down. A town bans handguns, crime goes up. Bernhard Goetz shoots five teens making threats, subway crimes reported drops 30,000 –that’s thirty thousand!– in the following month!

This is why The Congress of Racial Equality demands that inner city minorities be permitted by law to exercise what is their natural right by birth as humans —self-defense, and providing themselves the means thereof.

The “African-American” militia leader J. J. Johnson of Ohio has testified in congressional hearings on the right to bear arms, and I believe it was him who pointed out that if the Africans had possessed firearms, that kidnapping them as slaves would have been much harder.

One Japanese general during their WWII planning pointed out the main difficulty that in his view made a land invasion of the USA nearly impossible: There would be an American behind every tree shooting at them.

But crime happens to individuals, and this also makes anecdotes relevant too.

My wife stopped a kidnapping cold by pulling out her own weapon from her purse, and he’s grown.

In one area where she used to live in Tegucigalpa, two guys from an area in Honduras known for the ubiquitous possession of firearms, wiped out the neighborhood street gang –where the police were both hopelessly outgunned and useless– after the gang murdered one of their family.

In Olancho itself, after one young kid was killed by the new gang in town, the father got some friends and enforced the law that the “official” authorities could not. The most brutal street gangs in the world, MS-13 and 18, have not made a reappearance there…

(By the way, contrary to pathetically under-researched background in many press reports, those two gangs I named are NOT “Central American” gangs. They were born and bred in Los Angeles, California, grew up from the Latino barrios violent street culture, and deportations back to Central America led to their growth there. Stamp them: Made in the USA)

A soldier on leave in Honduras found out that a gang had raped and killed his girlfriend. He tracked them all down and killed them all.

Hollywood, while they go out and condemn effective self-defense, fantasize about law enforcement righteously breaking all the laws themselves in the pursuit for legal justice.

Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take [it], and likewise [his] scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. -Luke 22:36

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. -John 10:10