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DNC floor erupts over restoring God, Jerusalem to platform – Interviews – Hannity – Fox News

September 8, 2012
Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Did Sean Hannity take note on air of the way the Republican Party did the same thing with the voice vote? When the party bosses wanted to throw out the legitimately selected Maine delegation because they were majority Ron Paul supporters, to replace them with Romneybots?

When they took the voice vote and obviously the vote was to recognize the legitimate delegation, and not the crooked hand-picked one, did Sean Hannity take note of that?

And don’t believe what Rush Limbaugh said about the rules changes by the RNC –that they made retroactive– that gave the “presumptive nominee” dictatorial power over what the delegations would be.

Rush said this wasn’t about Ron Paul but about keeping conservatives down. Baloney. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be the obvious “others” he’s talking about but they bowed out of the race based on the theory of the “presumptive nominee”. They have no problem with them, these “team players”.

The obvious reason was that after Ron Paul blew away all expectations in 2008, and then scared the pants off them in 2012, they can see the handwriting on the wall of this “idea whose time has come” –liberty–
and they want to see if they can fend it off together with the Democratic Party bosses.

That’s right, “together”. Like Campaign Finance “reform”, which only makes it harder to interfere with the incumbents’ gravy train, who treat their congressional seats as piggy banks, except they don’t have to put any money in, just get it.


Hey, Washington Times: Drop out of Doublespeak Media: Ron Paul campaign hotter than ever

May 18, 2012

Baloney to this disinformation. I’m sorry the Washington Times, so right so often, has chosen to join the doublespeak about Ron Paul‘s campaign. His delegate strategy, designed to use the strength of citizens who are PASSIONATE about having somebody positive finally to root for instead of the lesser of two almost equal evils, and who UNDERSTAND the enormous stakes involved here. Romney will continue the failed policies of Bush-Obama, but the Doublespeak Media line that we have to take somebody from their own set of approved ones, is dead with Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is set to win ten states. He won the primary in the Virgin Islands, kid. He probably won the Maine caucus votes too, the exemplary fraud in Washington, Maine was so blatant.

If Ron Paul has no chance, why is the Romney campaign printing fraudulent slates in Nevada, breaking all of their own party rules, and threatening to ram their own plans down our throats?

Ron Paul is the only one who is exposing the way the Fed is ruining our economy, and the way the monetary policy (“printing money”) is robbing the poor and middle class with inflation.

Jesus Christ made an example of the money changers and chased them out of the Temple, and Ron Paul and now millions of the rest of us cheer at the thought of running them out of our pockets.

Romney campaign passing out Fake Ron Paul’s slates and breaking rules at NV GOP Convention

May 7, 2012
The Ron Paul blimp.

The Ron Paul blimp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Re-posting this important piece of news, helping expose the heavy-handed breaking of rules by the Establishment-Bought Republicans to force Romney onto grassroots Republicans that support Ron Paul:

With Ron Paul supporters studiously following the rules to leave no excuse open, the country-club checkered-pants Big-Government Republicans broke their own rules at the Nevada state party convention to get 400 extra delegates in the door, because Ron Paul supporters overwhelmed their numbers.

Of course this is from the local channel of a national broadcast network so they put on a guy who used loaded words to try to diss Ron Paul, saying his people were trying to “stack” the convention –as if the Romney-bots weren’t– and he says he doesn’t know “to what end” since Romney is the “presumptive nominee“.

He says he’s clueless about why they’re doing it, but obviously the truth is he doesn’t care why, whether he knows why or not, but he doesn’t like it.

But the message of Golden Rule Government is starting to resonate and find fertile ground in the minds of people around the world.

“Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good”. (Romans 12:21)

The Inside Story from the Towns on the Maine Caucus Vote Fixing

February 23, 2012
Seal of Kennebec County, Maine

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This is a commentary page where participants from around Maine put in their complaints about the way the state Party bosses -looking at you, Charlie Webster— blatantly threw out the true counts for the wrong ones they preferred.

One guy commented this would be the end of the Republican Party if they keep this up…

Errors in GOP Straw Poll Could Give Paul Win | As Maine Goes:

The first comment that got the thread going, from a “LarryInAugusta”, who also posted further down, ” There is a 100% chance of errors in Kennebec County.”:

TO: Kennebec GOP e-mail list

Attached are the results from Kennebec.

For those who received the press release sent by Mike Quatrano last night, there is an error. Two municipalities are listed with zeros when, in fact, they submitted their numbers. One is Waterville.

XXXXXX was responsible for keeping the spreadsheet. I can tell you, because I saw it, that she had the Waterville numbers. The spreadsheet was copied from her master to a laptop. Somehow, in that process, the numbers changed.

As Charlie Webster stated last night, the official numbers will be placed on the MRP website tomorrow. They will be using XXXXXXX spreadsheet, not the numbers sent in the press release. ”

Looking at both list below is the error rate and if these errors hold true throughout the State Paul will win the straw poll by six votes. Paul would have 2289 to Romneys 2283. How does this sort of thing happen? 15% of Ron Paul votes were not counted…..

Wrong GOP Totals 118 143 62 21 0 346
Right Kennebec County Totals 123 164 62 24 8 381
Missing Totals 5 19 0 3 8 35
Error Percent 1.042372881 1.146853147 1 1.142857143 0 1.101156069
GOP Released State Totals 2190 1996 989 349 61 5585
Possible Right Totals 2283 2289 989 399 61 6150

Ron Paul gets one of his strongest results so far, and the count still might beat Romney’s

February 12, 2012

“Breakthrough in Maine! Ron Paul exceeds expectations yet again”:

It looks the party bosses have “officially” declared Romney the winner in Maine, even though not all the votes are counted from all the precincts, and the (heh heh) “unofficial” actual count will still change with the pending votes.

And it’s a virtual tie. But is it? Romney only has 194 votes on Ron Paul so far with 83.7% of precincts reporting.

Washington County (pop. 32,856) postponed its caucuses due to the threat of 1-3″ of snow (which did not materialize). They will be voting next Saturday. However, Maine GOP Executive Director Michael Quatrano announced that the official results are permanent and will not be changed when the new votes come in.

Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.”

Some have called Washington County a “Ron Paul stronghold” that could have propelled Ron Paul to a Maine victory. Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton suggested that the Romney campaign was involved in the cancellation of the caucus as Paul’s campaign had expected to do well: “It’s not completely insidious, but they knew we were going to swamp it up there.”

In 2008 Ron Paul got 8 out of 113 votes (7%) while Mitt Romney received 40 out of 113 votes (35%) in the county. If Romney had remained stagnant at 40 votes and Ron Paul had received an additional 227 votes (+ in Washington County, Paul would have won Maine.

Footage that kills the conspiracy theories: Rare footage shows WTC 7 consumed by fire | Mail Online

November 5, 2011

“The lady protests too much, me thinks”:

Footage that kills the conspiracy theories: Rare footage shows WTC 7 consumed by fire | Mail Online:

Au contraire, friend. “Rare footage” my behind! “Newly released” it says. “Proves once and for all”, they say.

What it means is: “The lady protests too much, me thinks”.

They keep on trotting out old stuff like it was new stuff and repeating the mantra. Don’t look there, look over here.

Yawn. Like we didn’t all already know there was a lot of fire in Building 7. So they trot out proof of something everybody knew all along and agreed happened anyway and this “finally” proves something that not everybody agrees to?

This is logic?

And then they commit another stupidity, trying to pretend that all the skeptics say al Qaeda had nothing to do with the incident. It’s weak and stupid. Lots of people say it doesn’t matter whether al Qaeda was suckered into something or did it all, just that the official story has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Well, we all know that even though governments throughout history have lied about bigger things than this to their own people, our own government is the exception. Tell that to the Battleship Maine survivors’ descendants. Tell it to the families of the Memphis syphilis victims. Where are the MK-Ultra survivors? Tell it to the Cuban Bay of Pigs veterans, left to slaughter and prison rot by our own liars.

Yeah, “It could never happen here”, could it?