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January 13, 2013
FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force

FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is one breach in the resistance against disarmament, besides news media distraction with other stories, that they will use, and I don’t know if the publication of the list of registered gun owners by that newspaper in New York is a mistake by somebody or a trial balloon, or was a plot to distract from the central issue involving the Second Amendment. It changed the conversation from why it’s important to respect the right to self-defense, and that is where the debate should go.

It also crowded the air waves with the action of one newspaper that did the deed.

The one thing that is holding back tyranny in the United States is an armed populace. The prisons are full of people who would be glad to have a free hand at eliminating dissidents, as long as they think their rulers will take good care of them. Much of the military’s dirty work is now done by private contractors and firms, and some of them no doubt have little care about respecting the rights of their targets, especially if they are convinced that they are really bad guys.

Hollywood movie-makers have been conditioning their audience for decades to accept the idea of breaking the law and inflicting pain as long as the victim is a bona-fide bad guy.

Now remember what Obama said about a “civilian” security force just as organized and well-funded as the U.S. military? “To meet our security objectives”, he said. He did not say whose security objectives, expecting most people to just assume it was him including his audience. Many of us know better.

There hasn’t been any public activity to match that campaign promise to form a new “civilian” federal police force. Probably there are some big increases in the spending on the dozens of federal agencies that have tens or hundreds of thousands of armed agents, under DHS and Justice and State.

But I think something is telling me that there is more to it than that, as one NWO defector to Jesus Christ has exposed. It’s a great number of guys in prisons who don’t have qualms and might gladly join such a force. Louis Farrakhan has even predicted that the price America will pay for the historical slavery will have to do with them.

Let me quickly add that it is not just some of the black guys. There are a great many of them who have become aware plans to enslave the whole world. The ones who warn them about getting put back in chains are the very perpetrators of these plans, but there are some who know it. A librarian friend of mine tells me about them using their facilities to do research at times, a former “black militant”.

The ONE MAJOR THING that has plans for an overt declaration of dictatorship in the USA is the very big civilian military force that Obama, Biden, and the usual suspects have nothing to do with except for their desire to disarm it.

There are as many as one million Americans who are prepared to repel any foreign invasion, and who will not give up their means of self-defense so easily. They are educated, through no fault of the oligarchy, to the fact that after disarmament comes genocide throughout history. The Armenians in Turkey, the Jews in Germany, Christians and political opposition in the Soviet Union and in Mao’s China, in Cambodia, great numbers of people gave up their lives and their families when they gave up their self-defense.

That’s the ONE thing that defectors have said is holding back the plans of plutocrats.

They are especially after pistols, because when the plans for takeover at great scales take place, they don’t want anybody to be able to hide a small one. That’s one reason they also want a list of who has what….

MAKE NO MISTAKE: They are planning to confiscate all the weapons they can. They have already done this I think it was in New York, with a subset.

In meetings revealed later by some people present, it has been reported, that Bill Ayers, bomb-maker and “Weather Underground” leader, who complained they had not done enough mayhem, he said they would have to kill at least a million or more people to be successful at their revolution.

They also don’t like the idea of anybody being able to live “off the grid”, meaning without having to depend on the infrastructure and system they control. But their biggest fear right now is having a populace that can shoot back.

Note Ruby Ridge, Waco, a dozen terrorist plots formed by government agencies like the FBI for safe “we protect you” campaigns, and yet they said no way they could see the hit on the Towers coming.