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Ron Paul campaign suing the fraudulent anti-Huntsman ad is a win-win for Ron Paul’s message

January 21, 2012
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“Under current law” he wins, if the courts follow the law.

There are none so blind as those who can’t see “that Ron Paul has any legitimate case”.

#1. The persons that posted that video obviously intended for it to slander Ron Paul’s good name by making it look like his campaign created it, by the names they used at the end, PLUS the author’s comment on the web site itself saying that “the campaign” had requested they not divulge any identifying information.

#2. The very first external reference back to that video was on the Huntsman campaign web site, within scant seconds of its posting on youtube.

#3. The damages are real, as the usual guilty parties in the Big Money Media figures pushed it as something from the Ron Paul campaign.

#4. The fact that they are suing based on sufficient grounds to uncover the anonymous authors of this libelous subterfuge, is already a win-win for the Ron Paul campaign, in the real world, because
(a) it demonstrates that it was not the Ron Paul campaign that posted this video, but that
…(b) they also consider it a despicable and legally actionable slander against what his message stands for, and that
…(c) it shows that somebody was out to intentionally smear the campaign, the message, and the man in an illegal and actionable way
…(c) other “fellows of the baser sort” that might consider another such subterfuge should beware that they could be hit up for damages, whether it is another candidate’s supporters, or media figure.


What’s next Esquire? Five-headed alien encounters?

May 22, 2011

After publishing a blatant lie meant to deceive the gullible, Esquire back-tracked after the threat of suit, too late to save them:

Farah vows to sue Esquire, ‘take ownership’:

The lawsuit will put the court system on trial, too. If Esquire wins its defense of this obvious proof that they do not care one little bit about (1) the truth, or (2) the people’s right to know the truth, or (3) fairness.

They are more than guilty, guilty, guilty. Can you believe what these lying liars tell?