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Yale prof surprised: “Tea partiers know more science than non-tea partiers”

October 19, 2013
Pro-life activist Lila Rose

Pro-life activist Lila Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eureka! Tea partiers know science!

Politico’s headline shows their surprise, too (Eureka!), weakly suppressing a disdain for the hoi polloi they do not want running free. He wanted (ahem, “expected”) to see the opposite result. Academia lives in a bubble of their own creation: “I don’t know a single person who identifies with the tea party,” he said. But now they know: they understand more science than those who aren’t.


Navy Seal thinks the [federal] government may be trying to provoke conditions for martial law:

Not so crazy an accusation. He quoted Sheila Jackson as demanding that Obama declare martial law so he could stop the “shutdown”. I’ve seen that for a long, long time.

I saw it in the pro-life movement. They were desperate to make the pro-lifers get violent (never mind the violence done to babies inside the abortion mills) that they started arresting them for standing on sidewalks. Finally, in desperation, they used what were (to me) obvious moles. Like one guy in Pensacola who kept trying to talk pro-life demonstrators into violent action, and they always shouted him down, “Shut up!”, “What are you thinking”, You’re in the wrong movement buster. So he got a gun and shot a doctor. Which was promptly blamed on the people who told him not to.


AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE to watch for a limited time!

I’ve not watched it through yet, but from the parts I’ve seen and from the reviews, this promises to be a good historical perspective on why America is like it is right now…

How the Old Left is continuing to world to bring America down, meeting after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were talking about using the environmental movement (for business-killing regulations) and pushing to destroy traditional family structure, and other such things.

The Naked Communist“, a 1958 book, says some of these things too.

[My note: I think America’s “cup of iniquity” is already too full to
escape God’s judgments. But this is how, and people need this

The narrator says “anarchy” doesn’t make sense. I beg to differ. Any government tends toward more central control.

Also, some of the people featured in comments in this video are likely not necessarily genuine or complete freedom-loving actors. Nevertheless, their exposure of the “AGENDA” is informative to a new generation, if they watch this…

Fabian socialism trademark: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hillary Clinton’s defining paper in college was a report on Gramshee, the Communist strategist.


International corporate juggernauts

May 27, 2013
George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A “return back to international corporate juggernauts” does not deserve the revisionist history heaped upon it. People’s real incomes increased leaps and bounds from 1850 to 1900 in the USA, before a faction of “international corporate juggernauts” began to yell about those (other) “international corporate juggernauts” and “we have to stop them!” and they started passing laws to stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”.


Except, of course, they told us they were “one of us” and they were “helping” us stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”. Pay no attention to billionaire George Soros‘ billions, he’s “helping” us by financing “Obama“, please don’t look at the money, pay attention to the rhetoric please.


“Right wing” and “left wing” are from the Doublespeak dictionary from this particular subset of a faction of “international corporate juggernauts”.


The de-salination machine example is good for the illustration of the principle. The “real-world” counter-example of state-funded technology development is an illustration of stealing your money to give it to somebody, but the greatest advantages of recent centuries have been from private initiatives. The telegraph, the steam engine, the telephone, radio, telescope, movable print, vacuum tubes, microchips, cell phones, plastics, air conditioning, the PC, all these things were developed with private initiatives, not the state. The state wastes valuable resources that could be used for production, diverting them to political priorities, or the whims of the guy who likes using money confiscated from your pocket for his own whims. “Scientific” or not. Haha. Like studying whether monkeys get high on marijuana. Thank you, but no refunds.


The libertarian philosophy does not consider state funding as “free market” friendly because it is theft from somebody else. Lower taxes only means the state bosses are stealing less money from you.


Forcing you to hire somebody at more than minimum wage is neither “free market” nor “fair”. A free market of labor gives the teenager and the less-intelligent among us a chance to work for a living and contribute to production. The minimum wage tells him to go pound sand. Don’t worry, we’ll steal it from somebody else and we’ll pay you to sit on your fanny. Or we’ll steal it from somebody else who might have paid you more, so we can “subsidize” your pay.

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“Leftist” and “Rightist” Are Meaningless, What matters is Less Government Control vs. Less

September 17, 2012

During the 1930s and into the 1940s, the Nazis were often referred to as leftists. That’s right, leftists. What makes sense anyway?

What’s the difference between international socialism and national socialism? None, the only difference being whim of the dictators’ club.

Note that the free market advocates in the Soviet Union were called “liberals”, the same as in the 1930s and 1940s. Go read Ludwig von Mises. He “liberally” refers to “the liberals”. Guess who he’s talking about? Free marketers! This is what is meant by “classical liberal economics”, in fact.

“Left” and “right” mean nothing of consequence today in American political campaigns, especially reporting. Those words were hijacked for different meanings at journalism schools and political science departments of colleges that trained the government-media complex central planning writers of today’s propaganda media. The left/right language is used to Pavlov as many media consumers as possible into associating good things to bad things, confusing them.

The political spectrum that matters is command-and-control “government” on one end, versus total freedom on the other. More government control vs. less government control. Whether you want somebody telling everybody else what they can and cannot do, or whether you prefer the freedom to do whatever you like as long as you respect the rights of others. Respecting others’ rights means you cannot compel them to do anything, or not do anything, and they cannot compel you.

I call this “Golden Rule Government”.

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. – Matthew 7:12