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Genes should never be patentable

May 9, 2012
Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utilit...

Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utility patents, design patents, plant patents, and patents granted to foreign residents) Deutsch: Erteilte Patent 1790-2008 (unterteilt in Gebrauchsmuster, Geschmacksmuster, Biopatente und Patente die an nicht US Bürger vergeben wurden) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beverly Bell: Groups Around the U.S. Join Haitian Farmers in Protesting “Donation” of Monsanto Seeds:

Discoveries of genes that do this or that of benefit to humans should be treated like new species. Nobody can patent a new animal they happened to see hiding behind a tree somewhere.

Michael Crichton wrote a scathing essay on the subject that he put as an epilogue for his novel “Next”, a warning on the theme.

Nobody should ever sign away the “rights” to his genes. No company should ever be allowed to get a “patent” on any gene. They’ve only been able to mix and match anyway.

The status of the patent situation in the world today is a complete mess, and in the United States, it is becoming a common practice of the biggest corporations to carve out entire departments and dedicate a great amount of resources to formulating patent requests on everything they can imagine. Innovation research in companies seems to be dedicated increasingly to get all the patents possible for all kinds of arcane concepts, just for the purpose of preventing somebody else from suing them over it.

Now it looks like Larry Ellison has even unleashed his litigation army to go after the Java that’s already in the wild. That’s probably why IBM challenged Sun to turn Java over to open source; they may have seen this coming.

There’s even a movement getting attention that advocates the end of all the different categories of “intellectual property”. The idea that the “creators” are awarded by patents is losing out to the obvious fact that these days, it’s not the “creators” but the big corporations that “own” the rights who benefit.

Meantime, we see the open source movement ever growing. Lots of people just enjoy seeing the fruition of their intellectual endeavors.  For example, God bless Tim Berners-Lee and those that worked with him for their work in applying the first foundations for the Internet to happen,  for throwing it out there for the world to develop.


How about a search engine that respects privacy? And stop PIPA and SOPA and “neutrality” laws!

January 18, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

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I don’t like the idea of Google tailoring the thing to my persona or my IP address, especially when I’m not logged in. They’ll say it’s to be for us, but it’s really for them and the ad revenue, plus they want to expand their dominance in the information-search domains, and now applications.

Google has reached its limit I think in the economies-of-scale limits as far as how many things they can take over in a good way. Something is wrong when upstart companies that begin to gain traction think they can make more money by selling out to Google or Microsoft. Unfortunately regulatory regimes add an element of too-big-to-fail tilting of the economic environment that favors entrenched market dominance.

Although we are getting pulled along by both economic forces and powers-that-be forces toward giving up privacy, and the Biblical prophecy in Revelation 13 makes clear there is a subcutaneous chip on its way, we can make it as difficult as possible for them. Larry Ellison said “Privacy is dead, get over it” but then he’s one of “them”, at least so he thinks. Maybe he is.

Americans have been known for their respect for individual liberty. We should not lose sight of that. Dividing people by groups leads to tensions and war.

Google also censors the ads. I may sharply disagree with some of the things Pamela Geller, and sharply disagree with many of the approach she uses to some of the things I agree on, but I defend her right to be heard same as me and you.

By the way, that applies to Ron Paul, too, who is the guy the Big Brother regime is trying to censor. He’s America‘s last best hope for recovering our individual liberties, no wonder big money is going to all the other guys (including Obama).

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P.S. What alternative is there to Google and Yahoo engine? There are other search web sites but the ones I’ve found all use on of those two as their “search engine”.

What do these Ron Paul endorsements mean?

January 3, 2012

Endorsements for Ron Paul from Andrew Sullivan and Jesse Ventura, in terms of helping him win in Iowa and the primaries, and the nomination, and the polls,may not make much difference in his support, in my opinion, because Ron Paul’s strengths in the numbers ensue from his positions and the endorsements he’s received that count are his multitude of wildly enthusiastic supporters who are talking one-on-one with voters to explain his positions, and so bypassing media decrees on who is “electable” or “nutty” or whatnot.

In terms of what it says about Ron Paul –and more importantly, the ideas, policies, and philosophy he represents, it has more positives for Andrew Sullivan and Jesse Ventura than it does Ron Paul.

They have their own reasons, as expressed. Sullivan’s endorsement is fair-weather, in my opinion, more pragmatic than principled. But most people who are convinced and now Ron Paul voters are probably people who had already agreed with most of the collection of ideas that are based on freedom.

I think for most Ron Paul supporters it has been more like the Israeli “settler” wrote on his web site. He got interested for his own reasons, mostly one reason, that being his delight at finally seeing a candidate for president in the USA that would cut off aid to all countries including Israel. But as he learned more about the candidate, he said, he came to where he found himself almost giddy at realizing the principle of individual freedom made him glad that he had found common cause with people who aren’t so happy with “settlers”, i.e. people like myself.

Like RP has said, “Freedom brings people together”.

I’ve been more libertarian than the stupid stereotype caricature of Biblical Christians that most Big Goverment-Corporate Media is clinging to. Most Christians don’t either, but their gullibility with Bush and warrior demagoguery (and with the Christian Media Establishment) has irritated me sometimes and my views got me banned from some of their discussion lists too.

Ron Paul’s ideas are what many of us. We want government to get out of our lives, our bedrooms, our speech, our rights, our churches and our pocketbooks, and just leave us alone to live our lives responsible for ourselves with all the consequences. We want to stop the never-ending wars and we want them to stop watching our every moves. We refuse to just buckle to Larry Ellison‘s arrogant “Privacy is dead, get over it, we’ll give the government a citizen tracking database free of charge to make Big Brother red with envy”.

And his consistent history that shows he does not sell out the Constitution convinces atheists and pro-abortion advocates alike that he will do what he says.

For example, even though he is obviously personally against abortion, and very much so, he has a great number of pro-abortion supporters, I’ve met quite a number of them myself. He says it is not a federal issue, it’s a state issue, and so it is.

Even though he is a devout Christian, also, he agrees with a lot of “gays” and others who have also already said that marriage does not belong to “the state”, it belongs to the church where it’s been. That’s what pro-abortion Gary Johnson has also said.

Like I told my brother, there are already lots of de facto “same-sex marriages” (although most of those are “mostly” monogamous), plural marriages, serial polygamy, all kinds of deviations from the traditional natural nuclear family of one man, one woman, and children. Some of those get blessed by whatever pagan suits their fancy. Just get government out of the bedroom.

As a Christian, I want the government sword out of the way to leave the field open for winning souls to Christ through love and compassion. Using government guns to enforce purity and punish sin goes against this famous quote from the most loving man of all of time:

“Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more”.