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The Mark of the Beast

December 20, 2014

The translation of 616 for the mark of the Beast is wrong, wrong, very wrong, and it is only one modern version that was so flippant about getting it right that they put it in. Most modern versions are so corrupted that they have to have some nefarious influence. You should see what the Harvard grad ancient and modern language scholar John Hinton has to say about the other guys he had to put up with in the Harvard “Divinity” school. (Do they still call it that?)

I saw one NIV edition, for example, that said in the preface they dropped using the “thee, thy, thou” to be “more accurate”. Oh yea, like confusing singular and plural second person pronoun is going to be more accurate? Bwaa. This shows that they not only disrespect the Word, they disrespect the reader and lie to his face. Either than or the writer was abysmally ignorant and the editors cared not for the accuracy they claimed for the book.

The KJB was done by the last reliable translation team that not only respected proper scholarship but that revered the word of God.

There’s no need to fear the number itself, it’s just another number.

Its significance as the “mark of the Beast” is:

One, it is associated with commercial activity: “no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark”;

Two, it is associated with worship of the Beast (which might mean placing your personal and economic life in the hands of the governance of the Beast or his regime, above God, or other gods);

Three, it IS the “number of the Beast”, and “the number of a man”.

That third attribute points to a man who is a dictator. Other verses indicate that he wants to rule over the entire world (“all nations”).