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CPF9898 – Youtube collaborates with dictators, why not the American police state regime?

July 29, 2013
NSA (1971) ... NSA reveals its OWN embarrassin...

NSA (1971) … NSA lets out its OWN embarrassing secrets (14 June 2013) …item 2.. New York Times – VENONA AND THE COLD WAR (1999) (Photo credit: marsmet472)

It’s in Spanish for anybody that reads it, but it’s a note from an anti-Castro web site that notes that the Ecuadorian strong-man president told youtube to take down the channel by Ecuadorian Victor Vizcaino, and so they did:

Has anybody noticed that the so-called “Left” in the United States has stopped using the words “witch hunt” anymore? Oh, yeah, they use the word “McCarthyism“, to try to stop anti-communists from getting an audience. But now the Internet has provided a vehicle for the less powerful to learn and share that McCarthy has been vindicated by the release by the Russians of the Venona papers, which confirm the list of Communist moles that were in and out of the State Department.

And hey, have you noticed that the blacklisting of Communists in Hollywood that supposedly went on in the 1950s has turned into a blacklisting of conservative actors and Christian actors? And meantime, the producer of the true-story based Christian-context movie “End of the Spear” used a homosexual actor for the main character. (Who hates who?)

Joe McCarthy and history – real history

July 15, 2012
Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personal insults are ridiculously useless with me, militant atheists and anti-creationists and people who think government is the answer to all social and economic ills have already nullified it. I’m immune to it now, I was the brunt of the bullying and the insults  all through K-12, and that was enough.

The “low blows” ever after following WWII to this day have been from media, textbooks, broadcast, high school and college professors, who told us a backwards inside-out history.

Joe McCarthy was right, there were Communists and spies infiltrating the US State Department. The nice, benevolent “Uncle Joe” of the 1930’s New York Times meant us no harm, his people were prosperous, and we ought to be more like them. By which they meant Joe Stalin, of course.

That’s also history, another “low” for sure. We were lied to all through school. Joe McCarthy is the one who is made the victim of his hearings and investigations, along with anybody else who dares question the “wisdom” of central planning for the nation, solving all the problems from the planners in D.C.

What else have the Powers That Be told us that is a lie?

Battleship Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, syphilis experiments, Operation Paper Clip, the Great FDR Yalta Giveaway of Eastern Europe, western capital infusions to save the Bolsheviks, the Alger Hiss United Nations charter (“Benedict Arnold signs peace with Britain”)… The Federal Reserve Act would put big bankers in their place, they told us.. The income tax would never apply to anybody making less than $600,000 they told us in 1913 (when you could get one ounce of gold for $25 from the government). In 2012, it takes $38,125,680 to get the gold that $600K got you back then.).

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no nation-building (2000), Fast and Furious, “Arab spring”, “If you like your insurance that you have right now you’ll be able to keep it”, no taxes for anybody making under $250K, the most transparent administration in history, a new attitude toward Latin America, NDAA respects constitutional protections, it’s not a tax, it is a tax, it’s not a tax.. If I don’t turn this economy around in four years, I deserve to be a one-term president… Honduras 2009 was an illegal coup..

Too many lies….

History vindicates Joe McCarthy: Read Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s Reply to Edward R. Murrow

March 9, 2012
English: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, separated...

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Chart showing dissemination to the White House...

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Senator Joseph R. McCarthy‘s Reply to Edward R. Murrow, See it Now (CBS-TV, April 6, 1954):

Edward Murrow was built up in his lifetime and since as a great journalist and exemplary, and no doubt journalism schools everywhere lift him up as a fine example to follow.

But there are things that you won’t find in the standard boilerplate biographies that are relevant to the story.

Edward Murrow had already presented all kinds of attacks against Senator Joe McCarthy’s post-war investigations of the infiltration of Communist agents, and more specifically Soviet agents, in the United States government and the state department.

The fact that it was a valid pursuit was vindicated when investigators later discovered that Alger Hiss was passing secret information to the Soviets. Alger Hiss was one of the subjects of the McCarthy hearings, and those hearings exposed him. A former member of the Communist Party produced physical evidence that Alger Hiss was not only a member of the Communist Party with him, but that they had collaborated to pass secret government documents to the Soviet Union.

Remember, that was Josef Stalin‘s Soviet Union.

Then there was Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of treason for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.

There have been lots more exposed ever since, and there are characters of higher positions who have also been exposed but not in the sources that the public is force-fed from Big Media. “None Dare Call it Treason” exposed some of that, and of course the nameless faceless characters in the shadows have decreed to put the facts exposed with that tome behind the psychological smokescreen of “conspiracy theory” labeling.

When has history ever been free of conspiracies by the rich and powerful to increase their riches and their power and fool us?

I stayed at a motel once where the manager was one of the Hungarian “freedom fighters” of 1956. Those brave souls threw out their Communist masters in one day! and they had control of the country for one whole week. They had quickly formed the structure of a republican government and they were already in charge of the country, this man told me, and immediately requested official recognition from the Western nations.

Russian troops were massed quickly on the borders but they stayed there waiting for orders. This freedom fighter veteran told me that it was common knowledge at the time around the world that the Russians were waiting to see what the USA reaction would be, and the entire world knew this. Everybody waited.

Remember, Truman had rushed to official recognized the state of Israel within hours of the declaration by their nascent government.

But it took Eisenhower a week to declare his intentions about Hungary. Finally, he used a speech to proclaim that they had already taken care of that issue (of Hungary) at the Yalta conferences. We know from history that’s where the West gave post-war Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union. Eisenhower was saying they would not recognize the new free republic of Hungary and they would not interfere with Soviet interests there. The next day, Stalin’s tanks rolled into Hungary, the freedom fighters fled alongside all the Hungarians that could manage to scramble across the river to Austria.

Barry Farber, a master of many languages, was there to help the refugees get out, and described some of that escape effort in his book, “How to Learn Any Language”.

Murrow rebutted later and “explained away” some of the accusations in the piece, but then ever since then he is the one that has gotten the last word in Ivy League journalism, history books used in government schools, in mass media references, and every time anti-Communism gets mentioned.

And the fact that Murrow and his stories knocked back any attempt to expose surreptitious infiltration of socialist ideology into federal government, despite the fact that McCarthy had exposed its reality, is suggestive.

And note here, that he also protested when his bosses began to allow their own equal-time rebuttals to his attacks. Like I say, fascist leftists believe in “free speech for me, but not for thee”. They believe it’s okay to take our money for their pet causes but don’t believe it’s okay for the people to take their money for the people’s causes. Increase taxes on oil producers, but give money to subsidize inefficient energy.

In other words, Murrow made Joe McCarthy into a club that knocks critics of socialism and Communism into exile from the land of free speech and public consciousness.

The word “irony” is overused, but I think it applies here.

The left and the control freak press has used the same tactics they accused Joe McCarthy of to do the same things to anybody who exposed socialist strategies, tactics, methods, penetrations, and plans.

It is also telling that Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs are still held as heroes and martyrs by Communists and leftists even as they claim their “innocence”, saying they were never Communists and traitors. They denounce opposition to communism while they demand the government they claim to despise apply the same “McCarthy” and “witch-hunt” tactics against free-market advocates and dissenters.


Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. – Matthew 10:26