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Taxes, theft, and socialism

September 17, 2012



The Road to Serfdom

The Road to Serfdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“Can these be the same people who claim that paying tax is akin to forced labour and theft? Surely not!”

You enter into agreements to earn your income, and many poor have done hard labor to earn income to put into savings until they have enough to invest higher. Literally thousands of Cubans arrived in the U.S. during 1959 and the 1960s literally penniless. Literally.

Claiming you’re not forced to engage in taxable agreements is now dead, as the thieving philosophy underlying the income tax has been exposed by John Roberts himself, a “rightist” exposed as “leftist” and wealth confiscator.

Claiming you can always leave the country is an argument from ignorance, because the U.S. makes claims on expatriate that reaches farther than almost all of them.

That’s why taxes are theft. Try leaving without paying your fiefdom share of the crop to the “nobles” who expect it in return for all the blessings of government they provide.

Hence the title of Hayek‘s book “Socialism: The Road to Serfdom“.





John Roberts: It was NOT a tax, before it WAS a tax, right in the same opinion

June 29, 2012

Tax (Photo credit: 401K 2012)

So in 2010 Obama and Pelosi pushed through the biggest tax increase on the poor in the history of the United States, that hits the pocketbook of the poor at a much bigger percentage than it does the rich, and for the middle class raises the price for all insurance plans across the board.

Did you hear that? This is biggest “non-tax” tax (wink wink) on the poor, and it hits people who earn less than $250,000 MUCH harder than it does the millionaire. In percentage terms, and directly. All taxes hit the poor the hardest and the middle class next but this one is straight to the poor.

That’s why Obama had to tell Stephanopolous emphatically that it was NOT a tax, because it hits hardest on the poor and the middle class.

Gomert, on the House floor the day the Unaffordable Obamacare Act was ruled constitutional by the Court, parsed out some important parts of John Roberts‘ “majority opinion” document.

In the first part of the document, Gomert said, John Roberts makes the strong point that Congress knew what it was doing when it used the word “penalty” for the fine they will impose on everybody that does not buy insurance.

Roberts first agreed with Congress and Obama that it was a “penalty” because if it had been called a “tax”, then by legislation and precedent the Supreme Court cannot decide anything until the first “tax” actually is levied and somebody sues.

Having allowed himself to rule on the “penalty”, and after declaring that Congress knows the difference between a penalty and a tax, and therefore the Court has jurisdiction now, not later over this decision, he then goes on to declare by court fiat that the whole thing is constitutional because, he says, it’s really a tax.

That smells like maybe some under-the-table was done, to me. If Congress had called it a “tax” they would not have been able to rule on it till 2014, after the first of us get hit with that part of it. But in 2010 when they passed it they did not dare call it a tax, for it would not have passed.