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Active military soldier speaks for others: More active military support Ron Paul than the rest of them combined

April 2, 2012

*MUST SEE*! Cpl J. Thorsen after speaking out for Ron Paul Despite US Army censorship:


County Republican Party chair caught on camera in vote fraud and violating party rules

March 18, 2012
Ron Paul supporters at a pre-debate rally in M...

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Stunning video: GOP leaders cheat Ron Paul?

Do you think this guy will be penalized by Republican Party leadership, after they have been caught with their pants down and hand in the cookie jar in Iowa and New Hampshire and Nevada and other places already?

This is getting just too blatant, and the Establishment is showing that we have not had the free elections years past that we thought.

Maybe the 2008 Hillary supporters will want to take a look at their own process…

Santorum, Arlen Specter supporter, is wrapped in false packaging

February 11, 2012

Here is a Santorum list that shows that he is not the conservative of his campaign persona in Dinosaur Media and in Christian media:

  • Padding his own wallet as a corporate lobbyist at the expense of taxpayers;
  • Voting to raise the debt ceiling five times;
  • Voting to double the federal Department of Education;
  • Voting with liberals like Ted Kennedy on multiple occasions in support of Big Labor’s radical agenda;
  • Voting to create a brand new, unfunded entitlement, Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of entitlement spending since President Lyndon Johnson – creating $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities;
  • Endorsing liberal Big Government RINO’s like Arlen Specter over conservatives. Of course, Specter later became a Democrat and worked hand-in-glove with President Obama to pass his radical agenda;
  • Voting for Sarbanes-Oxley, which imposed dramatic new job-killing accounting regulations on businesses;
  • Supporting raising taxes on oil companies, which directly costs Americans more money out of their pockets at the gas pump;
  • Voting for gun control;
  • Voting to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, while voting against an additional 1,000 border patrol agents;
  • Voting to give $25 million in foreign aid to North Korea;
  • Voting to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest provider of abortion – and hand out hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to enemies of Israel.

I found this list at the following link, credit where due, thanks guys.

Santorum won Iowa and didn’t say Black:

It’s looking like the Iowa caucus vote hacking was done but by the Republican Party bosses

January 21, 2012

The Iowa official caucus counters have announced a “split decision” on the results. But there is something rotten not in Denmark, but in Iowa.

Speaking of vote fraud: GOP Iowa caucus | Arkansas Blog:

We have some areas of Iowa where they still don’t have the vote tallies, people with the official numbers who disappeared and went missing. No wonder they wanted to do it all in secret.

it turns out that the Iowa caucus and the state of Iowa is the loser in this debacle, like this writer says:

There was controversy and incompetence all around. Errors were found in some precinct counts, and the results from eight precincts couldn’t be accounted for at all, prompting state officials to speculate that those numbers might have shifted the victory back to Romney. So hey agreed to call it essentially a tie, with Santorum having 29,839 votes and Romney 29,805.

But even that US News & World Report article is doing its best to avoid the “elephant in the room”, Ron Paul.

And eight precincts’ numbers ARE STILL MISSING.

One source reports that seven of those missing precincts voted against Romney in 2008, favoring Huckabee:

Nobody wants to “point fingers”? Why not! This is a black eye for Iowa and for Iowans and for the whole first-in-the-nation thing.

The Propaganda Media pundits said that a Ron Paul win would make the Iowa caucus irrelevant, by which they meant that the peasants are supposed to vote the way they’re told or they’ll be ignored.

Makes you wonder how many votes Ron Paul really got…

Republican Insider: GOP Establishment Planning To Subvert Iowa to Prevent Ron Paul Win

January 4, 2012

From January 3rd:

The web page includes a video with a Republican Party insider in Iowa boldly proclaiming the kinds of tricks that party leaders were going to use to make sure that Ron Paul would not come out in first place in Iowa.

The host of the show refers to state GOP insiders showing “great concern” that Ron Paul is performing well in Iowa because they fear a Paul win would undermine Iowa’s position as being the first Republican primary. He implies that influential members of the Republican establishment within the state are offering sweetheart deals to prominent voting blocks in key swing districts in order to “sway” the result and ensure Ron Paul doesn’t win.

Despite the fact that this is brazenly unethical and, if bribery was involved, without doubt illegal, the host dismisses such conduct as “just politics”.

“Is it possible that the party apparatus here could be silently asking those District Chairmen to start swaying some important caucus members over to the anti-Paul side which may end up being Santorum…do you see a scenario like that happening,” he asked Benkie.

“I’ve talked to the party officials, I know they’re concerned about it,” said Benkie, adding, “Ron Paul doesn’t do us any good in Iowa, doesn’t do the country any good, will never get there, so let’s figure out what we need to do.”

Benkie said that the GOP establishment was concerned about splitting the vote between Santorum and Romney because it could increase the chances of a Ron Paul win, remarking, “We really don’t want Ron Paul to win.”

There you have it. They MSM is yapping about where is the “stop-Romney” candidate, but it’s Ron Paul they’re really worried about.

What are they afraid of? A genuine cut to the budget instead of an increased budget that cuts some of the increase? Bringing the troops home to the bases here at home and to the borders? An end to the inflationary poor-robbing money printing of the Fed and the officers it gets from Wall Street? An end to these wars that have done nothing for American interests except for some corporate interests?
A return to the Constitution to measure legislation and executive action?

Thank You CSPAN

January 4, 2012

CSPAN is a source for political news that seems genuinely deliver political events and opinions unfiltered. It is somewhat tilted a bit toward the Left simply because the media attention makes more of them visible.

When they cover or interview Ron Paul or conservatives, though, they are polite and give them a chance to make their case.

I appreciate this.



What do these Ron Paul endorsements mean?

January 3, 2012

Endorsements for Ron Paul from Andrew Sullivan and Jesse Ventura, in terms of helping him win in Iowa and the primaries, and the nomination, and the polls,may not make much difference in his support, in my opinion, because Ron Paul’s strengths in the numbers ensue from his positions and the endorsements he’s received that count are his multitude of wildly enthusiastic supporters who are talking one-on-one with voters to explain his positions, and so bypassing media decrees on who is “electable” or “nutty” or whatnot.

In terms of what it says about Ron Paul –and more importantly, the ideas, policies, and philosophy he represents, it has more positives for Andrew Sullivan and Jesse Ventura than it does Ron Paul.

They have their own reasons, as expressed. Sullivan’s endorsement is fair-weather, in my opinion, more pragmatic than principled. But most people who are convinced and now Ron Paul voters are probably people who had already agreed with most of the collection of ideas that are based on freedom.

I think for most Ron Paul supporters it has been more like the Israeli “settler” wrote on his web site. He got interested for his own reasons, mostly one reason, that being his delight at finally seeing a candidate for president in the USA that would cut off aid to all countries including Israel. But as he learned more about the candidate, he said, he came to where he found himself almost giddy at realizing the principle of individual freedom made him glad that he had found common cause with people who aren’t so happy with “settlers”, i.e. people like myself.

Like RP has said, “Freedom brings people together”.

I’ve been more libertarian than the stupid stereotype caricature of Biblical Christians that most Big Goverment-Corporate Media is clinging to. Most Christians don’t either, but their gullibility with Bush and warrior demagoguery (and with the Christian Media Establishment) has irritated me sometimes and my views got me banned from some of their discussion lists too.

Ron Paul’s ideas are what many of us. We want government to get out of our lives, our bedrooms, our speech, our rights, our churches and our pocketbooks, and just leave us alone to live our lives responsible for ourselves with all the consequences. We want to stop the never-ending wars and we want them to stop watching our every moves. We refuse to just buckle to Larry Ellison‘s arrogant “Privacy is dead, get over it, we’ll give the government a citizen tracking database free of charge to make Big Brother red with envy”.

And his consistent history that shows he does not sell out the Constitution convinces atheists and pro-abortion advocates alike that he will do what he says.

For example, even though he is obviously personally against abortion, and very much so, he has a great number of pro-abortion supporters, I’ve met quite a number of them myself. He says it is not a federal issue, it’s a state issue, and so it is.

Even though he is a devout Christian, also, he agrees with a lot of “gays” and others who have also already said that marriage does not belong to “the state”, it belongs to the church where it’s been. That’s what pro-abortion Gary Johnson has also said.

Like I told my brother, there are already lots of de facto “same-sex marriages” (although most of those are “mostly” monogamous), plural marriages, serial polygamy, all kinds of deviations from the traditional natural nuclear family of one man, one woman, and children. Some of those get blessed by whatever pagan suits their fancy. Just get government out of the bedroom.

As a Christian, I want the government sword out of the way to leave the field open for winning souls to Christ through love and compassion. Using government guns to enforce purity and punish sin goes against this famous quote from the most loving man of all of time:

“Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more”.


Iowa reflects America, slurs against farmers and whites are unmerited

January 3, 2012 angelical-to-ignorant-and-thus-too-irrelevant.html

I watched a CSpan interview with a journalist who has been covering the Iowa caucuses for about twenty years, and a couple of callers commented and asked about this very thing, about Iowa being an atypical American demographic.

He made the obvious point that if you go over the history of the caucuses, you’ll find that the results in Iowa show that each of the two major political parties there reflect the party as a national whole. He used 2008 as an example, when Barack Obama won the Democratic Party caucus and went on to win the nomination.

What did Andrea Mitchell say after Obama won in Iowa?

And what has she said about Alan Keyes (Obama’s opponent for Senate), Clarence Thomas, and Herman Cain?

And oh, my gosh, what would Andrea Mitchell say about this black-folks march against the NAACP?:

A representative from the New York City Charter School Center distributed flyers with excerpts of the NAACP’s mission statement to people entering the rally. Center officials argued that the lawsuit contradicts the NAACP’s mission to “ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race based discrimination.”

The NAACP spokesperson said they are in favor of alternatives to public schools, but the lawsuit seeks to close down 18 alternatives that are doing black students much more good than their government school neighbors.

One could argue that opponents of charter schools only want to keep black folks entrapped with inferior education without an alternative.

Freedom is for individuals, not groups.

“Let my people GO!”


Media lies and spin about Ron Paul

December 28, 2011

Dick Polman’s inanities in a Boston Herald article revisits the list of why leftists who love Big Government don’t like Ron Paul, telling Republicans –in an insulting way– why they should not vote for him. It exposes exactly the kind of inanities, to use his own word, of today’s oligarch-directed politics that passes for acceptable to lock-step media (note that I did not say “goose-stepping media”):


It is an example of why Americans are sick and tired of being told what to think, who to vote for, who is electable and unelectable, and sick and tired of being told they can only choose between bad and worse for their elected officials.

That’s why I picked it as a good way to answer the author’s own inanities and show again why people are gathering to Ron Paul who represents what Americans already believe about basic principles, and who helps demonstrate how to apply them.


Dick says: “Most GOP rank-and-filers are apoplectic about Paul’s ascent — as well they should be.”

No, Dick, not “rank and filers”. It’s the Republican hierarchy in checkered pants who are worried as they play a round of 18 links. The rank-and-filers are the ones who are discovering than not only do they agree with most of what Ron Paul says, not only are they accepting that the rest of it makes sense, not only do they realize that Ron Paul is the one with the best mastery of all his subjects especially the ones that the nation needs right now. They have discovered the difference between an honest Joe –that is, an honest Ron Paul– and a professional politician.


Now that Ron Paul is poised to actually win the Number One spot in the Iowa caucuses, the author says Iowa doesn’t count for anything. That’s what they lockstep (I didn’t say goose step) Oligarch Media will say if it happens.  They’ll say it doesn’t matter for the nomination or the election, never mind that Jimmy Carter won in 1976 and went on to win the Dem. nomination (like this guy admits), and never mind that’s where Dean flamed out most famously in 2004.


Note that even though here he is, first in Iowa polls, and the strongest second in New Hampshire, and despite being the candidate who has the ONLY chance to beat Obama in 2012 according to several polls,  this clueless Dick Polman still yet calls him “cranky fringe candidate”.

Hey, Dick, didn’t you get the memo? He’s not “fringe” anymore! And none of his colleagues call him “cranky”! We the people are NOT “fringe”!


Mr. Clueless says he “wants to erase the safety net”.

Hey Dick, didn’t you get the memo? The “safety net” has been ruled hazardous to your retirement and your health, and has a multitude of holes in it! It’s so crowded it’s about to crash and burn!


—Yeah, they just worry about the next lobbyist contribution, I guess

And you admit that his reasoning is that it’s unconstitutional, but what does that matter, you don’t ask whether it is or not, you just want to know how it will play out in Florida!? I live in Florida, and tell you, the more I talk to people about Ron Paul, the more I see that just getting to know what he stands for attracts people like a magnet!

And don’t you remember? The old folks got MAD at the AARP representatives who came to town halls pushing Obama’s health scare opiate!  They’re not fooled! I’m not fooled and I’m about to retire! Ron Paul says those who’ve paid in all their lives should get what they’ve expected, that the transition back to constitutionality should be tempered with reality and compassion.


What are old folks supposed to do when the dollar bubble bursts, as is inevitable? That’s the next bubble prediction from Ron Paul, who accurately predicted the end-to-end wars, the housing bubble, the financial crisis, that QE2 and printing money would not work.


Yeah, I once was a little nervous about “legalization of heroin” but guess what? Alcohol is addictive, still causes major pain and loss of life across the nation, and Prohibition DID. NOT. WORK.

And hey, didn’t you get the memo? Drug laws ARE. NOT. WORKING. NOW. EITHER.

And like Ron Paul says, at least with Prohibition the nation realized they had to have a constitutional amendment for it. Drug prohibition gets us crazy results like saying officially that marijuana is as dangerous as heroin (same FDA classification). Oh yeah, we don’t like heroin so we need the government to tell us we can’t have any.

I’m from the 1960’s so I can tell you it doesn’t work.


Where were these guys when Herman Cain was being lynched by a white mob? Using the black-on-white stereotypes that even Obama claimed affected his white grandmother?

Where are all these loudmouths on making the drug laws more fair for blacks and minorities? Where are they on the racism of the different treatment under the law of crack and cocaine? Hey Hollywood stars, “liberals”: how about demanding equal punishment for your cocaine sniffing as blacks get for crack?

The libertarian philosophy considers each person an individual, not as a “group member”. We are all members of the human race, and that’s that. There is only ONE “race”, and that is the HUMAN race.


And the old “desegregating” Civil Rights Act. Hey Clueless, if a black church wants to exclude whites (yes, there are lots of blacks who do talk that way, ask  Tony Evans), or if the Black Muslims want to exclude whites, I say okay, go for it. If Malcolm X wants to say whites can give money but won’t have a say in his organization, that’s also fine with me.

Martin Luther King’s battle was against Jim Crow laws and illegal secret wars against legalized Jim Crow segregation and he stood for equal treatment under the law. NONE of the candidates represent this as much as Ron Paul. Big Bad Brother government oppressed blacks under Jim Crow, and now the government hug of Nanny care is hugging them literally to the death of dependence.


Remember only four years ago they were calling Ron Paul “unelectable”, never mind he’d been reelected to Congress in his district a dozen times? They never imagined that he could win even the Republican nomination, because, they said, his ideas were so different from what we were supposed to think was Republican Party thinking.

But zealous writers in Big Government Media don’t always bide by the obvious truth, so in the face of the obvious fact that Ron Paul is winning over voters by the tens of thousands in Iowa and by the hundreds of thousands and even millions across America, they still keep repeating what they hope will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It worked for them before sometimes, but it has quit working.


At least the writer gives him that: small government purity that has “inspired a growing fan base”. Then he mentions the four years of preparation by his followers in Iowa for this, but forgot that Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and the rest have been in and out too.

They’re starting to pull out the heavy scare munitions too now. Telling Iowa that if Ron Paul wins, it’s all over for their credibility. The guy hopes that you forget that in his first paragraph he already said that the Iowa caucus process is “inane”. Although it’s obvious the only reason he really and truly thinks it’s inane is that voters are warming up to Ron Paul and he might actually get the Number One spot there.

The guy is full of unintended complements about Ron Paul:

Who else in that motley crew has accrued an army of enthusiasts?

But then the writer shows that he does not understand Ron Paul’s message at all, and he does not understand why people like him and his honest constitutional consistency and his ideas:

But those enthusiasts won’t like what I now feel compelled to say: Paul will peak in Iowa. Anybody who thinks the traditionally hawkish GOP will actually nominate someone who wants to get tougher with Israel and go easier on Iran, is smoking or shooting the stuff that Paul wants to legalize.

See, they just don’t get it. He doesn’t understand. “Traditionally hawkish GOP” does not define the rank-and-file. George W Bush had to campaign against nation-building in the 2000 season, but became the hawkish president.

He also lives in the land where people can believe in two contradictory things at the same time. If you ask him about Obama’s policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Libya, and whether one should consider Obama as “hawkish”, he’ll say no. Cue the cuckoo clock.

And he doesn’t understand something else that is different about the Ron Paul phenomenon. Ron Paul says nothing just to tickle somebody’s ear. This very point is an admission by Ron Paul’s enemies that he does not pander, and that the people he is winning to his cause are convinced by the logic of the ideas, and not the other way around.

It is like Ron Paul has said, his campaign and message has infiltrated the language of the other candidates, even, like the demand to audit the Fed, and rhetoric about the Constitution. Raise your hand if you think Newt Gingrich will push hard to audit the Fed. Really? Both of you?

Meaning, rather than peak in Iowa, Big Media will be forced by a Ron Paul win, to do one of two things: (1) treat him with the same respect that their audience and voters show him and let his message filter to the voters and do what they should have been doing –the watchdog role they claim but have not fulfilled, OR (2) prove that they care nothing for the truth, they care nothing for being fair, and are tools of the government-media complex.


Hey Dick! Maybe the Republican Party bosses have believed in a “muscular presence abroad” but they are NOT rank-and-file and certainly not the average American. When people hear that the USA has troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world, they are shocked! And when they hear Mr. Paul say we should bring them home and spend that money here in the USA instead of abroad, they cheer and cheer!

And when they realize that almost eight years in Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten us nowhere, and Iraq has kicked us out in favor of snuggling up to Iran, and when they are reminded that the United States gives TWICE as much aid to Israel’s enemies as it does to Israel, they’re shocked! Repelled!

One criticism is on the button when the writer says the Republican Party thinks “America can do no wrong”, but that’s the other candidates, but people listening to Mr. Paul are waking up to the fact that it is true that American foreign policy of interventionism everywhere is bad foreign policy and has a blowback element. Intelligence officials of the previous Republican administration and this one have said Ron Paul’s description of blowback as a major catalyst for animosity against America, is very much accurate.

And then the guy closes with the race card again. Not news, but they’ll keep bringing up that one.

Before getting in a twist about that, go ask almost any black what they think about Ron Paul’s position of condemning the racism of the drug wars. And what they think about his intention to pardon every non-violent drug offender from the first day in office. There is a reason the media is refusing to mention that one. If they wanted to scare off Republican voters, they would play that one up, except that if they did, then black folks would start paying attention.

And since Ron Paul is the MOST anti-racist candidate, I say Bring it on!

“Major Media” Esposed by Ron Paul

November 18, 2011

Looks almost like they WANT to make it obvious they are monolithic, homogenous, and are all playing the same game for somebody, and want to suppress this anti-Establishment message of freedom from an honest maverick:

Palin sticks up for Ron Paul about media black out (Daily Show video)-