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Coulter, Cubans, Immigration, Wages, Improving the Economy

March 1, 2014

Ann Coulter has a solution for raising wages to $14.00 an hour:

Ann Coulter is often right, very right, especially when she talks about the effect of what she calls “liberal” policies, what I call “left-fascist” dictates. (When government enacts a law, that is a “dictate”, because you obey “or else!”). Her writing is entertaining too.

But she is also wrong sometimes. Conservatives are following the socialist plutocrat misdirection tricks when they beat the drums of immigration too loud.

It may be that “all other things being equal”, more immigration for a time may bring down wages, especially if the immigration is unskilled and doesn’t bring investment wealth along with it.

But if they bring wealth-creating aptitude, it doesn’t matter if they come into the country completely broke. The Cubans infused Miami, Florida in 1959 and then 1960s with more than just a major population boost. That first wave of Cubans had owned ranches, businesses, sugar cane plantations, they had been the organizers and investors in Cuba. They knew how to build things up.

They are a very big net gain for the economy, in proportion to their numbers. At first these penniless immigrants may have displaced an unskilled worker here and there, but their net effect was to increase production.

But take the unskilled workers. If you really and truly stop immigration and so restrict the labor supply by mandate to keep up the demand and pay for yourself, there some negative effects.

One, if you’re a computer programmer for example, this makes offshoring more attractive than it was before.

Two, on a more macro scale, restricting the labor supply (skilled or unskilled both) raises the production cost for the business. The cost going up increases pressure to raise the prices on the production of goods and services. That cost is borne by the consumer, eventually.

Consider that the consumer is everybody everywhere all the time.

So, that may seem it gives you an advantage. But let’s say a big number of people think the same way. Every other profession in industry does the same thing. But wait, with information technology, that’s all industries. Everything you buy costs more, because you’re financing the other guys who get the same benefits from restricting the supply of your skill.

But the middleman gets his cut, and he does not ask politely. The middleman is the tax man who takes his cut like it or not, to finance enforcement. You don’t usually make the connection between the higher cost of things and cutting down immigration numbers, or the extortion effect of enforcement, but those connections are there.

It’s the same principle with the minimum wage demands by unions.

It’s true that some “Democrat Party” strategist devil came up with this diabolical plot to do this big push for a minimum wage. They desperately want to change the subject away from Obamacare. Their polls and their focus groups tell them that this favors them.

But the Republican politicians are somewhere between stupid and opportunistic on this and other issues. The minimum wage is a fantastic opportunity to educate the public. But they use the stupidest arguments to oppose it.

The stupid argument is that it’s bad for the economy, it creates unemployment. This is true, and it should be part of it, but saying companies have to fire people is maybe not the best approach for convincing new numbers. They should emphasize at every turn that poor young whites and blacks should have a way to make at least a “training” wage. The marginally productive, like special needs youth, they should have an opportunity to feel productive.

Rand Paul is doing some of this. He is definitely not his father, I disagree sharply with some of his approaches, but that’s what he’s doing. He went to Detroit to set up shop in an urban area with the blight caused by decades of non-stop socialistic policies.



Immigration, culture and freedom

November 11, 2012

There is a wrong take on the effect of immigration on the culture. The massive European immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries resulted in some growth in Roman Catholic population –should have been strongly conservative like with Latin Americans later– but also massive numbers became evangelicals because born-again Christians boldly witnessed to their neighbors.

Even today, numbers of Protestants, especially Pentecostals, are multiplying growth rates in Latin American countries in a sort of “reverse cultural effect”.

So much so, along with the effect of true Mark 16:15 missionaries, that –for an example– we recently have a documented, video-recorded testimony with corroboration of dozens of witnesses that the earnest prayer of the faithful and a wife’s faith resulted in the resurrection from the dead of one Nigerian pastor.

View the youtube video here:

So the “problem” for “conservatives” and “libertarians” is not legal immigration at all, and not even illegal immigration.

It is the indifference and apathy of those who do not share their faith with others, and the failure to preach a Golden Rule social and political gospel with salvation.

By Golden Rule I don’t mean the false “charity” of those who vote to rob someone to “redistribute the wealth”. By that I mean teaching that whatever Caesar has belongs to God first, and when you vote to loot somebody else’s gain, you are voting for theft.

Christians can still witness to their neighbors, share the prophecies from the Bible that predict disaster for ungodly practices, but also the more recent specific ones that prophesy America’s collapse, and why.



What institution is the most dangerous to human rights?

February 20, 2011

That’s why our freedoms are endangered when any such institution of society gets too much power. But the most dangerous of these, as the ACLU is fond of saying, is the government itself.

But then they are selective with which rights they choose to protect from government, even using the excuse of religious freedom to attack religious freedom, and giving away the right of a free people to arm themselves to keep the government honest. And they act like respect for other people’s property is not also recognized in the Constitution.

Once upon a time I did not realize that one of the rights of the people should be respect for other people’s property.

I was once a Communist, a Marxist just like Obama is (it takes one to know one sometimes) but considering the facts of human nature I finally became a “syndicalist anarchist”, because, in my pre-Christian thinking, if you can’t trust people to govern themselves you can’t trust them to govern anybody else either.

But then you need something to hold in check the thieves and marauders, because human nature tends to move people to selfishness and abuse of neighbors and even their own offspring. The entire world was like that everywhere in the world until the influence of Jesus Christ filled the globe.

That’s why when people start deciding they know better than their neighbors how to divide up the wealth, then poverty and tyranny is close behind.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

Where to Slash Spending and How to Stop Borrowing

February 18, 2011

The very reason I call “progressives” as regresssives is precisely because the end game for their paymasters at the top is precisely movement toward oligarchy, disguised as opposition to oligarchy. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, to get good-minded people thinking in moralistic terms in supporting them and condemning small-business opposition.

The biggest massive corporations even often write the very legislation that is marketed to you as “regulation” to “oppose oligarchy”.

Without an effective free economic base whoever is in power calls the shots. Campaign finance reform is marketed as stopping big money influence but it merely stops opponents. Senators are routinely re-elected because nobody can get enough enough money to get recognized as opposing them.

What you call “right wing”, like the true grassroots tea party, are precisely against the oligarchy growing up around the imperial presidency..

And yes, the USA would be better off getting out of the more than 100 countries where they have permanent presence.

But you have to realize that these unconstitutional –undeclared– wars fought by Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, these are part and parcel of the political duopoly.

About the profits from illegal immigration. False claims –like the ones made by Carly Fiorina’s maid– are done by those same immigrants, not the corporations or employers, when they get the SSN and false papers to get their jobs.

That said, corporations are good at staying very legal. The way they profit is the general downward pressure on wages all around.

I certainly know, as a CPA as well as an individual (!), that debt is not free money. But, as you know, CPAs are also very well aware of the benefits that business would call ‘leverage.’ A simple example is a student loan which would enable someone to make a higher income for the rest of his/her life as well as provide a better security for employment. The unemployment rate is much, much lower for college grads than for non-grads.

But students should know when to quit and get off the credit treadmill. Congress has just charged everything they felt like, but we are now getting the invoice as we speak.

And it’s CHINA today that has the leverage. The US debt as it stands and its exploding by 40% –!!– is just KILLING us. Killing our economy, our prosperity.

But… the debt should be made wisely, I am not for indiscriminate debt. It should be incurred when the return on investment justifies it.

I’m fine with slashing spending on wars and corporate subsidies. Let’s start there.

Indiscriminate is what it has been, and that’s what tea partiers are mad as hell about. It’s a runaway renegade government. FORTY PERCENT! of GDP is government!

So now the debtor-in-chief says he’s freezing spending and proposing “cuts”, for example. Thanks a lot for almost nothing. What he cuts in nine months the interest in the debt grows back in five months!

Cutting back on corporate subsidies and wars is a good chunk. But social security, Medicare, and Medicaid, keep climbing up, with us baby boomers hitting retirement. That’s one reason they were desperate to get health care passes. They don’t care one bit about any 48 million uninsured, or all the other sob stories, they want to force 48 million people to pay into the pool.

Because the legislation is time-bombed to kill insurance companies and raise the clamor long before.

When Social Security was started, it was like 25 to 1 ratio of workers to retirees. Now it’s between 3:1 and 4:1, and still shrinking.

Now, pay attention to this one, because all the regressive yappers in the media constantly cover this up:

EVERY proposal to save retirement for the new generation, every proponent, by offering a private funds option, every one, advocates guaranteeing current members of the system full benefits as promised to every one within at least ten years out to retirement and present recipients. EVERY ONE.

But the Pied Piper is already collecting. Growing numbers of doctors are refusing any new Medicare patients, government price-setting doesn’t cover costs. Many states are starting to take treatments off the list.

(Central planning by government never worked, never works)

Freedom is not just speech and religion and assembly and security in persons, papers and things. All these things are useless without the economic means to put them to use.


Right, Left, Center, or is it Tyranny versus Freedom?

February 16, 2011

About the “right”, the “left”, the “center”. It sounds good to be “center”, as in balanced but sometimes it’s a false balance, and those are terms meant to control the thinking of the masses anyway. Each issue is its own issue too.

The real and true political continuum is “tyranny” on the one end, and “liberty” or “freedom” on the other. American patriarchs are often quoted as saying “That government is best that governs least”. In my view freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom from official state religion and from official state non-religion, freedom from forced self-incrimination, freedom to bear arms, these are individual and natural rights of all men everywhere.

But the right to engage in a free market of goods and services and the rights of property are right up there with the rest of them. Without a free market there is no economic base to fund any opposition to whatever tyrant or triumvirate –or secret society, or secret order– holds power at the moment.


More to the border story…

February 15, 2011

Looks like this guy saw “border activism” as a way to get his jollies:

Apparently he was thrown out of one group because he was lying and misrepresenting himself. So they expelled him based on what he did, which is better than throwing him out on Thought Police infractions. After all, 40 percent of Latins are “bigots” for supporting the Arizona immigration-related bill, since that’s what their media-anointed “spokesman” say about it..

Here’s the story about an Arizona rancher who was killed by one of these violent illegals that use the porous borders:

These are the things that the Americans think about that say the federal government should do more to seal the borders. Me I might support a true sealing to stop the victimization of the border-crossers by all the violence. In ther words, to protect the gullible who think it’s any safer that riding a raft from Cuba. It’s deadly. I have an in-law who lost a dear friend who died while crossing the border. Another who was held for ransom on this side. Don’t ask the women if they were raped during the journey, some of them gave it up just to avoid getting hurt too.

There is a rancher who sees his property getting trashed every day, litter everywhere, the FBI has warned him that the most dangerous drug traffickers in the world pass through the general area, trespassers have killed some of his livestock.

He held a group of about 37 for a few minutes, called Border Patrol immediately upon stopping them, they got sent back.

And from Mexico they are suing HIM in U.S. court for damages in 100s of 1000s of dollars, for which suit they got visas free of charge to come across the border to testify.

One third of prisoners in the United States are “illegal aliens” aka “undocumented immigrants”.

40 percent of Latins in the United States according to surveys were in favor of the Arizona law of recent controversy.

Lame Dog Media doesn’t tell the whole story.

I just wish anybody could go anywhere. But I also hate getting lies disguised as selective reporting.


January 29, 2011

The no longer so esteemed “Scientific American” ran another un-scientific issue incorporating articles calling for the forced vaccination of all school kids.

Such blind faith in government by people who are supposed to be smart is amazing.

The next big push in getting us used to being pushed around on command by political lords of the manor, is to force vaccinations on people who object to establishment medical dictates, decrees from dictators using politically approved science. They tell of the horrors of increased numbers of cases of communicable diseases in the United States, especially in schools, as if it were the only factor in the increase in disease.

They ignore other more important factors and better solutions, of course, because their solution of first resort is ordering the sheeple to do what they want, telling us it’s for our own good. Tell them loud, and tell them clear, dictatorship is NOT for our own good, and it’s not good for them either!

If more people are refusing vaccines, there is a reason. I have met victims of vaccines, scarred for life, limping, and mothers who got their infants vaccinated only to see them scream bloody murder in pain for a complete night and a morning. And there was the woman who reported post-vaccine cholera in her baby to her pediatrician, who said he had a dozen or so such patients and reported this “bad batch” of vaccine to the pharmaceutical company, only to see his practice shut down by federal health agencies the next day.

“It Can’t Happen Here” so many people say. Such gullibility, such hubris, even as everybody knows that they did experiments on our own soldiers in the first Gulf War when they all came back with “Gulf War Syndrome”.

Even if you dictator wannabe’s think people are just ignorant for refusing them, then in your world, it’s a lack of education. But you can’t do anything about that, can you? Because almost all of you want to keep those same children of those same people chained by law to the school that is failing them so miserably. You’re against choice in education, because you want to keep as many of them as possible in the politicized government indoctrination centers, where you can teach them to be good little conformist serfs, for the new world disorder that your puppet masters are planning for and don’t tell you about.

HIV carriers and AIDS patients provided new vectors for ALL communicable diseases a very long time agone now, in the 1980s, and it resulted in a spike in ALL of them. Now, just try to find a mention of that in all those “science” articles demanding more government interference in our lives.

Another vector in more recent times is that there’s more immigration, both legal and illegal, than ever, in the United States, and lots of people come from lands where both health services and hygiene practices are very much below the level here. Plus, the dumb-down syndrome that’s ailing advanced countries is happening everywhere else too.

And tell you what, the great big assembly-line cookie-cutter government school, designed to make these kids into “good citizens”, is one of the biggest vectors in the country for spreading disease!

Guess what, Marco Rubio?!

January 29, 2011

Guess what, Senator Rubio? We tea party protesters DO want a “new political party”. We prefer that the Republican Party “find religion” and start dismantling the Nanny State and restore economic freedom to the American people before it’s too late!

If it keeps going as is, there will be no more economic base capable of financing any opposition to any sitting government! The medical industry government takeover that the rulers of Washington DC orchestrated is part of the strategy of dismantling the private economy by pieces.

Prosperity took a big blow, because now we have to support yet more layers of government departments than ever, on top of the superfluous regulations that kill efficiency at the points of delivery of goods and services. According to at least one report, as many as SIXTEEN government agencies were created, NEW ones! And that’s not even counting the addition of 16,000 –that’s right, SIXTEEN THOUSAND!– more new IRS agents that we had before, just to ENFORCE this new attack on the people’s medical choices!

This president Obama, who broke all the known records for voting “present” when he was an Illinois state senator, decided to actually cast a vote against enforcing increased protections for babies born alive in aborticide centers from getting killed outside the womb after birth.

Now he exposes the BIG FAT LIE of the word “choice” in this medical dictatorship plan, because if he were for “choice” in the decisions we make for our bodies, he would not need a law that has to have 3,000 pages to tell us what to do with our bodies!


Rejecting Extremism – Linda Chavez – Birthright Citizenship is Constitutional (and Good Policy)

January 7, 2011

Linda Chavez tells like it is on birthright citizenship:

The Congress has no authority whatsoever to repeal it, at all, because the 14th amendment is clear, without a constitutional amendment. Linda Chavez also shows the history of the discussion surrounding the passage of the 14th, making it clear that they meant it the way we’ve always understood it.

This lady had her own encounter with racist liberal patronizing. When she came to Washington to work in the Reagan administration, she set her kids up in a local school. Her kids came home a few days later complaining they didn’t understand anything in class! The school had put them straight into the “bilingual” program because of their Hispanic last names!

She is now Chairman of the Center for Equal Opportunity, fighting race-based policies in contracting, employment, and education.

Where can we cut federal programs in the USA?

October 31, 2010

Oh man, where to begin?

“Fraud & waste” covers just about 90 percent of the federal government, which would cut the size of state and local governments by at least half with the oppressive weight of federal micro-dictating gone.

This includes some of these suggestion:

The “czars”,

the Education Department,


All moneys given to any religious or para-religious organizations for any purported federal or clerical purpose whatsoever..

The military? Bring home all the soldiers now stationed in over 100 countries around the world not counting embassies…

Infrastructure: The bridge to nowhere, the airport in the middle of nowhere, interstate spy cam systems…

Corporate welfare addiction

Personal welfare addiction.

Foreign aid: This only corrupts the people in the governments of these poor countries it is supposedly intended to benefit. The free money grants more often than not just enhances the lives of people in government, and they also foster a dependency in which the recipients just count it as part of the budget instead of developing their own economies…


SSN can be privatized. In Chile pensions are as much as 100 percent higher than before it was privatized and the government removed from the middle:

“…The success of the Chilean private pension system has led three other South American countries to follow suit. In recent years, Argentina (1994), Peru (1993), and Colombia (1994) undertook a similar reform. In the four South American countries, around 11 million workers have a personal retirement account….”

There are at least 12 –twelve!– federal agencies that each have their own armies of armed agents.

Eliminating many of the unconstitutional federal criminal laws and those with major unconstitutional parts and provisions. (Like seizing assets, required reporting of bank transactions of a certain size..

The entire Patriot Act…

Rewrite immigration laws to eliminate the fraudulent scheme now making money for the immigration and customs bureaucracy and for all of the worst of corporate America, in which even the big ones that are illegal-proof benefit from downward pay pressure.

If two million come across illegally, then the government can increase tax revenues with rules legally admitting the same two million while actually and truly closing the borders.

Hey let’s get started!