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▶ Big Brains. Small Films. Benoît Mandelbrot, The Father of Fractals

November 26, 2013
English: Benoît Mandelbrot at the EPFL, on the...

English: Benoît Mandelbrot at the EPFL, on the 14h of March 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

▶ Big Brains. Small Films. Benoît Mandelbrot, The Father of Fractals | IBMYouTube:

Wow, one amazing dude. Big brains, indeed.. His advance in mathematics has been applied to a great number of science and engineering applications.

And how much elegant simplicity God has wrought in the universe to weave such an amazing complex of phenomena.

Occasionally, he lets us see a bit more of it…



This is an argument against trademark law – Part 2

October 27, 2013
Tim Berners-Lee speaking at the launch of the ...

Tim Berners-Lee speaking at the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently posted this:

Somebody asked me:

What is the difference between my owning land and owning unique knowledge?

I’ll try to explain the main differences. Starting with the one that I think is most significant.

For Smith to acquire any land that belongs to Jones, Smith has to harm Jones in some way to de-facto “possess’ it, and Jones loses his own property to theft.

But if Jones “owns” a piece of “unique knowledge”, Jones loses absolutely nothing of what he already has if Smith acquires the same piece of “unique knowledge”.

If we apply the principles that support free trade among nations –they do– consider that the free trade means for sugar that we get net positive effect on the average. End the tarriff on them, domestic producers lose but everybody else gains a LOT more.

Ending the “intellectual property” monopolies might mean a loss for the former patent and copyright and trademark holders, but it means great benefit for the rest of us. Not only in that the monopoly royalties hit us all and drain resources from other productive areas, but it means an end to a completely artificial industry in legal services that support such monopolies as a specialization, supplemented in turn by all the bogus “defensive” patent filings. Defensive patents are taken out on ideas that are so obvious anybody and even everybody knows them, but if somebody is awarded by these clueless patent officials then suddenly they have to pay royalties for the obvious.

An example of this waste is a patent Microsoft was actually awarded for an algorithm that recognizes what country corresponds to a high-level domain suffix in the DNS string!!

Information doesn’t want to be free, it just exists, but punishing people for knowing something or telling it gives too much power to government cronies that have a “For rent” shingle hung in front of their office.

Besides, consider Courtney Love‘s rant that the big corporate monsters of Hollywood control the market and pay pittance to the real true originators of ideas, the original writers, the originators of the “intellectual” product.

Consider also that we have recent outstanding examples that disprove the premise in the US Constitution and in the laws of most countries. The idea was stated as to provide incentives for innovation in science and the arts.

Consider also that a lot of new good ideas come from government-subsidized research. Hey, even IBM got its start with the government employee Hollerith who was told to design a system to count the census faster in the late 1800s. He did, and then went private to produce the punched card machines. I don’t know who got the patent for it, but if he did, is it “fair”? We paid for that research. The government couldn’t do it without robbing us first.

(Before the people who love to be told what to do and say and spend on what react, let us point out that the gigantic advances in calculating and computing have been from the private sector).

But now we have the World Wide Web, using a protocol and algorithms that Tim Berners-Lee gave to the world. Open source is taking over! In the words of one Red Hat developer I recently met, “We won!” (meaning Open Source). Android has more devices running it than Apple has sold, Linux took over the Internet server space lightning fast, open source browsers are crowding out the Microsoft browser on Microsoft machines running Windows.

Open source inspired open document, the commons license, wikipedia (in part), wikis in general. An open source office suite. There is open source bios!

Google Facebook. Yahoo. The most important Internet companies run open source. Brokerage companies on Wall Street that gain and lose millions sometimes in seconds, prefer Linux applications.

And the most creative research in computing is in open source code.

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Can IBM’S Big Blue Or Watson beat THIS?

March 16, 2013
Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DNA is a biochemical analogue of a memory chip with programming. mRNA, RNA, is like the hardware that interprets the machine-language instructions for the epigenetic environment and the cellular machinery.

The DNA itself is a recording of a written coded language. Computers today store all information in bits, charges of “zero” and “one” in magnetic or optic media. A gene is stored in a DNA molecule in a medium of the arrangement of nucleotides linked in a chain. The A, C, T, G nucleotides are the ONLY letters in the completely digitized SYMBOLIC language to store the data.

The clincher for me is that the language in the DNA has NOTHING to do with the eventual effect it has in the cell. Run source code through the CPU and the machine does nothing, or freezes, or stops. Source code has to be translated. So does DNA.

It’s mind-boggling. A computer has to have a programmer. DNA indeed has one:

Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.(Psalm 139:16)

That verse actually exposes the modern counterfeit translations. One guy once asked me why I changed the words in my quote of the verse to make it “look like” DNA. I didn’t. The other modern versions DO change the words to make it NOT look like DNA.

Darwinian evolution is nothing new though. It’s a very old idea that Satan used Darwin to cloak in modern lingo:

Jeremiah 2:27 Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face: but in the time of their trouble they will say, Arise, and save us.

That verse in Jeremiah 2, part of the introduction of the book of prophecies of the judgment coming to Israel for such beliefs, actually shows that (1) the beliefs, that life “came forth” from rocks that were eroded and scorched and melted into the primeval ooze, are NOT a “discovery” of the 18th and 19th centuries, but were there way back in the effort to avoid God searing their conscience, and (2) the belief that humans are evolved from lesser animals like “stock”, is also an ancient myth.

They modern academic ruling class censors this history, along with the history of unions, the Roosevelt statist policies that made the Great Depression much worse and longer than it had to be, the criminal actions of the Federal Reserve and its traitorous passage in 1913 in the US Congress.

They hide the fact that Karl Marx included a “Graduated” income tax in his Communist Manifesto platform, plus a “central bank” in every nation of the world. This is the anti-capitalist? Sneaking in a policy of private-sector Wall Street types and international banksters to control the world’s currency, interest rates, mortgages, and economies?

But did Mao Tse-Tung push economics or even Communist Party doctrines into the first things he pushed into his schools after taking over? Nah, he pushed evolution as the first priority in education in China.

Jesus believed in the six-day Creation, too:

Matthew 19:4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,

So did Paul:

1 Corinthians 15:45 And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

Software Vendors (And US too) – A small rant

December 12, 2012

IBM i (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have been to just one of Trevor‘s presentations, and he is an entertaining speaker.


Some in the audience actually did have a real “AS/400“, from before, and he said, “Well, yeah, you do have an AS/400″.


I can understand how he might be considered “caustic” in his conversations, and call it my opinion if you want, but he is right.


It’s not the same machine it used to be. People have the green screen idea when they think of our succession of machines.


They called it “Mac”, “Windows“, but when they do, the brand is not held back by those names. People regard it as a general brand. None of us has any problem at all calling an automobile by the name the manufacturer gives it. But the Rambler is dead. The Edsel is not coming back.


One well-known creator of a very much-used language, whose name slips my mind, gave a talk about branding at a conference, and gave a few examples.


Once upon a time, there was a phone company that accumulated one of the worst reputations for quality, overhauled it to get one of the best, but the consumer brand was irreparably damaged. So, they changed their name to Verizon.


Has anybody here ever used IBM Visual Age for Java? Or ever hear of it? How about Eclipse?


That’s branding.


The other day I went to a Java Users Group. Despite the fact that the IBM i can run all the java you ever want, PHP, Python, web servers, XML, and almost anything you can run on Unix, about half a dozen good GUI‘s, you can run just about any popular file system, including the one for Unix, the one for Windows, for the i.


I’ve heard there are knockout applications running web sites, few viruses can do it damage, there’s nothing ancient about the latest offerings for IBM i on Power.


They had never heard of the IBM i. So I explained that it was the modern replacement for the old AS/400. They immediately stopped listening and did the same thing when they heard “RPG“, and didn’t even seem to hear that RPG can do all this great stuff and is getting updated faster than any other standard language.


From now on I’m not even going to mention the AS/400, I’ll just talk about the IBM i.


RPG needs a re-branding too. IPG or i2100, or something.




Good exposure by Cringely of H1B’s: Also an example of how SMALL businesses are BETTER

July 1, 2012

IBM i (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I, Cringely » Blog Archive A lesson on IT labor economics from Memphis – I, Cringely – Cringely on technology:

My recent series of columns on troubles at IBM brought me many sad stories from customers burned by Big Blue. I could write column after column just on that, but it wouldn’t be any fun so I haven’t. Only now a truly teachable lesson has emerged from a couple of these horror tales and it has to do with U.S. IT labor economics and immigration policy. In short the IT service sector has been shoveling a lot of horse shit about H1B visas.

It’s worth the read. He goes on to point out that even though the big guys who depend on service income try to maximize the billable hours they can charge to their customers, and claim they are in desperate need of more H1B’s, you have two companies in Memphis, Tennessee, that cancelled their five-year contract with IBM after only two years.

When ServiceMaster announced its decision to cancel its contract with IBM and to in-source a new IT team, the company had to find 200 solid IT people immediately. Memphis is a small community and there can’t be that many skilled IT workers there, right? ServiceMaster held a job fair one Saturday and over 1000 people attended. They talked to them all, invited the best back for second interviews, and two weeks later ServiceMaster had a new IT department. The company is reportedly happy with the new department whose workers are probably more skilled and more experienced than the IBMers they are replacing.

Where, again, is that IT labor shortage? Apparently not in Memphis.

About that database monitoring problem, ServiceMaster hired DBADirect to provide their database support from that high tech hotbed, Florence, KY. The first thing DBADirect did was to install monitoring tools. Remember IBM didn’t have any monitoring running on the ServiceMaster database.

How can a company 1/100,000th the size of IBM afford to have monitoring? Well, it seems DBADirect has its own monitoring tools and they are included as part of their service. It allows them to do a consistently good job with less labor. DBADirect does not need to use the cheapest offshore labor to be competitive. They’ve done what manufacturing companies have been doing for 100+ years — automating!

Even today IBM is still in its billable hours mindset. The more bodies it takes to do a job the better. It views monitoring and automation tools as being a value added, extra cost option. It has not occurred to them you could create a better, more profitable service with more tools and fewer people. When you have good tools, the cost of the labor becomes less important.

Which brings us back to the H1B visa issue. Is there an IT labor shortage in the USA that can only be solved with more H1B visas? Not in Memphis and probably not anywhere else, either.

There’s certainly a shortage of imagination, absolutely a shortage of integrity, and neither shortage is saving anyone money.

I was a missionary in Latin America for many years, my wife is from Honduras, my ex-wife is also Hispanic, my children are all then Latins by legal definition anyway, and I have seen real poverty. I want prosperity overseas and prosperity here.

The best way to do that is to let everyone everywhere conduct their own business without fear and without anybody else, or everybody else, or a majority of everybody else, telling them how to do it, what they can or cannot do, or how much money the political power brokers will let them keep.

Truly free trade brings prosperity to all sides; a government monopoly on the rules of the game brings miserable poverty.

Collective “rights” are no rights at all, and lead only to setting up rules-makers that say, “Trust us. I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”. See, the Golden Rule that respects individual natural rights works best for each of us and for all of us.

Genes should never be patentable

May 9, 2012
Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utilit...

Patents Granted 1790-2008 (divided into utility patents, design patents, plant patents, and patents granted to foreign residents) Deutsch: Erteilte Patent 1790-2008 (unterteilt in Gebrauchsmuster, Geschmacksmuster, Biopatente und Patente die an nicht US Bürger vergeben wurden) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beverly Bell: Groups Around the U.S. Join Haitian Farmers in Protesting “Donation” of Monsanto Seeds:

Discoveries of genes that do this or that of benefit to humans should be treated like new species. Nobody can patent a new animal they happened to see hiding behind a tree somewhere.

Michael Crichton wrote a scathing essay on the subject that he put as an epilogue for his novel “Next”, a warning on the theme.

Nobody should ever sign away the “rights” to his genes. No company should ever be allowed to get a “patent” on any gene. They’ve only been able to mix and match anyway.

The status of the patent situation in the world today is a complete mess, and in the United States, it is becoming a common practice of the biggest corporations to carve out entire departments and dedicate a great amount of resources to formulating patent requests on everything they can imagine. Innovation research in companies seems to be dedicated increasingly to get all the patents possible for all kinds of arcane concepts, just for the purpose of preventing somebody else from suing them over it.

Now it looks like Larry Ellison has even unleashed his litigation army to go after the Java that’s already in the wild. That’s probably why IBM challenged Sun to turn Java over to open source; they may have seen this coming.

There’s even a movement getting attention that advocates the end of all the different categories of “intellectual property”. The idea that the “creators” are awarded by patents is losing out to the obvious fact that these days, it’s not the “creators” but the big corporations that “own” the rights who benefit.

Meantime, we see the open source movement ever growing. Lots of people just enjoy seeing the fruition of their intellectual endeavors.  For example, God bless Tim Berners-Lee and those that worked with him for their work in applying the first foundations for the Internet to happen,  for throwing it out there for the world to develop.

Dead Scientists

January 24, 2012

I thought this was an interesting list to peruse, fascinating in a way in fact, and I just thought I would share it:

Obama continued the wars and made new ones, expanded the debt, made no real cuts, supports the Fed

January 18, 2012

There are some good points on one blogger’s site but I’ll quote it to make my own points. Arguing by text seems to be the way that brings out the best articulation in me, so thank you for that… Snippets from her blog and my replies follow below:


been disappointed with President Obama. He has moved much further to the right than I expected, and he seems to have been very late in discovering that what he called negotiating we called betraying his supporters. He has referred to liberals as “sanctimonious”. And like everyone else in American politics he has become beholden to big money. Some of his largest contributions come from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Time Warner, IBM. But in this era of he-with-the-most-money gets the most “free” speech, I don’t know what he can do about that.

First, I hate the way Conformist Media has us tricked into thinking of all “political” and now even social and personal issues as “left” and “right”. It’s a false dichotomy, a false spectrum. China has introduced a lot of capitalist ideas into its ruling philosophy as applied, and now even Cuba, a couple of years after Fidel Castro confided to a New York Times reporter that the Cuban model doesn’t even work for Cuba anymore, Raul Castro has introduced some measures that allow a limited real estate market. Raul Castro had already told the islanders they could do limited retail selling. But after three such “thaws” since the regime took over, for awhile they’ve had a hard time convincing them they are serious.

But this left-right thing can be deceiving. The most important spectrum is freedom. How much liberty does the regime permit? There is national socialism, and there is international socialism, and the only difference is that ethnicity is added to ideological brand for where you are in the rulers’ hierarchy. A dictatorship is a dictatorship. Like the slogan says, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

I told some fellow techs in a coffee-break general topic forum in 2008 that Obama would be George W Bush Extended Version.

He does get money, indirectly and/or directly, from all those big-bucks money changers in the list above, and so do all the major Republican Party contenders –notably EXCEPT ONE of them. Keep in mind, that lonely voice of reason predicted all the major bubbles and busts we have had, years before they matured into the disasters we’ve seen happen.

I said that then and now see my predictions fulfilled:

1. He not only continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of bringing them home like he promised, but expanded the reach of American militarism to Yemen, Pakistan, and Libya. In Libya, Americans supported the gangs that wiped out an entire town of black folks and have promised to totally destroy what remains of it. America’s media reported that there were “African mercenaries”, code word for blacks.

2. BOTH the DEFICIT and more importantly the DEBT expanded exponentially from Bush’s preposterous years.

3. The Federal Reserve continues unchecked, even though Ron Paul‘s persistent demands and Americans’ growing awareness pushed through the legislation to have them tell us where they put all that secret bailout money. Free dollars “lent” out (paid back but with more loan money) to European central banks and private banks and domestic banks and corporations.

And money supply inflation continues, devaluing the dollar and robbing the poor and the “middle class” by stealth.

But he does deserve some credit, so here goes: my late-night effort to look for reasons to support President Obama.

1. President Obama has proposed a Jobs Bill that will reduce unemployment, and will not increase the deficit. Republicans have blocked it, but he has done what he can do get around the blockade.

A jobs bill that takes money from the private sector to pay for government sector jobs (which is much if not most of what that “jobs bill” does, just moves money around but with a cut for the tax collectors. He proposed it knowing it would not pass so he could get something new to blame on Republicans, because his support for TARP and for “stimulus” and for the Fed’s freely giving out dollars to friends and buddies everywhere did nothing to help the jobs scene.

His proposals also detract from job-killing over-regulation that he was going to put in place this year. But his advisers have been smart enough to tell him to postpone them till 2013 because they know that those measures will just be an extra private sector cost that could otherwise go to jobs.

Jobs can be had by pulling back his administration’s blocks on oil drilling in the continental United States. Measures that Ron Paul has suggested that the executive can do simply by writing CONSTITUTIONAL orders to bring home American troops right away instead of “someday”, would bring all that military spending to us rather than overseas, for example. And letting people use whatever they like for a medium of exchange as a transition to a more prosperous economy based on sound money.

2. He has created a Consumer Protection Agency, which you will benefit from. The Republicans have tried to gut it of all it’s authority and have refused to accept as its leader the woman who has done the most work on it, but at least it now exists.

The Consumer Protection Agency is just another agency with more regulations to come. Recent mandates on banks have already backfired, because banks find other ways to make profits as they are required to do by law as an obligation to their stockholders (remember Enron?).

That is just another example of how central planning by political powers never works, or works backwards from the intended good cause. Poor people are better served by better financial education, to help level the playing field, so they can force the bigger banks to actually compete with each other, rather than these measures that only favor the biggest banks. Because the biggest banks are the ones that have the staff to study these things.

3. He has appointed two moderates to the Supreme Court, moderates who actually have legal credentials and high scores from the bar.

“Moderates”? Kagan had no more credentials than George W’s friend he tried to foist on us and which was derisively hooted down by both halves of the ruling political duopoly cartel. What the Supreme Court needs is more judges who respect the actual Constitution as written, not the ones who might do as Obama said once they should do, “redistribute the wealth”. There is no constitutional mandate to rob Peter to pay Paul, no matter how good the cause. It backfires anyway. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, except there are a lot fewer new bosses, as power is concentrated.

4. He has cut taxes for the middle class and for small business, and has tried valiantly to reduce the loopholes that allow the rich to take more and more from the poor. (Yes, hard-earned money from the working poor IS being re-distributed to the rich. And no corporations actually pay the tax rate that Republicans are fond of quoting.)

“Cut taxes”? I’d like to see a link on that. If you mean the payroll tax, it’s a bogus attempt to help the poor because it only accelerates the rush to the negative region for the social security and Medicare programs. Ron Paul wants to keep those benefits for the elderly who have paid into it all their lives but set the young people free to opt out. It will not be there for them anyway.

And hard-earned money is being redistributed to the rich, but the worst way it is being done is with deficit financing and “quantitative easing”, a euphemism for PRINTING MONEY. This is theft out of the pocket pure and simple. It is the “false balance” spoken of in the book of Proverbs in the Bible, referring to merchants that deceive their buyers with a false weight and measure for what they’re buying, and it’s an abomination.

People have a right to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The man whose self-immolation sparked the Arab “Spring” last year told his brother shortly before that “The poor also have a right to buy and sell”.

Corporations are not people, but people who know how to create wealth should not be robbed of it, they should be encouraged to do more of it.

My wife is from Honduras, and today in the poorest barrios you will find thousands of not just cell phones but iPhones and Android devices and the like. Things like cell phones, smart phones, the Model T, steam engine, light bulb, and the proliferation of other such conveniences and necessities were driven by entrepreneurs in the free market and the profit motive.

Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, where no profit was allowed, even their trucks were made based on the engineering specifications stolen from the West (according to Cuban refugees here in Miami who used them in Cuba).

5. He captured Osama bin Laden

And the now retired CIA officer who headed up the search for Osama bin Laden has endorsed Ron Paul for president. As to military prowess and who do active military personnel trust most for our nation’s defense, Ron Paul receives by far the most support both in numbers of donations and in total amount from active military personnel, than ALL of the other candidates COMBINED.

6. He has made some effort to address the very real and serious environmental problems.

The most serious environmental problem today is petty bureaucracies who use discredited science as props for political micro-control over the economy, to get us used to government controls, socialistic controls “for the collective good”. Long before climategate, real bona fide genuine climatologists were already exposing the sloppy methods and demanding release of data and debunking the versions sold to us by the politically powerful.

Michael Crichton totally annihilated the idea of spending trillions on this thing, and slams the false science.

Al Gore has his own beach house, I’ve heard. He’s not scared of rising sea levels. He blows the cover off the AGW “scientists” themselves, who have admitted they cannot make precise accurate reliable long-term climate projections.

Go look for Crichton’s essays, especially the one titled “Aliens Cause Global Warming”.

And if you think there’s a disaster on the way, do what Christians have done to help those who hurt throughout the ages, and do your part, But to do takings and legal forcings to support your idea is tantamount to theft. It’s as if I were to use taxes to subsidize tobacco or oil drilling, which I also oppose just as strongly.

7. He has put a stop to the policy of allowing politicians to re-write scientific reports.

That “re-writing” and the politicization of “scientific reports” will never ever never stop until we kick government out of the business of picking and choosing which projects to subsidize. The ones that have promise get grants that fund the research, and then the researches go out and start companies with the new technologies. The CDC and NIH and FDA are among the biggest obstacles to health research today.

Science must be freed totally from government dominance.

For example, how much hot fusion research is being funded? It’s in the billions and billions in 2012 dollars.

For example, the way the science research industry has warped the field so bad is hot fusion research, which gets billions and billions. The ITER reactor is “an international boondoggle”.

The real energy revolution endorsed even by the late Arthur C. Clarke is what has promise. Scientists and environmentalists who are serious about clean energy should be supporting this promising field instead of wasting resources on demanding more government intervention into everything:

The president knows about this technology, you bet, because Clarke joined in the noise at the authorities to support it, and it is maybe a similar threat to big money interests like Tesla, the inventor of alternating-current technology and others.

If you endorse government taking care of all of our “collective” problems then you have to concede the point that “government knows best” to the biggest polluting nation of all time, the Soviet Union.

Eugene Mallove is the unsung hero. After MIT lied about the success it was having with repeats of the Fleischmann-Pons results, he quit in anger and started the “Infinite Energy Foundation” to finance research into this new technology.

8. He has instituted a more humane policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to travel to visit their parents and children.

Credit where due, I support allowing free and open trade with anyone, which is a way to spread the Gospel and the message of freedom. In the interest of truth be told, though, the US embargo should not be an impediment on Cuba’s development, because it is the ONLY nation that disallows trade and would be more poverty-stricken than it is if not for Cuban relatives subsidizing them from Miami,

9. He has removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research.

Not even George W Bush placed “restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research”, he only took federal money out of NEW embryo lines, a kind of cop-out for him, since those are the lines that they reproduce ad infinitum.

But growing pieces of babies in a lab is not only unethical to those who realize that the baby in the womb is still a baby, it is macabre.

Besides that, it has proven totally ridiculous waste of resources. While there are 72 actual present uses for ADULT stem cells helping people today, there are none for embryonic stem cells except for those that adult stem cells are already accomplishing.

That’s why PRIVATE money is already funding adult stem cell research, with spectacular results. And that’s why the “new mad scientists” were so demanding of the public treasury for this.

10.He can put a sentence together, even a compound or complex sentence, complete with subject and verb. This may not be important to you, but it is important to our standing in the larger world.

George W did not know how to say “nuclear”, but both he and Obama have continued the failed federal policies of intervention in local education. Obama reads teleprompters pretty good but of course has been caught pants-down without it, and for interviews demands a veto over interview questions before the fact. He’s been caught getting irritable if something is not by script, same as lots of them from both faces of the two-faced political cartel,.

Would anyone care to add to my list? Or challenge my list?

There’s my answer. I prefer not to use the word “challenge”, because it is not important “who” is right, what matters is “what” is right.