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Homeschool parents have 1 shot to see son again

April 22, 2013
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 film)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This family needs international support to keep their son.

The Swedish authorities have been brutal against the rights of the family to keep their child, based only on their home-schooling decision, despite testimony from numerous friends and neighbors they are a good family and the decision of a lower court in the family’s favor.

The child was taken from them even as they boarded an aircraft to go to the mother’s home country of India. Their Social Services, the agency that was portrayed as criminally negligent in the novel by Stieg Larsson, in his so-called “Millennium Trilogy“, the most famous being “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo“.

They are certainly living down to the horrendous performance of the treatment of the girl in those novels.

Of course Stieg Larsson was also wrong, wrong, WRONG, in his perverted portrayal of Nazil history. The Nazis, especially the Hitler kind, despised Christianity and hated the Bible. His fictitious evil socialist (“national socialist”) based crimes on verses.

Of course the crimes they committed were worse than the perversions portrayed, weren’t they, and he did not bring in the question of whether these people actually did it.



A med student lists out 18 reasons doctors and lawyers and steel workers homeschool their children

April 1, 2013
Homeschooling - Gustoff family in Des Moines 023

Homeschooling – Gustoff family in Des Moines 023 (Photo credit:

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children — ChildrensMD:

Yep. And when you see things like “It’s cheaper than private schools“, just think that for the poor man, it’s cheaper than having a son or daughter go to government schools…

Rural Homeschooling on the Rise | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

September 15, 2012


Gathering of the Families Learning Together me...

Gathering of the Families Learning Together members (a group of homeschooling famlies) in Foxlair, NC, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rural Homeschooling on the Rise | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural:


Home schooling deserves every mention..



“Liberal” Sweden turning fascist: Homeschooling banned just like in 1930s-1940s Germany

July 22, 2012

Homeschoolers take banishment protest to government:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – A coalition of homeschoolers and supporters arrived in the Swedish capital of Stockholm after a six-day, 120-mile “Walk to Freedom” that was staged to raise awareness about a controversial ban on home education.

On their way through town, the home education advocates stopped at the Ministry of Education and the Justice Ministry to protest the year-old homeschooling prohibition and deliver a letter they wrote. No one from the government was willing to talk with them, but their message was heard loud and clear.

The march began on July 13 and concluded on the self-governing Finnish Aland Islands, where dozens of Swedish homeschoolers have fled as political refugees since the homeschooling ban in Sweden went into effect.

And the march ended on the Finnish-governed island of Aland, located in the sea between Sweden and Finland, where many homeschoolers from Sweden have fled for refuge, where homeschooling rights are still protected.