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December 30, 2011

Here is my answer to one or another hysterical anti-Ron Paul rant:

Ron Paul is the anti-racist:

What other candidate promises to stop the federally pushed total institutional racist war on drugs, which puts up to 5X more blacks into prison per arrest rate that whites? And who is the one blasting the racist drug laws that by law and by judicial decision make much more brutal sentences.

This is all a distraction from the real issues that are attracting people of all kinds and backgrounds to Ron Paul’s cause. Anti-gay? I’ve met enthusiastic gays at Ron Paul rallies. Blacks? I’ve won blacks over the cause who asked for extra issues cards to give to their own friends. As soon as awareness of what Ron Paul stands for reaches critical mass among blacks, it’s all over for Obama.

Freedom brings all kinds of people together to support Ron Paul’s message and platform: blacks, whites, Latinos, rednecks, anarchists, former mainstream Democrats, former mainstream Republicans, gays, straights, atheists, Bible-thumping preachers, liberal theologians and conservative theologians, more soldiers than the other candidates, women, men, feminists, strippers and prudes, gun owners, business owners, technologists, software engineers and lawyers, corporate executives and blue collar workers, almost anything you can think of except for crony capitalist supporters and socialists who want more government power!

He is against the institutional racism of the drug laws and the drug wars.

He is the one we can count on to stop the mad rush to use the American military to enforce goodness on the world.

He is the one admitting the failure of American interventionist policy around the world.

His policies would return the nation to a truly strong national self-defense. The United States is sgoing broke and its military is about to crash and burn against the wall of economic catastrophe brought about by fiat currency with no independent value. Bringing the soldiers home to bases, and there is plenty of room for them on US soil, would mean spending that money at home and soldiers to protect our borders. Releasing the oil that has been banned by fiat would release the country from sovereignty-killing dependence on foreign imports.

Besides which, this is no pansy for abuse by those who would interfere with trade by Americans. Citizens could feel safer abroad. He excoriated Congress and the President for their neglect of the constitutional use of letters of marque and reprisal, rewards for those who kill or capture anyone who after Congressional debate is determined to be a real threat to American interests.

I think Somali pirates would take note. A letter of marque and reprisal for someone who was attacking US merchant ships for ransom might have to face an army of his own kind of pirates seeking the reward money. You think that’s ugly, you should see the army of the kind of people our most respected district attorneys use for informants.

So President Paul that got his wish list, at least at the federal level, would mean the end of institutionally racist drug laws, savings from the end of ineffective drug wars, a MUCH stronger national defense, a MUCH stronger currency, a MUCH stronger economy, MANY more resources for the multitude of charities helping the poor from the spillover of a much richer nation, and a population much less afraid of government abuse.



Ron Paul vs. Two-Faced Newt, Flip-Flop Romney

December 9, 2011

I can’t see why anybody would avoid considering Ron Paul. He holds Reagan‘s positions on everything everybody praises Regan for, except that Ron Paul has a 100% consistent voting record in that regard.

He is the most pro-strong-defense candidate out of all of them, and our uniformed brethren agree with their donations by donor count and by dollar count.

He has said he would bring our troops home and put them on the borders.

Israel? His policies would end the practice of giving twice as much to Israel’s enemies as to Israel, and set Israel free to do what it has to do to defend itself, instead of kissing Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama rings for permission. Ron Paul was the Lone Ranger when Congress raced to condemn Israel for taking out Iraq nuke sites, he voted against the resolution.

Education? Abolishing the federal department would free education from the shackles of central planning. Local communities and states should be free to teach their own children without interference. Home schoolers, who have proven consistently in academic competitions of all kinds, would be encouraged, as well as school choice for parents.

Foreign aid? My wife is from Honduras, and you can ask any Honduran-American whether it does the country any good. Ron Paul is “right on” when he says foreign aid robs from the poor people  in a rich country to give it to the rich people in a poor country. That’s exactly what it does. It corrupts the political class in those countries. So like one African economist said about foreign aid, “For God’s sake, please stop!”

He was and is one of the precious few in Washington to push back against TARP and Fat-Cat-Wallet-Stimulus while Dems and Rips alike rushed to pour out our money like rivers to Wall Street and to other fat cat friends like Europe‘s Central Banks and Wall Street hogs and Caterpillar Corp, while getting it out of our pockets by taxation and by robbing our bank accounts with trillions of “quantitative easing” and “injecting liquidity”, euphemisms for adding to the dollar supply.

Ron Paul is the one who can best beat Obama, because there’s no surprises like WILL come up with Gingrich and WILL come up with Romney and WILL come up with Perry, take it to the bank. Trump is another loose cannon, with he and Newt probably playing along with each other to throw the Republicans out of the race again, because dirty tricks are the only way they can keep Obama in there.

Bachmann and Santorum have shown they lack the appeal factor or the media factor.

Ron Paul has no surprises they can pull up from the past.

Right out of “1984”, here’s Mr. Romney, the guy who today “has always been pro-life”:

RP pushed until the Fed was forced to reveal the trillions it gave away to big bankers in Europe that don’t help us with anything except to get us more addicted to “quantitative easing”.

A question for all opponents of school choice for the poor

October 9, 2011

The richest among us already have school choice for their kids.

See here the record of success for one group of charter schools in New York City, and most specifically, Harlem:

There are of course detractors, including the public school teachers‘ union bosses and the teachers that do the union bosses’ bidding and other teachers who along with Lenin the leaders of socialist thought in American consider “useful idiots“. I used to be one of those “useful idiots” myself.

Never mind the wildly enthusiastic parents who have seen the results from having their own children there, including parents who are union members themselves, who nonetheless do not wish to sacrifice their own children to enforced social conformity.

But here’s the question that tells it all..

Why should ONLY the rich have a choice of schools for the kids? Why not the POOR? Just saying “fix it” when we all know what a political football public schools are does not work. Let the parents decide.

Confess up, you social engineers. Lurking in the background is the shadow of what they really don’t want to be forced to say.

Who said poor parents are too stupid to make good choices?!

Well, Nanny Government, that’s who. Have we become so gullible as to think the government protects us from all evil?

Central planning does not work for any industry in the world, we have seen it only becomes a tool for entrenching a political establishment of whatever kind. We can all see the academic mess it has made in education for the good teachers who want to teach, and worse for the kids who are the victims..

Free the children! Give them school choice.


The wrong trousers? No ruler? Get out of my class! Iron-fisted headteacher causes outrage as he bars 150 pupils from lessons for breaking minor rules | Mail Online

September 18, 2011

The wrong trousers? No ruler? Get out of my class! Iron-fisted headteacher causes outrage as he bars 150 pupils from lessons for breaking minor rules | Mail Online.

But look at this:

Just 48 hours after the iron rules were introduced, teachers reported they had doubled the amount of teaching time in lessons, as they no longer had to perform ‘crowd control’

Read more:

High Marks for Home Schooling, a Small Study Finds – TIME Healthland

September 17, 2011

Finally, even the Autocrat Media is admitting it:

Took about twenty years of trying to avoid it, but there you go.

Next step is admitting the private schools do better with poor kids in bad neighborhoods than do government schools.

Ron Paul knows the quote: “First they ignore you…”

August 23, 2011

Try as you might, Ron Paul is not going away, and whatever you do with him, his message has more stickiness than your desire to ignore it. both arms of the government-media complex, the leftist shills and the neo-cons, try as they might, can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.

His shining of the light on the attacks on freedom in our generation has exposed them.

Freedom brings people together, and whatever band of operatives of the Establishment they identified with, they are sick and tired of being told what to do, and how much of their own incomes they can keep, and sick of lying conniving politicians.

That’s why they’re flocking to the only candidate in this thing who’s been there for 30 years, predicted the mess we’re in, the only one who really understands how to get out of it and how to set America’s liberty and prosperity engine free again.

“Democrats”, “Republicans”, leftists, rightists, conservatives, liberals, flaming homosexuals and true Christian fundamentalists, in the heartland and on the coasts, farmers and lawyers, construction workers and construction CEOs, information techies and users, teenagers and college kids, octogenarians, people of all kinds make up the Ron Paul Tea Party Revolution.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win”.

The plutocrats and autocrats will not easily let go of their power, but their psy-tricks are lost on a people who have seen it like it is. “Not easily” means they have not shown their complete bag of evil in America yet, but they will, and there will be a mess as the green paper pig inflated dollar balloon pops, but in the end, even the Beast of Revelation “will come to his end, and none shall help him”.

Kennedy’s, Kerry-Heinz, Rockefellers, Obamas have kids in private schools, keep the poor on the government plantation

March 10, 2011

The Kennedys and the Obamas can AFFORD to send their kids to the private schools and they deny the POOR the chance. Obama just ended the voucher program for D.C. and the poorest of poor are crying.

They give our money (yours and mine) out to rich Wall Street bankers, Caterpillar, and other favorite cronies, but they can’t let poor parents have a choice for school?

Then oh, no, says the judge, the PARENT might choose a religious school! Can’t have that! What’s next? Prohibit government employees from donating to their churches because it’s government money?

That’s the point.

Government schools in isolated places in isolated periods have recently shown isolated improvements precisely BECAUSE for the first time in about 70 years, they actually feel a bit of COMPETITION from vouchers, and they’re scrambling a bit..

Central planning has always failed, and government politicized indoctrination centers have failed in America for three generations. Set the poor people free!

From Time Magazine, bastion of right-wing thinking –NOT:

The center also downplays another finding: While controlling for SES eliminated most public school/private-school differences in achievement test scores, it did not eliminate differences in the most widely used test of developed abilities, the SAT. (As I explained more fully here, developed abilities are those nurtured through schoolwork, reading, engaging a piece of art, and any other activities that spark critical thinking. Developed abilities aren’t inborn traits but honed competencies, more akin to athletic skill gained through practice rather than raw IQ. By contrast, achievement tests measure the amount of material students have committed to memory in any particular field.) Combined with high-school grades, SAT scores are the best predictor of how kids will do in their freshman year of college. And the data in the new study shows that private-school students outperform public-school students on the SAT.

Read more:,8599,1670063,00.html#ixzz1GADIRZkn

Homeschoolers excel in SAT scores and college entrance exams, and universities are actively competing for home-schooled kids now:

Unions, public schools and minority children

March 1, 2011

This from Star Parker’s web site:

According to the Los Angeles Times, “just 39 percent of L.A.’s fourth-graders are even basically literate.”

Speaking a couple years ago about technology and education, Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs said that technology wouldn’t matter as long as you can’t fire teachers.

“I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way,” he said.

Jobs likened schools to running a small business that he said could never succeed if you can’t hire and fire.

Reasonable? I think so.

Would anyone question that there is no single thing more critical to a nation’s future than educating its children?

Yet, consider that 88 percent of our children get K-12 education in public schools and that 70 percent of the teachers in these schools have union protected jobs.

Here is a great conflict of interest for elected politicians for you, meaning politicians who would be required to negotiate with the special interests that support them:

Over 95 percent of the political contributions of the two national teachers’ unions — the NEA and AFT — go to Democrats or to the Democrat Party. Their $56 million in political contributions since 1989 equals that of “Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin, and the National Rifle Association combined.”

Interesting article indeed…

Why Super-Mega-Corps LOVE Government Regulations

February 13, 2011

Yep. And then the Big Government operatives dutifully make it law, squawking loudly about how this is to stop the abuse by big corporations:

It’s a fact-filled four minutes from a presentation by Timothy Carney at the Cato Institute, January 12, 2010 in Washington DC.


The video snip starts with a Barbie doll recall in 2007 for having too much lead. The answer from Congress was the “Lead Free Toys Act” requiring 3rd party testing of all toys. A lobbying group that represents Mattel and Hasbro: “We were early proponents of adopting mandatory laws to require toy testing.”


Obama signed a bill in 2009 stepping up FDA regulation of tobacco, saying it will help protect the health of “the next generation” of Americans.
Altia Group, owned by Philip Morris (which sells the majority of tobacco products in the States: “We have consistently adovcated for federal regulation” in tobacco.
–They also helped WRITE this law, which could effectively ban advertising to smokers. But then they already have market share, mind share, and this suppressed competition.


They lobby HARD for Co2 taxes.
They also make all their products overseas, where such legislation will not apply. One smaller competitor makes really good running shoes in Maine, so they are effectively lobbying for more taxation on their competitors and against anybody who makes their products in the United States.

Aluminum frames for cars requires heavy energy intensive process that involve high levels of CO2 emissions. They lobby hard for limiting CO2 in the States, but they lobbied HARD in Australia successfully to KILL such a bill there. They have heavy investments in Australia.

GE makes products to make “carbon offsets”, useless except where there are “green laws” that tax carbon. They lobby hard for such laws in the United States. They also lobby hard for federal moneys going to “environmental” projects..

Luke 12:18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.
19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.


Guess what, Marco Rubio?!

January 29, 2011

Guess what, Senator Rubio? We tea party protesters DO want a “new political party”. We prefer that the Republican Party “find religion” and start dismantling the Nanny State and restore economic freedom to the American people before it’s too late!

If it keeps going as is, there will be no more economic base capable of financing any opposition to any sitting government! The medical industry government takeover that the rulers of Washington DC orchestrated is part of the strategy of dismantling the private economy by pieces.

Prosperity took a big blow, because now we have to support yet more layers of government departments than ever, on top of the superfluous regulations that kill efficiency at the points of delivery of goods and services. According to at least one report, as many as SIXTEEN government agencies were created, NEW ones! And that’s not even counting the addition of 16,000 –that’s right, SIXTEEN THOUSAND!– more new IRS agents that we had before, just to ENFORCE this new attack on the people’s medical choices!

This president Obama, who broke all the known records for voting “present” when he was an Illinois state senator, decided to actually cast a vote against enforcing increased protections for babies born alive in aborticide centers from getting killed outside the womb after birth.

Now he exposes the BIG FAT LIE of the word “choice” in this medical dictatorship plan, because if he were for “choice” in the decisions we make for our bodies, he would not need a law that has to have 3,000 pages to tell us what to do with our bodies!