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Farming is the future, jury nullification, FDR knew, medicinal gardens, storm prep, how to wrap

December 20, 2014


Farming is the future – Daily Bell interview with Jim Rogers

…He says own land.. don’t own water because the politicians will take it from you..

…Gold under $1000, recommend buy..

…Economic collapse might come by the end of next year or 2016, but of course, I don’t know…

…North Korea

…Daily Bell: To what extent is FATCA playing a role now in impacting Americans’ abilities to do business anywhere in the world, from your experience?

…Jim Rogers: FATCA’s making it more and more difficult for Americans to do business around world – to do anything around world. When you have more and more capital controls, it obviously eventually causes problems. History’s full of examples of that. I told you we’re going to have more problems in currency markets in the next couple of years. That’s partly because of FATCA. Fewer and fewer Americans can easily move their money around. When you restrict capital flows, you also make it hard to do business. FATCA’s going to be part of the problem and make things worse. There are some places where I’ve had bank accounts a long time. They just called me up and said we love you but we’ve got to close you out because you’re an American. They’re places I’ve had accounts a long time, and I’ve always reported everything. It doesn’t matter, though. They just don’t want Americans anymore. Others won’t open accounts, as you know, so it’s certainly reducing the flow of capital around the world and it’s putting Americans at greater and greater disadvantage. –

…Daily Bell: How much is this is already contributing to the demise of the dollar?

…Jim Rogers: Unfortunately, this situation is threatening the rest of the world to come up with alternatives, which in the end are going to be bad for America and Americans. I don’t like saying this, but people are already trying to find ways to compete with the US dollar and the US banking system. This is only accelerating the process. If we stop being the world’s reserve currency we’re going to be in a serious, serious bind. This is just going to accelerate all that.



..Yeah, so now anything that might promote a jury nullification even if you exclude them all is not allowed..even if it’s evidence.. like showing that without a direct link to crime there is no crime






Takeo Yoshikawa, the smoking gun that shows FDR knew what the Japanese were planning…




.. including aloe vera, ginger, garlic, chamomile (german?) – antispasmodic—relaxes muscle tension and cramps),

Witch hazel, ginkgo, ginseng (siberian), goldenseal, licorice, peppermint, rosemary (help reduce stress and relieve headaches) (don’t take the essential oil internally), sage, st. john’s wort, thyme, tumeric…




California unprepared for storms (like most Americans):

Hurricane Sandy…Katrina new orleans… Power down one year leaves 90% of americans dead…

(My note: Mormons will probably do a lot better than 90%…)




How to wrap a Christmas gift:




amazon see:: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (Incerto)




November 22, 2013

Diabetes manifests as a measurement threshold in sugar in the blood.

Strokes manifest as measurements.

Heat stroke has precise measurements that say “yes’ or “no”, period.

But with ADD and ADHD, docs cannot even agree on any particular case:

Trust the judge, right? Oh yeah, sure…

Here is no less that Psychology Today:



Vaccines and disease and causes and cures

August 11, 2013
English: American author and speaker Michael C...

English: American author and speaker Michael Crichton speaking at Harvard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salk later in life warned against his own creation:

In an article in Science, March 4, 1977, Jonas and Darrell Salk warn that. “Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each instance pro­duce the disease it intended to prevent—the live virus against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitis (brain damage).”

The most effective prevention of disease is the immune system.

All of the bad diseases you’ve heard about most, like polio, measles, and the rest, the most effective prevention method is good health, especially a healthy immune system. Those viruses and bacteria are ALWAYS present in some number, kept in check by the immune system. Infections happen when there is a weakness in the body of some kind, they are opportunistic but always ready. That’s why people that get AIDS are always hit by infections that nobody else gets.

One of the last editions of Omni magazine carried a story about a medical researcher who wanted to find a solution to this puzzle, because bodily weaknesses didn’t explain quite the role of contagion, because the body’s weakness doesn’t explain it in every case. Somebody with a bad case of a contagious disease might be a vector.

So they posited some kind of –call it Factor X– that sometimes carried it from person to person in some way. It was really a fuzzy concept and defies specificity from memory, but I remember thinking it was strangely like something spiritual-sounding.

But of course the doctor that originally sounded the warning blasts with his “germ theory” of disease, and who reported getting dramatic improvement in recovery rates by just having everybody wash their hands, that guy was shouted down. The scientific “consensus” at the time said there was no such thing. They finally put him in an insane asylum.

No wonder Michael Crichton hated the argument from authority when scientists invoked “consensus” as proof enough of some idea of “scientific” dogma.


The oppressive heel of stifling government regulation

October 28, 2012

The recent meningitis outbreak, with dozens of deaths and hundreds of serious illnesses has been traced to a facility that was filthy, and was exempt from government regulations and inspections concerning the production of drugs.

First, remember that all the massive regulation ALREADY in place did NOTHING to stop the sale of these supposedly contaminated batches of medications. This is the cost of losing caveat emptor.

If the government regulated used car sales like they do medications, nobody would be able to afford one anymore!

When you have a populace that is educated according to the individual convictions of each one’s parents, and has not had its minds zombified by having a nanny state government that guarantees an omniscient ability to protect it from all corporate evils, then you have a populace that regulates the hell out of the markets.

We have MORE of that today with government regulation. The FDA is a big drug-pusher, if for the ones who have the right cozy relationship with the proper agent-in-charge.

The FDA and the Agriculture Department have done more to destroy the health of the nation’s people than help them.

Stores that sell healthy nutrition and healthy food have been relegated to a dark niche market restricted to the rich and those who appreciate the difference, because those who sell it have been censored by rules that “regulate” medical claims.

Marijuana could help some people in some cases in pain and in other ways but THE REGULATORS “protect us” by telling us it is as bad as heroin.

If health food bakeries tell the truth, they are slapped down with punitive fines. There have been businesses bragging about benefits. If you aren’t a BIG corporation that can pay for a $5 million study, you can’t tell what you know is the truth about a product.

Drugs are advertised all day on your favorite TV programs. Listen to the big long disclaimer list in those ads, and then think about the fact that those omniscient superhuman beings that said they could market and advertise (think your dictators) are the same omniscient superhuman beings that say marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin and cannot be prescribed or taken for any use whatsoever.

Oh and don’t forget HEMP that has no recreational effect at all!

Oh what divine wisdom we entrust to both our elected officials and to the bureaucracy that hires the divine wisdom of characters that prefer to be little regulation dictators.

Oh yeah, we’re so dumb we need to be told what we can eat, buy, sell, drink, drive, or THINK.

If you think that scandal was bad, you should have seen the stories about the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION hospital in South Florida a few years ago, where things were truly and really filthy.

As you know, that’s a government facility.

Live longer: Heart care habits

May 15, 2012

The Worst Habits for Your Heart:

Shut off the TV!

Get a positive attitude! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine! Laughter boosts blood flow! Make it a belly laugh!

Stop snoring, there are ways, because it wakes you up at night and interferes with the rest you need…

Eat your fiber!

Floss! Prevent gum disease!

Quit smoking!

Live right, eat right,

Find more good pointers:

Abortion IS a war on women!

April 10, 2012

From women who were victims of the induced abortions, sometimes willing victims:

One of the biggest women’s issues organization in the country:

It’s hard to find trustworthy data about abortions, here’s a source:

There is a waiting list for adoption, and it would be millions longer if there was not so much paperwork and hassle and government agents inspecting every corner of your house for perfect and to see if they like you. So it is a lie that any pregnant mother’s baby is “unwanted”.

There is another lie about this too.

Abortion is a war on women because it gives the MEN an excuse to go deadbeat easy, and some surveys suggest most women say that would prefer to keep the baby but they can’t because.. and fill in the blanks, and often there’s either a man involved or some bad man or can’t trust men…

Best thing that every happened to deadbeat dads

Brilliant tyrant strategy: Get the infirm to off themselves for you, and get mothers to off their babies

April 10, 2012
Abortion Memorial

Aborted Baby Memorial (Photo credit: DrGBB)

Convincing women to kill their own babies IS a war on women!

Obama’s attack on health hurts women more than it does men!

Convincing the infirm that their life is not worth living IS a hateful thing to do to them!

Abortion is about the BABY IN THE WOMB, it’s NOT about the mother!

“Assisted suicide” is for the selfish living, it’s not “helping” the victim!


Where have all the little girl babies gone?

March 18, 2012
Sri Lanka Has About A Million Extra Women

Sri Lanka Has About A Million Extra Women (Photo credit:

Where have all the little girl babies gone?

Gone to heaven, everyone…..

China‘s one-child per couple program has had some devastating effect on their women, their little girls. Note that there is in normally an average of 1.06 male births for each female birth around the world, and that due to the higher incidence of deaths among our youngest males, that ratio does even out in later years, and at the adult stage the numbers are pretty much even between male and female. In the senior years the ladies live longer than us males.

But keep that 1.06 male-to-female birth ratio in mind, and now compare it to the numbers below you can pull from the CIAWorld Factbook. Readers are welcome to correct any errors they might find in the Comments section.

Their male-to-female birth ration is 1.13. With a population of 1,343,239,923, and 12.31 births per 1000 population (one thousand), that puts their number of births at 16,535,283.

That ratio there, doing a bit of math, gives us 8,772,240 boy births and 7,763,044 girls.

At the normal male-female ratio of 1.06, that would have been 8,275,698 girls.

That means there are 512,654 girls “gone missing”.

BUT we know where they have “gone”. They have gone to the sacrificial temples of sex-selection abortuaries where the girls are given up to “the male gods” for the sake of getting a male instead.

In the News; FYI

February 19, 2012

Google busted:

Condemned to eight years for ignorance and poverty:

Basso has rights too.. The feds aren’t so healthy either, hey!

Neiss said he witnessed firsthand the limited access startups have to capital after winning “Startup Weekend” in Miami, Fla. in 2010 and 2011, but being unable to secure funding for his winning business plans.

The FDA has just approved a new drug to fight cystic fibrosis,


It’s not easy to lose a son

December 31, 2011

I posted a new page in memory of my youngest son, who passed away Thursday night: We called him “David“:

We will miss him.