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Daily Bell relates Monsanto, Uruguay, George Soros, GMO, Prohibition, “Legalization”

December 15, 2013
Palacio Legislativo, Montevideo

Palacio Legislativo, Montevideo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story is here:

The Daily Bell writers regularly surprise me with perceptive insights, some of them of monumental importance in current events. They make connections that many of us fail to make, they often connect the dots for us.

Uruguay has become the first nation in modern times to “legalize” marijuana use. But the law requires users to register with the government, and restricts consumption per user to “up to 40g (1,4oz) of the drug a month”. It may be a step in the right direction, but that’s not much. When I was a college kid I toked (as we called it) on weekends, but quit later. My experience with it gave me a great way to tell my kids about it, how it makes you really, really dumb. Oh yes it does!

But despite the wasteful uselessness of the recreational use of the drug for a chemical high, banning it altogether is still worse, and the best scenario as in all things concerning such issues, is to ban the use of force to prevent its use for any reason whatsoever. Introducing a machinery of third parties making a maze of rules about it, means also creating an armed group with the purpose of making people obey those rules under threat.

Better to convince users with facts, rather than using the threat of force.

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”.

Anyway, read the Daily Bell article. It’s worth the read.



Stop blaming the CIA for every Latin American nation that stops socialist dictators!

October 23, 2013

Sheesh! Like the below whowhatwhy posting. Most of it is true in my opinion, but it seems liberty-minded writers in the US are good at discerning factors on domestic policy but are just starting to keep up with the changes in foreign lands:

I agree with most of the article at the link, but there is a VERY important new development in Latin America especially with respect to US meddling and undercover operations around the world. That is, nobody noticed, but now, instead of supporting so-called misnomered “right-wing” coups, and never-ending re-“election” of anti-Communists, their intelligence apparatus has begun, together with the diplomatic corps, to prop up leftist caudillos like Hugo Chavez and his fellow fascists.

In Honduras, they supported the left-wing coup by Manuel Zelaya, who became dictator while the world was ignoring the country. Even though the Congress was elected by the same electorate as himself. It started much worse when he came back from the Caribbean-Central American presidential summit in Santo Domingo in November 2008 where George Soros was keynote speaker! Kid you not.

Not only did Zelaya refuse to obey anything legislated by Congress, he also disobeyed a long series of Supreme Court orders, and lots more. That’s a coup. That’s what they called it in Peru –an auto-coup– when President Fujimoro dissolved the Congress, after it was paralyzed by the terror from the Sendero Luminoso, so-called.

The American Ambassador was in the presidential mansion the night before Zelaya planned his phony “survey” that he was going to use to justify dissolving Congress. He was helping plan this auto-coup consolidation, why else was he there, and he lent his name and office in support to this another leftist coup by phony “election”.

This is one case that I know about. Accusations that the CIA supported ousting Zelaya are a laugh riot. Hondurans wanted to get rid of him so bad, they were marching in the streets regularly, protesting him and especially his plans to consolidate his dictatorship.

Nobody needed to convince the Hondurans over this at any level. And through it all, the military forces stayed strictly obedient to the civil authorities.

Meantime, CHAVEZ was the meddling imperialist in Honduras. He’s gone now, and his successor is trying to be another one. You can blame the CIA for a lot of things around the world, but not that one.

And also adding to the international intrigue, Jose Insulza, head guy at the OAS, used their resources to order support for Zelaya’s illegal and unconstitutional “survey”, a cover for fraud and the propaganda to justify his dictatorship.

Insulza pounded at Honduras to put the coup-running president back in. And remember, as a young political adviser to Openly Marxist Salvador Allende’s regime in Chile he played a part in wreaking havoc on that attempt to install a leftist dictatorship in the continent.

And in Chile, never mind that the Cubans were meddling and intervening, pouring agents in, and helping coordinate the importation of leftists from the entire continent, no doubt with logistical and other support from the tyrants in the Soviet Union. Government embeds in the Communist government also were stockpiling large warehouses full of weapons, preparing for confrontation, no doubt. They started calling for troops to mutiny.

But Congress and their people saw the economy in the pits. Nationalizing the copper mines only provided payout opportunities for political cronies. Accidents skyrocketed over Anaconda’s record, the mines began losing money instead of paying taxes, and the nationalization was like shooting yourself in the foot to spite your leg!

So the CIA may have been involved, but the military did not intervene until their Congress passed a resolution finally, demanding that the military brass do something to stop the runaway Communist dictator!

The USA is the biggest bully and interventionist in the world, for sure. But let us remember that socialism and fascism tends to  shoot itself in the foot by its nature, and that there is a significant and numerous part of the people in Latin America who want NOTHING to do with socialism.

Putin and Obama: One hypocrite does not purify the other

September 15, 2013
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 – George Soros, Chairman, plutocrat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Putin lectured the US from his Kremlin. There are plenty of massacres on his hands too, so the neo-cons and the neo-libs handed him a deal he could not refuse, to look to be the peacemaker and the reasonable one in this whole Syria.

The neo-cons are trying to take the conversation back from the libertarians, eyes-open Christians, and the Tea Party, and save it for the Republican-Democrat plutocrat cartel. Beware. Lots of the talking stupid heads on Fox (and for sure many of the rest of them) are singing just like George Soros wants them to. Soros wants very badly for the USA to attack everybody around the world? I smell his stink on a lot of money going around, talking points in hushed emails on secret journalist chat rooms (this was exposed a few years ago, remember?)

Why is he doing that? Remember he’s the guy who says the USA is the most dangerous country in the world. He hates what the country used to be, he hates that so many of us still think for ourselves, that so many of us love Jesus Christ. Remember he knows we’re bankrupt, and all these wars are making us more broke. So therefore the US has a “duty to protect” everybody in the world.

Except the innocent, of course, he does not say, but his actions speak louder than words. He is only one of a group in the shadows, there is no doubt, how could all this stupidity happen so big so fast otherwise?

So forget about these voices from the past, who say the problem is that Obama should have thrown the missiles anyway, consequences be damned.

All over a false flag operation that killed a lot of innocent lives. This thing is going to blow back in their faces.

The Obama-Kerry duet have spoken their own judgment. They are responsible for chemical attacks with weapons banned by treaty on peaceful civilians in a community near Waco, and apparently for the same thing with worse substances in a land that used to be far away.

Like the devil, they are showing us their own crimes and blaming it on the victims. The Pharisees did this to the true Messiah, now this fake poser wants to do it to them.

Christians in the US are not blameless. Our fathers were complicit in letting the Devil get the run of the house, and backed off when they were told not to mess with their tax deduction –as if it were a gift of the ungodly. We won’t steal a piece of your tithe if you just do as you’re told…

Socialism Cannot Save Anything

June 30, 2013

Somebody wrote a piece at The Sleuth Journal, a web site magazine that usually runs interesting and informative pieces about oppressive practices of government:

Socialism Can Save Our Cities & Small Businesses | TheSleuthJournal

Socialism cannot save our cities and small businesses, since socialism/fascism caused the problems in the first place!

There’s already too much concentration of economic power in government and quasi-government hands, in lockstep with the very biggest bankers and corporate heads.

* Community owned mortgage banks, and credit unions, are helpless and hopeless against the power of the Federal Reserve Bank. By the way, the Fed is one of a couple hundred central banks around the world, and establishing such central banks was part of the COMMUNIST platform. Why did Karl Marx want to help the most devious of the bankers?

* County or City Owned Power Companies — Oh yeah, that’ll help, There are already a bunch of them, known for cronyism and corruption, because now the political bosses are in charge. They’re not magically made more pure just because they get to boss the lighting utiility, but now they don’t have to worry about saving the owners money, because they’re government!

* The Millionaires Tax — Oh yeah, that’ll help jobs. The guy doesn’t even try to pretend taxing 50% over a million has anything to do with helping the poor, except the proposal for a referendum. Never mind the ethics involved in all socialist and fascist proposals, of stealing money from somebody. Like the bloody Bonnie and Clyde, they “go where the money is”, except it’s less noble than Bonnie and Clyde because at least the robbers want it for themselves, whereas socialists just want to pull them down here to poverty with the rest of us!

How about let them use that money to give a raise to their workers, hire more workers, invest in more productive activity? So what if they sit on it? If it’s in savings, it’s getting loaned out to others doing much more productive activity than for warfare or for agents to spy on us.

* 25% solution — Finally, a good idea, cut down military spending. Better yet, Obama or the president could just order them home immediately, like Ron Paul said he would.

* Public funding of all elections — The worst idea yet. Let government determine who gets a chance at forming part of the government. The most radical election year was 1968 when McCarthy got five millionaire backers to challenge the warfare machine. Those donations would be against the law today, because we already have too much campaign finance reform.

Imagine that. A socialist proposing that legislators like John McCain make the rules for who gets money to campaign against them. Real smart.

* Medicare and dental care for all — except for the ones denied by the one gatekeeper with no recourse and no competition. Better to get government spending out of it altogether and nix the corporate deductions for it –they still today don’t let individuals get the deduction– so the prices will drop to affordable. Instead we got hikes in premiums with the Unaffordable Act, companies are dropping coverage, and dictates all around and the people get less choice than ever. Doctors dropping out too, the best ones that have enough are retiring.. Now functionally illiterate “graduates” of government schools who can’t read cursive are going to take care of us. Thanks a lot, socialism.

* Nationalized weapons industries. — Oh great. Make them as efficient as the post office. By cutting corporations out of the loop for the dictator, it’ll get better? The “profit” in war will be the political cronies. That’ll work as good as it did for education, and that’s going gangbusters, right?

==> I’m not a “talking head” or politician or Old Media. I’m a Ron Paul fan, anathema to Shadow Government. We cannot be accused of shilling for the richest. But socialism is a downhill slippery path to tyranny. There are over 100 million humans sacrificed in the 20th century to the god of government.

But. Socialist talking heads are indeed shills for the richest and most powerful clique of plutocrats on the planet. George Soros is no starving peasant, and he and his peers at the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, and a lot more, they fund armies of writers and journalists to write articles that praise socialism on 100s of web sites all over the Internet.

I found that out when I battled the lies in 2009 when Honduras asserted its freedom and sovereignty against the socialist-orchestrated attack on it, when the Obama administration joined Chavez in trying to force that country to put the dictator Zelaya back in, who was running his own auto-coup against his own government and against his republic, using fraud for cover. And 80% of Hondurans backed Micheletti against that Chavez-puppet demagogue.

International corporate juggernauts

May 27, 2013
George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A “return back to international corporate juggernauts” does not deserve the revisionist history heaped upon it. People’s real incomes increased leaps and bounds from 1850 to 1900 in the USA, before a faction of “international corporate juggernauts” began to yell about those (other) “international corporate juggernauts” and “we have to stop them!” and they started passing laws to stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”.


Except, of course, they told us they were “one of us” and they were “helping” us stop those (other) “international corporate juggernauts”. Pay no attention to billionaire George Soros‘ billions, he’s “helping” us by financing “Obama“, please don’t look at the money, pay attention to the rhetoric please.


“Right wing” and “left wing” are from the Doublespeak dictionary from this particular subset of a faction of “international corporate juggernauts”.


The de-salination machine example is good for the illustration of the principle. The “real-world” counter-example of state-funded technology development is an illustration of stealing your money to give it to somebody, but the greatest advantages of recent centuries have been from private initiatives. The telegraph, the steam engine, the telephone, radio, telescope, movable print, vacuum tubes, microchips, cell phones, plastics, air conditioning, the PC, all these things were developed with private initiatives, not the state. The state wastes valuable resources that could be used for production, diverting them to political priorities, or the whims of the guy who likes using money confiscated from your pocket for his own whims. “Scientific” or not. Haha. Like studying whether monkeys get high on marijuana. Thank you, but no refunds.


The libertarian philosophy does not consider state funding as “free market” friendly because it is theft from somebody else. Lower taxes only means the state bosses are stealing less money from you.


Forcing you to hire somebody at more than minimum wage is neither “free market” nor “fair”. A free market of labor gives the teenager and the less-intelligent among us a chance to work for a living and contribute to production. The minimum wage tells him to go pound sand. Don’t worry, we’ll steal it from somebody else and we’ll pay you to sit on your fanny. Or we’ll steal it from somebody else who might have paid you more, so we can “subsidize” your pay.

Learn more at….


Hoosier judge: Why do they hate Americans. Really?

May 11, 2013
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

DAVOS, 27JAN2010 – George Soros, Chair, Soros Fund Mgt, USA, at the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 1/27/2010 (Wikipedia)

The author talks like America’s actions in foreign countries today are the same as Americans, and that nobody in the world has any legitimate reason to oppose the American government’s policies.

Who was begging Obama to bomb and invade Libya with surrogate “rebels” recruited from the CIA-created Al Qaeda and guided by special forces on the ground? and overthrow Gaddafi? Almost nobody..

A lot of conservatives agreed with me during the misnomered “Arab Spring” that the cheering for it was misguided, be careful what you wish for, all that. And now, instead of Gaddafi, who gave away his nuclear program and officially confessed his past support for terrorism and renounced it before the entire world –THE SOLE AND ONLY MUSLIM LEADER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO HAS EVER DONE SO– is now gone, and replaced with one of the worst situations in the entire Middle East.

And now the NEW Libyan leader has EVERY reason in the world to HATE America for putting up with Susan Rice and the ANTI-AMERICANS IN THE WHITE HOUSE and in the State Department. They called him a liar and humiliated him before the world, and more importantly, before the Arab lands.

I know who DID demand Obama bomb and invade Libya and any other country in the world that he thinks doesn’t treat its people right, according to HIM, and that’s George Soros. He calls it the “duty to intervene”. This is one of the most blatant philosophies, pushed by very rich and powerful people with oversized political clout, pushing for wars of aggression everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Hondurans still love America, but not because they don’t have reason. American may have elected the guy in the White House who insulted them and lectured them on their own Constitution and why they should put the murderous dictator back in power, the piti-Chavez from the murderous family, whose name is notorious for the Los Horcones massacre of nuns and priests on his family’s property. Which he denies to this day.

Michael Scheuer, Number One OBL-hunter despite Hollywood’s revisionist movie on the story, answer the question of what makes them terrorists by saying “Because they don’t like the US bombing and invading their country”.

I told the leftist groupies in 2008 that Obama would continue the wars and add to them, he would make the Patriot Act worse than it was and pile on to it, and of course he did.

Warfare is cover for both parties to keep up the stealing and borrowing to finance both the welfare and the warfare state. Reality check.

The TRUTH about the Chavez auto-coup that fooled the world press

March 9, 2013
English: Honduran girls demonstrating against ...

English: Honduran girls demonstrating against Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s my 20 years of experience as a missionary in Latin America and living in Miami and being married to a wonderful lady from Honduras, plus my philosophy of liberty, provides some insight into the events in Venezuela, including the “coup” that has the attributes of an auto-coup engineered purge the armed forces and consolidate power.

That “coup” in Venezuela has all the attributes of an “auto-coup”.

To begin with, you have to remember that the “coup” started when Chavista political thugs fired on a million-person march that had been totally peaceful, KILLING at least a dozen people DEAD. He ordered the metro Caracas police away from the march to leave them exposed for this massacre.

Chavista politicians were recorded on video firing into the crowd. The Chavista-packed “courts” threw out all the murder charges in spite of the video, based on a flimsy whimsy excuse.

That’s not “anti-Americanism”, that’s MURDER.

Hondurans had their own Chavez-surrogate in dictator Manuel Zelaya, who led his own auto-COUP when he stopped obeying laws passed by Congress and defiantly disobeyed multiple court orders. He took international foreign aid and threw it into his own re-election president-for-life campaign. He was running a government that was totally outside the Honduran constitution, breaking all the records of corruption of before, even admitting to Jorge Ramos on the Univision cable channel that he had committed election fraud to get into the office.

Do not believe the lies. The CIA had nothing to do with getting Zelaya out of the Presidential Palace, which after his auto-coup that nobody understood to call it that, which it was, because a fully 85% of the Honduran population HATED his government by that time. They did NOT want to be like Venezuela or Cuba.

That made Hugo Chavez a NARCO-IMPERIALIST. Hundreds of drug planes have fallen in Honduran territory, and they all had Venezuelan registry.

All those demonstrators CNN liked to put on against the CONSTITUTIONAL Micheletti government? Bought and paid for. Chavez poured so many petro-dollars into Honduras for this fake movement that the Honduran currency, the lempira, went up TEN PERCENT against the dollar. The price kept going up for getting students into the street and manning barricades and blocking traffic.

So THE CHAVEZ AUTO-COUP DID WORK, AND IT DID WORK VERY WELL! Because it was a ruse to deceive military officers skeptical of the idea of stealing from the people to SAY they were giving to the poor, while Chavez created his own club of billionaires out of friends of his.

I realize that Aaron Russo said they planned on taking down Chavez, but he is no Gaddafi. It’s like a pack of wolves and a bear battling over who gets to eat the sheep.

It all has a George Soros stamp on it. He gave the keynote address to the summit of Caribbean and Central American presidents in the fall of 2008, where Zelaya was there and did some dinner and chit-chat with Chavez and Soros both.

And don’t forget, Chavez was no stranger to taking control by coup, as he engineered his own “coup that didn’t work”. Somebody put out a bio saying that what got him mad was orders to fire on Venezuelan citizens.

That’s a LIE, because he had no trouble backing up his own political thugs firing into the crowd during that fateful march in Caracas, and he had no trouble at all backing the FARC in their fight, despite their massacres of civilians in neighboring Colombia. Note that when FARC guerillas were caught on camera schmoozing it up with Venezuelan military officers on a base inside Venezuela, the Chavez government immediately ordered the journalist who discovered it to give up the whistleblower.

IF you support Bradley Manning, you should support that brave journalist in Venezuela.

She is also the one who exposed the Chavez plan to engineer a long series of killings in Honduras after the election there and to blame the murders on the Lobo “coup” government. It’s not a “coup” government in Honduras, but it sure is in Venezuela, where Chavez before, and his hand-picked successors now, do not even obey their own abusive constitution.

Hondurans have joined Cubans and Venezuelans in their gratitude that the demagogue dictator is out of the picture, even as they do not celebrate death per se. But they do not have a lot of hope.

God help us if libertarians get fooled by this narco-socialist or any other demagogue in the world. American libertarians are suffering from a lack of good information from other nations.

So let us remember. Demagogues and dictators come in any kind of label, whether “left” or “right” or “Islam” today.

George Soros and his Peers Use Socialism to Gain More Power and Control

December 8, 2012
English: The 2010 Heritage Foundation Index of...

English: The 2010 Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soros also sponsored Obama, so if you think Soros is cool for supposedly being against the Patriot Act, you are in favor of his control over he USA president and his shadowy meddling in nation’s affairs, and arranging coups that are made to look spontaneous people’s uprisings. It backfired on him in Honduras, thank God, but it works in a lot of places.

Obama may be neither “leftist” or “rightist”, but he is fascist/socialist. He is a figurehead for sponsors like Soros and his colleagues who are more reticent about being so well known.


“Socialist”: : one who advocates or practices socialism

According to the political definition that comes up at merriam-webster, Obama is certainly NOT a liberal. The definition reflects the classic and traditional definition of “liberal”, which has NOTHING to do with what Americans call “liberal”:

b capitalized : of or constituting a political party advocating or associated with the principles of political liberalism; especially : of or constituting a political party in the United Kingdom associated with ideals of individual especially economic freedom, greater individual participation in government, and constitutional, political, and administrative reforms designed to secure these objectives

American so-called “liberals” do NOT meet the definition. They do NOT respect individual economic freedom, and they are NOT in favor of individual participation in government, and they do NOT advocate reforms to achieve these noble goals.

Instead, the group known in America as “liberals” push and cajole for greater collective economic control at the expense of economic freedom.

They are against individual participation in government, they are in favor of ruling the collective in the name of the collective.

They are trained to groupthink instead of in terms of individuals, but the group identifications are selective as always has to happen in collective groupthink.

The Communist Party USA says Obama’s election was a “great victory” for the “people”.

Soros is not against the Patriot Act, because if he were, Obama would be against it. Soros likes it because it’s another propaganda point to use against the USA, because the USA and its rebellious individuals are resisting their subjugation to the New World Order. Americans don’t like being told wha to do.

The Democratic Party pretended to be against the Patriot Act, Obama spoke against the Patriot Act, but he has embraced it and expanded it and grown it on his own political soil.He loves it like his own pet monster.

And it’s financed by Soros and his fellow leftist control freaks. They control much more funding than all the rest of America could ever hope for. After all, they have had monopoly control over the currency printing machine for a hundred years now, picking winners and losers.

Liberty starts with ONE individual. Regulations are the best thing that ever happened to the corporate-government-media complex, it keeps down the Mom & Pops. The teenage ghetto girl that does a popular cornpone is shut down for selling her services to friends and neighbors. The family farm that does cheese in a wood vat is shut down. Go to jail for selling your cow’s milk to your neighbor even if you’re Amish!

Government meddling in economic affairs brings ruin to the poorest. The man who has to seek work discovers he has talents. The man who does not need to seek work will leave his (poor) peers worse off for the loss to us all.

The minimum wage hurts the poorest of the poor more than anyone. It hurts the smallest shop owner and the teenager he could have hired. A union demanding higher wages destroys the higher number of jobs there could be for the poorest among us who need them.

The answer from the intellectual authors of this control plan is to say we need more of these actoins that hurt the poor.

God has an answer for them.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.–Proverbs 29:2

Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.–Proverbs 21:13

Do you hear that, destroyers of the earth? Look to Revelation:

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. -Revelation 11:18

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.–Isaiah 1:18

90% bracket

September 8, 2012

Abusive taxation policies cheat the poor and mostly the middle class. Obama‘s own billionaire and Wall Street sponsors (how do you think he out-raised McCain in 2008?) like George Soros and the former CEO of Progressive Insurance, billionaire Peter Lewis, they help Congress write the tax laws together with their supposed “enemies”, other billionaires and Wall Street banksters, and their Wall Street-hatched buddies running the Federal Reserve print them all the money they need.

And the inflation that devalues the dollar for these fat cats means the housewife gets 10% of her grocery bill robbed right out of her hands just by their printing these “Federal Reserve Notes”.

And you thought they got rich by just cheating on taxes??!

Why are neither Romney NOR Obama talking about the Fed?

And consider. Does your next door neighbor have more than you? The most common excuse heard from robbers who burglar the mansions is, “They can afford it”. Even in a recent movie, the mastermind told the doubter the bank wasn’t going to lose anything, because the “FDIC insures it” all. (Since about a generation agone already, Memo to screenwriter: they insure one individual account per user up to only a hundred grand)

If you vote for taxes for you at 10% (or give me EIC$ back), and vote for taxes on a quarter-millionaire of 40%, what is fair about that? Said another way, if you tax a millionaire just because he’s a millionaire, and you’re not, explain to us how this is not “taxation without representation”.

End the Fed to help the poor and save the middle class and the economy

May 25, 2012
The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)

The Fed isn’t holding the gun, but it’s convenient for (1) the welfare advocates who increase their wealth and power with the help of the welfare votes and using welfare for cover for subsidies to their rich buddies, and for (2) the warfare advocates who increase their wealth and power by paying back their industry sponsors.

People have gone to prison for using something other than the U.S. dollar for currency. The Fed has a government-guaranteed monopoly.

If you “don’t understand is what Paul thinks ending the Fed will do about” the Fed as a “tool used by capitalist barons to increase their wealth at the expense of the only ones who still have some – the middle class” then you really should read up on his explanations.

You’re right, but the “tool” they use is inflation, which Ron Paul got Bernanke to admit is a “tax”. It’s a stealth tax and most people don’t understand how it works its magic, but it is literally killing our economy.

“Ending the Fed” means ending the private banking cartel control over the money supply. The wealth transfer that is killing the middle class is happening through several means. My advocacy of midget government that is afraid of the citizens rather than the other way around has extra humph because all governments tend to increase abuses of the poor with time.

There are three general ways in which certain of the powers-that-be transfer wealth from the middle class to support themselves. They all depend on government laws. An honest politician that wants to end the oppression of the poor by the rich-elite club and stop the assault on the middle class –and understands real-world economics– will not be bought.

(1) One method is direct taxation, including and most especially the so-called “progressive” income tax that in the real world hits the middle class the most, based on the claim that the government owns all your income and is the best decider on how much you get to keep and who they are stealing it for. (Stealing is taking property from John Doe with force or under threat of force, whether by an individual or a group).

The justification for taxation is often to make the rich pay “their fair share”, and the biggest mouths that advocate such talk (I call it “demagoguery”), they are either simply ignorant of what is best for the poor, or, they are part of those very despised billionaires and elite that very much understand how it works, and how they hurt the poor. I think George Soros, advocate of socialism, understands this well, witness how he increases his wealth using his own political organizations internationally.

(2) Another way the cartel of super-rich are eliminating the middle class is through heavy regulation. The claim is that regulations are needed to “protect” the poor from abuse, or to save the planet, or some other such claim.

The regulatory agencies in real life are no threat at all to the biggest corporations that they are supposed to regulate most, and when the fiat currency chickens come home to roost with the Fed’s manipulations, and they do get in trouble, they are infused with free fiat cash money (the big banks, the auto companies, European banks). The Fed is the money machine, the government-guaranteed money counterfeiter.

The FDA protects us from raw milk and shuts down small and mid-size family farms.

The Labor Department currently in power almost put in place a regulation that would forbid a farmer’s children from helping in the family farm.

The OSHA tells you to put loud beepers on your forklifts that blast away when backing up, but then the other OSHA agent comes in and tells you the workers need to wear earmuffs to protect them from the sound.

Farmers who created a small pond for their own reasons cannot fill it in when those reasons are gone.

My employer, a giant corporation, has no such trouble. They just got a freebie subsidy to buy natural gas trucks, for example, but for other regulations they have personnel specialized in all the little government irritations that make sure small businesses cannot overcome.

(3) The biggest theft in the history of the world is executed by the Federal Reserve, through inflation. People in government, if they are not incorruptible, facilitate this because they are among the first beneficiaries.

Inflation robs groceries from the housewife at the supermarket. It robs the middle class by increasing the price of doing business.

Inflation generally does not hurt the wealthy because the first infusion of fiat currency goes to them: From the Fed, to their “member banks” (the biggest ones), then their best customers (and biggest customers), and the best and biggest vendors to all of those.

And without an audit of the Fed, we don’t know who else they’re giving money to.

Not for nothing Jesus Christ made such a big deal over the money changers. A “false balance is an abomination” and that’s exactly what fiat currency does, through the inevitable inflation that it supports.

China is buying Iran’s oil with yuan partly because of the sanctions. But the decline of the American dollar has already started.

Gold and silver are not only the only constitutionally recognized medium for currency, they are commodities that do not depend on politicians or the rich for its worth.

The poor Tunisian man who is credited for starting the Arab uprisings is quoted by his brother as saying shortly before that, “The poor have a right to buy and sell, too!” Authorities had shut down his street vending. You know, regulations.

For monopolies to be real monopolies, they have to be enforced by government.

Ending fiat currency and letting people use whatever they please, or at least gold and silver instead, removes the power of the rich and powerful to use the stealth tax (and stealth theft) of inflation to pull the reverse Robin Hood.