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Libertarians vs. People Who Love to be Told What To Do

September 27, 2012
Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the other stuff.

>>You believe there should be no laws or regulations on drugs? legal or illegal?

Illegal: What is more dangerous? Drugs or the drug wars? Ron Paul questioned the audience at a debate once: If drugs were legalized today, would you rush to get heroin tomorrow? Why should we create an 1000% profit margin for the bad guys?

Legal: What good does it do? It creates an artificial barrier to (a) you getting the drugs you need because the supply is artificially and unfairly limited to keep up profits and help Big Pharma (Oh, you thought they were to stop big mean Pharma from poisoning you?) and (b) it makes the gullible consumers of government-approved media feel “safe” because good old Uncle Sam is “protecting” them.

>>(For instance, since Coca Cola would no longer need to accurately list their ingredients, an addition of some addicting agent, say, cocaine, would be OK with you?)

Do you have any reliable idea about what aspartame (approved by the FDA) does to you. Is that okay with you?

>>Since we are not going to be interfering with auto manufacturers, airbags would not need to be effective, or even installed.

And the Tuckermobile could have been the dominant auto today, still innovating, and who knows if we’d already have skyways instead of highways and skyports instead of carports…

>>You would rely on your church for providing your hospital care.

Like before LBJ messed it all up, and the Catholic hospital he worked at never turned away anybody for lack of money, and before billions of dollars pumped up the demand side of hospital care with free money from a bottomless payer. That payer confiscates whatever it can get and has a backup printing press when honest people run out of money.

My dad was a union welder and pastor, but the church was in one of the poorest neighborhoods in St. Louis, and

My life with a single, poor, Mom after the Dad left was not bereft of health care. Stitches in my jaw once when I fell, an infection, a family doctor that was

(1) affordable and

(2) had an office in a black area, full of sick folks, and

(3) I know he took care of a lot of people free. Free. Just like the our neighborhood lawyer, one Keifhauver or something like that, good man, he did pro bono all over the place for the poorest of us. Tried to help bad guys turn around, let them off near my Dad’s church, hoping they would wander in and change… Some do sometimes..

Everybody was a lot healthier then too. We didn’t see so many fat folks then. People ATE healthier food, didn’t get sick as much. Except for places in the world where government cronies confiscate their “fair share”.

>> Would you be in favor of dropping all highway speed limits?

Do you know how they set speed limits today? You think it’s experts judging “safe”? It’s REVENUE. Confiscation excuses. That’s why they love red light cameras. It’s revenues. And they hit the poor the worst, and we know you love that, because when health care is rationed, the rulers get the best care and poor get leftovers.

Some use a different method. They measure traffic speed on a road and set the limit at a high percentile, say 90 percentile, meaning whatever makes lawbreakers and gets revenue from 10% of the drivers.

Almost all people drive reasonably. There are private farms and roads and how often do you think people drive crazy on them?

>>State universities and colleges would be disbanded? Public education would be eliminated, and there would be no way of knowing how your hot dogs are made.

Speaking of hot dogs, that’s just a bunch of pure baloney. Best thing that could happen to education, and black folks and poor folks are demanding more charters, for a little bit more freedom.

Where would be today without the unfettered, unchained education of Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon and Michael Faraday? The Pilgrims made sure they had schools so the kids would be able to read the Bible. Literacy around 1900 was around 95% in the Protestant nations, about 80% in the Catholic countries, and 30% elsewhere.

St. Patrick led the entire island of Irish to Christ without government help and taught them to read and write without government help and they saved the Greek and Roman classics without government help and without robbing their neighbors like governments do. That’s right, Rome couldn’t help him because they were busy watching the Vandals and the Visigoths burn their books, including Augustine’s.

So when Charlemagne looked for somebody to bring learning back to his dominion, he looked north to the Irish and the British who had been infected by the Irish with education.

Christian schools produce graduates that score way better than the government schools, and home schoolers are walking home with the academic prizes and winning academic competitions and moot court debates in multiple times their numbers.

>> Unions could use secondary boycotts? Bribery of public officials would become SOP, and prostitutes can be recruited in the church Sunday Schools.

Unions are a racket the hurt the poorest of the poor, making the marginally employable into unemployable, and limiting productive activity that could raise all boats for everybody.

Bribery of public officials is done today, except it’s done in “legal” ways handled by the legislators, PLUS there’s no way or reason to bribe a government official that doesn’t exist. You have to bribe somebody in the free market instead by offering him something of real value.

Prostitutes won’t be looking in Sunday schools for their john’s, they’ll wait till the guys are away from their wives and their Moms, just like today.

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