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Systematic House-to-House Raids in Locked-Down Watertown, Massachusetts – YouTube

April 28, 2013

CRW_2588 (Photo credit: StArHaCkT)

The brutally overdone caricature of “peacemaking” in Boston and the non-stop news coverage also covered up a 20-year anniversary of another scene of mad police state overplay, the atrocity in Waco, Texas, when the FBI pumped the buildings full of “poisonous, flammable” CS gas –that’s NOT a “form of tear gas” like the Liars Media reported it–
it’s a chemical warfare weapon that was used in Vietnam to knock out the enemy in tunnels without them knowing what hit them, and then to light it all up with a match.

And after they pumped it full they used tank-mounted blowtorches to set it off in the windiest day of the year, the day they chose to mount the attack. Nobody was allowed to escape.

And Janet Reno —Bill Clinton too– said they were using the poisonous gas attacks on the children hoping the mothers’ maternal instincts would take over and they would run out with their children. Murderous, demonic monsters. “Operation Showtime“, really?

How were they going to do that, with the (filmed) bullets flying at this home? (Survivors reported that there were bullets that kept them from fleeing. The attackers’ own video shows the infrared signatures of firearms bursting rounds from the tanks into the building.

Fort Hood is a “compound”. Surrounding the the Davidian property was a military style “compound” laying siege to the people inside. The Branch Davidian property was a collection of homes.

Rules of Engagement (2 hours 15 minutes and worth it):


My promise to Newtown parents: Defend the right to defend the children

January 16, 2013
English: Honduran girls demonstrating against ...

English: Honduran girls demonstrating against Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got a well-meaning email from a friend that was a pass-it-along plea originating from the new group of parents of the deceased in Newtown. They are asking for a promise to support “common sense solutions that make our community and nation safer from similar acts of violence. This is my reply.

The problem with this theme in the media is that the whole conversation has revolved around the citizen disarmament issue, instead of “What is wrong with us, what is wrong with our society”. I do honor the memory, but I fear that the measures being discussed to supposedly make us safer are only going to make us more vulnerable to much greater dangers. I cannot sign such a promise –these days especially– before I know how it will be used. And by the way, “common sense solutions” of all kinds are all over the air waves and cable channels without end, and most of the time the phrase is associated with the roads of good intentions but that are not well thought-out.

As the son of a late son (who left us in December 2011) and husband of a mother who saved her own son from a kidnapping many years agone when she had to use her own concealed carry, I will remember those victims. My wife is from a country now known for having one of the highest murder rates in the world. A lot of the crime is from the Venezuela-connected traffickers that tried to overthrow the Constitution in 2009 with narco-socialist dictator Manuel Zelaya who was ousted from his illegitimate power grab by court-ordered arrest and a constitutional transfer of power.

In Honduras, the street gangs for awhile were making bombs in their basements, and they make their own home-fashioned weapons that pack a powerful punch. While even the Justice Department-ATF was caught running guns to the drug gangs, weapons are always gone missing from military inventories. You think they want you to know that?

Like I said, I will remember those victims and avoid a repeat. It’s impossible to prevent it 100% but the most effective defense against an incident like the one in Newtown is to do what Israel does, and allow responsible staff and faculty to defend themselves in such a case, and defend their right to do so.

In Israel, there people with arms everywhere, and servicemen and women and those who have arms get jail sentences if they do not keep them on their person at all times. A granny stopped a shoot-up at a mall once by firing back.

These parents do want to stop the senseless killings. The shooter chose to go to a gun-free zone instead of a police station or a shooting range where people go for target practice. The shooter in Aurora avoided seven other theaters in his area, including one much closer to his home, and went to the one theater that bans firearms from it premises.

In that theater there was at least one active serviceman who took the bullet (and died) for his girlfriend. If he had been able to have his protection with him, he may have been able to save more than his girlfriend. There was at least one former serviceman there too, who could not shoot back.

At Fort Hood, the theater where that one occurred was full of guys that knew how to use theirs, but were prohibited from carrying them inside.

The kidnapper had made his threat and was walking away with my wife’s oldest son from the bus stop, a child at the time, and my wife pulled out her own and pointed it and that was the end of the kidnapping.

Another Navy man I met once helped his black buddy protect the grocery store the buddy’s Mom owned during a Liberty City riot in Miami. Both of them were on the roof with their equipment.

But aside from the personal scale, or even the scale of a school, consider that the worst thing that could happen to a child is what happened to tens of millions of children along with their parents around the world in the 20th century in the months after laws were passed and enforced that disarmed those victims. Armenians in Turkey; Ukrainians in the Soviet Union; Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, dissident Christians in Germany, professionals and half the population in Cambodia, and sixty million Chinese. Not to mention the gun laws in the United States that banned ownership by blacks and mulattos in the South during and after slavery days, and the disarming of Indian tribes.

If one person had shot back at the shooter, would they be in trouble?

July 21, 2012
CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) members swi...

CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) members swing down Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, toward 69th St. ferry on trek to Washington / World Telegram & Sun photo by O. Fernandez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There go the control freaks again, who don’t live in a dangerous neighborhood and don’t care about people who live in them that want to defend themselves.

The NYT got a movie critic to jump on this story and give gun control freaks something to chew on before their brains got in gear:

“In theory, the citizenry needs to defend itself. Not a single person at the Aurora, Colo., theater shot back, but the theory will still be defended.”–Egbert, movie critic, clueless gun ban advocate

Hey Egbert! What a line. Here’s a fact, not a theory: The only guy allowed guns in the theater that day was the killer. The bad guy. Cinemark prohibits guns inside, one commenter said he was turned away one day for carrying.

Hey Egbert! Not a theory: Aurora bans concealed carry, Cinemark bans guns, and as a result

You just shot yourself in the foot, you could say. We should want somebody to shoot back.

Oh and to prove to us that he’s right, he shot himself in the foot again, and showed that only nice big rich white liberals that have enough money to live in the safest neighborhoods really don’t care about the people who cannot afford to move there but still need to defend themselves:

I was sitting in a Chicago bar one night with my friend McHugh when a guy from down the street came in and let us see that he was packing heat.

“Why do you need to carry a gun?” McHugh asked him.

“I live in a dangerous neighborhood.”

“It would be safer if you moved.”

Oh, but don’t call him racist, no matter that CORE yells at people like that to let them have the means to defend themselves AND to leave the bad guys guessing about who might shoot back. (That’s CORE for Congress of Racial Equality, a civil rights group that was at the thick of the movement in the 1960’s).

Like they say in amicus briefs like in this lawsuit against Sand Diego’s harsh disarming law:

It costs twice as much to live in a safe neighborhood here in Miami-Dade than in Liberty City or Overtown, the highest crime areas in South Florida. Some people there cannot afford to move out. But wise-ass rich white guy Egbert, wants to take guns from blacks too.

Let’s see what he says to Condi Rice, who might not even be here if her Dad had not used his big gun to chase away some evil white guys when she was a little girl, eh? How about “Just move” to him, eh? The gun didn’t help, you say?

The Congress of Racial Equality filed an amicus in a lawsuit challenging unconstitutional abridgement on CCS policies in San Diego:

Blacks need to defend themselves too. “In theory”.

Not one person shot back, and that’s why so many got shot, same as in the movie theater at Fort Hood full of disarmed soldiers.

A team of four or five Palestinians once went into a shopping center in Israel, started shooting everybody in sight, until a Granny pulled out hers and shot back, wounding a couple of them. It stopped them cold. The wounded bad guy said in the ambulance they didn’t expect anybody to shoot back. It was just a few days after Israel legalized concealed carry.

If anybody should “worry” about concealed carry, it’s Israel, don’t you think?

And then there’s the time my wife was on the bus tour through Central America with her now ex-husband. There was a road block by a gang that had guys hidden in the bush, and they were stopping everybody and keeping the loot. It could have been former Contras, or former Sandinistas, the peace had been signed months before.

True story. They threw their passports outside, because diplomatic passports are kidnapper bait. But there was a guy in a Pepsi delivery truck nearby, and they heard the guy say, “Well, not for nothing a brought this!” And he pulled out his (great big) gun and started shooting at the guys taking the loot from the front.

At that a lady in a car nearby got hers out and started shooting and pretty soon they were shooting back at the guys in the bushes too. The bus waited for my now wife to get the passports and they took off on down the road but it was a full-blast shoot-out by then.

Egbert doesn’t know from logic. “in theory” people should be able to defend themselves. Maybe “in theory” Egbert should be able to defend himself, or what do you think?

The circle of madness. Egbert closes it with his own madness. “Them that love death”.