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$16 Trillion Giveaway

November 21, 2012

Campaign for Liberty

After nearly 30 years of fighting the out-of-control Federal Reserve in Washington, my time in Congress is rapidly coming to an end. But what a way to go out!

I am so pleased to tell you about what could be the crowning achievement of my legislative efforts – passing Audit the Fed and exposing its corruption of our money supply and economy.

Earlier this year, my “Audit the Fed” bill passed the House 327 to 98 and had a record number of cosponsors in the Senate.

And because of its overwhelming popularity, Audit the Fed has been added as an official plank of the Republican Party platform.

Our chances of passing Audit the Fed are the best they’ve ever been.

You and I can make history – and help change the course of the country – by passing Audit the Fed through Congress.

Please take a look at the email below from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate for more details.

Campaign for Liberty is on the frontlines of this battle, so I am personally asking you to help them finish this fight with an incredible victory.

Afterwards, please forward this email to your friends and family.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul