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End the Fed to help the poor and save the middle class and the economy

May 25, 2012
The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History

The Federal Reserve: The Biggest Scam In History (Photo credit: CityGypsy11)

The Fed isn’t holding the gun, but it’s convenient for (1) the welfare advocates who increase their wealth and power with the help of the welfare votes and using welfare for cover for subsidies to their rich buddies, and for (2) the warfare advocates who increase their wealth and power by paying back their industry sponsors.

People have gone to prison for using something other than the U.S. dollar for currency. The Fed has a government-guaranteed monopoly.

If you “don’t understand is what Paul thinks ending the Fed will do about” the Fed as a “tool used by capitalist barons to increase their wealth at the expense of the only ones who still have some – the middle class” then you really should read up on his explanations.

You’re right, but the “tool” they use is inflation, which Ron Paul got Bernanke to admit is a “tax”. It’s a stealth tax and most people don’t understand how it works its magic, but it is literally killing our economy.

“Ending the Fed” means ending the private banking cartel control over the money supply. The wealth transfer that is killing the middle class is happening through several means. My advocacy of midget government that is afraid of the citizens rather than the other way around has extra humph because all governments tend to increase abuses of the poor with time.

There are three general ways in which certain of the powers-that-be transfer wealth from the middle class to support themselves. They all depend on government laws. An honest politician that wants to end the oppression of the poor by the rich-elite club and stop the assault on the middle class –and understands real-world economics– will not be bought.

(1) One method is direct taxation, including and most especially the so-called “progressive” income tax that in the real world hits the middle class the most, based on the claim that the government owns all your income and is the best decider on how much you get to keep and who they are stealing it for. (Stealing is taking property from John Doe with force or under threat of force, whether by an individual or a group).

The justification for taxation is often to make the rich pay “their fair share”, and the biggest mouths that advocate such talk (I call it “demagoguery”), they are either simply ignorant of what is best for the poor, or, they are part of those very despised billionaires and elite that very much understand how it works, and how they hurt the poor. I think George Soros, advocate of socialism, understands this well, witness how he increases his wealth using his own political organizations internationally.

(2) Another way the cartel of super-rich are eliminating the middle class is through heavy regulation. The claim is that regulations are needed to “protect” the poor from abuse, or to save the planet, or some other such claim.

The regulatory agencies in real life are no threat at all to the biggest corporations that they are supposed to regulate most, and when the fiat currency chickens come home to roost with the Fed’s manipulations, and they do get in trouble, they are infused with free fiat cash money (the big banks, the auto companies, European banks). The Fed is the money machine, the government-guaranteed money counterfeiter.

The FDA protects us from raw milk and shuts down small and mid-size family farms.

The Labor Department currently in power almost put in place a regulation that would forbid a farmer’s children from helping in the family farm.

The OSHA tells you to put loud beepers on your forklifts that blast away when backing up, but then the other OSHA agent comes in and tells you the workers need to wear earmuffs to protect them from the sound.

Farmers who created a small pond for their own reasons cannot fill it in when those reasons are gone.

My employer, a giant corporation, has no such trouble. They just got a freebie subsidy to buy natural gas trucks, for example, but for other regulations they have personnel specialized in all the little government irritations that make sure small businesses cannot overcome.

(3) The biggest theft in the history of the world is executed by the Federal Reserve, through inflation. People in government, if they are not incorruptible, facilitate this because they are among the first beneficiaries.

Inflation robs groceries from the housewife at the supermarket. It robs the middle class by increasing the price of doing business.

Inflation generally does not hurt the wealthy because the first infusion of fiat currency goes to them: From the Fed, to their “member banks” (the biggest ones), then their best customers (and biggest customers), and the best and biggest vendors to all of those.

And without an audit of the Fed, we don’t know who else they’re giving money to.

Not for nothing Jesus Christ made such a big deal over the money changers. A “false balance is an abomination” and that’s exactly what fiat currency does, through the inevitable inflation that it supports.

China is buying Iran’s oil with yuan partly because of the sanctions. But the decline of the American dollar has already started.

Gold and silver are not only the only constitutionally recognized medium for currency, they are commodities that do not depend on politicians or the rich for its worth.

The poor Tunisian man who is credited for starting the Arab uprisings is quoted by his brother as saying shortly before that, “The poor have a right to buy and sell, too!” Authorities had shut down his street vending. You know, regulations.

For monopolies to be real monopolies, they have to be enforced by government.

Ending fiat currency and letting people use whatever they please, or at least gold and silver instead, removes the power of the rich and powerful to use the stealth tax (and stealth theft) of inflation to pull the reverse Robin Hood.


Demagogues, and how the Fed and the income tax rob from the poor and middle class

February 27, 2012

High tax rates in the upper income brackets allow politicians to win votes with class-warfare rhetoric, painting their opponents as defenders of the rich. Meanwhile, the same politicians can win donations from the rich by creating tax loopholes that can keep the rich from actually paying those higher tax rates — or perhaps any taxes at all.”

This is why fiat currency is the road to ruin. Even when the Fed does what their publicly stated purpose is to stabilize the dollar and maintain full employment, but they have a whole list now of other functions. Like being clearinghouse for inter-bank loans and balance reconciliation, and other things.

Here’s the difference between fiat and independent currency. If the politicians had to deal with real genuine money, with independent value, they couldn’t get enough to do what they want to do, it would be a lot harder to do it. So it’s easier to “borrow” it from the Fed, which is glad to create an accounting entry in the Treasury for, say a trillion dollars, add the trillion dollars to its “receivables” and start the interest clock, and voila the taxpayer has been had.

Not only is he on hock for future income to repay it (or his children) but assuming the cycle just continues and rolls over into another loan, it’s still more money circulating.

Meantime they had to couple that with the income tax. That way the same politicians can pretend they’re robbing the rich when in fact they’re robbing the poor and middle class. They can also pretend they’re helping the poor with that deficit money (never money they’re putting money in one pocket and taking the value right out of the other one by just “printing” money), while in fact the poor are paying taxes at gas pumps, in their rent, and in the INCOME THEY DO NOT MAKE because the income tax is swallowing up the extra dough in the money supply and circulating it in federal budgets.

And then the tighter regulations on banks to act rationally is acting to shrink up the M3 money supply.

The Fed hasn’t published M3 figures for years, saying it’s too “complicated”, but more likely they know the sheer size would scare Americans into giving the most massive political beating to their politicians in history.

It’s too complicated to calculate the money supply but Washington claims they can manage the economy??

Aaron Task writes disinformation spin for the Fed

January 26, 2012

Here’s where his article appears at yahoo:

No, the Fed Does NOT ‘Print Money’: Just Explain It:

This is from the “Give Me A Break” Department.

In the third paragraph, the guy couldn’t help but let slip why they are publishing this article now, probably setting the stage for a bit of another illusionist’s deceit it their bag of tricks to save the rigging somebody apparently set up for the election.

All you guys who are in your first class of Economics and Finance They Never Taught You in School, who are asking “what somebody?”, either keep your dial tuned to this station, or, just simply Follow The Money!

Hey! When Ron Paul talks about “printing money“, everybody that supports him ALREADY KNOWS he’s talking about MONEY SUPPLY, not printing presses!


In fact, Ron Paul took note during a congressional hearing once that the Fed has stopped publishing their estimates of what they call “M3 money supply” which Aaron Task knows is more what Ron Paul is talking about when he says “printing money”, saying they could not estimate the figure anymore with sufficient accuracy. Ron Paul rightly observed that it’s a good guess that their real reason is that Americans would be shocked at the figures.

All the manipulations that Mr. Task listed that the Fed does to control the real money supply, that is what they do.

BUT HERE IS WHAT AARON TASK DELIBERATELY LEFT OUT, because I think he knows a little more than he is explaining, so I will “just explain it”.

The Fed DOES put out dollars in circulation now with electronic entries authorities by the selected persons at the Fed, and Quantitative Easing is exactly what is meant by “printing money”, meaning putting dollars into the money supply (now mostly electronic transfers anyway), which has the same effect as printing press dollar production, only worse and faster.

If buyers around the world were not eating up all this cash by using it to buy Treasury Bonds and other means, the dollar would have crashed a long time ago.

The big money players around the world have lost confidence in the stability of the dollar, and the “full faith and credit of the United States” has lost its polish, and even the guys in charge of the American economy (the administration) and the guys in charge of manipulating our money (the Fed) and the central banks around the world, have said they need to study a transition to another worldwide currency.

But they are already married to the dollar, they have gobs and gobs of dollars, and they want to get their money’s worth, so they are riding out the dollar, this “green paper pig”, a  balloon they know is about to go bust, while they work out how to do it. And whatever deal they cut, we all know that what they have in mind is making Americans pay, the American economy. They may market it here in the USA as a “tax on the rich”, but they know it will be our blood, sweat and tears they will  require.

The only presidential candidate telling the truth to the American people about all this is of course RON PAUL. The detractors are committing big sins of omission, in what they are NOT saying, what they are hiding from you. (Here’s looking at YOU, Aaron Task).

And the truth is, that every increase in the money supply is grand theft larceny from the pockets of the poor and the middle class. That’s inflation, a word that does not do justice to the value it robs from the dollars the poor use to buy food and gasoline and pay rent. This is the kind of deceitful theft that the Bible calls a “false balance”. The “false balance” was what merchants of old used to cheat their customers, like pretending they were selling you a pound of wheat when the stone they used in the balance was actually lighter than a pound and the buyer was getting less that he was told.

Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.” (Proverbs 11:1).

John 8:32  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.