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Ah yes, lets privatize. That’ll work best. Yes indeedy!

December 11, 2013

Detroit Skyline from the Cultural Center [A630...

Detroit Skyline from the Cultural Center [A630-2194] (Photo credit: Juan N Only)

Detroit is absolutely bankrupt. The city faces a cash shortfall of more than $100 million by June 30. Long-term liabilities, including pensions, exceed $14 billion. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder wants to bail out Detroit’s city government even further. Thanks to the financial situation of Detroit, emergency services like police and fire departments are being severely cut short. 911 is only taking calls during business hours. Homes have been abandoned making parts of the city look like a ghost town.

If our public servants are right and wouldn’t dare lie and try to scare us, then chaos, anarchy and lawlessness should reign in Detroit now, right? Well, not exactly.

They take an approach opposite to the SWAT-heavy inclinations of government law enforcement. There is the private Detroit Bus Company, flourishing.

Some private citizens wanted to do a good deed, and at the bus stops where they have long waits for the government bus lines, they built shelters and bookshelves. Government said it was “unapproved” and took them down. Local city-grown gardens defy Big Agriculture, and they are meeting without permits..

Detroit’s city government may be in shambles financially, but the citizens of Detroit are showing what happens when people are given their liberty back. For centuries, libertarians have been arguing for strict limits on state power, the benefits of private, civic society, and the bottom-up, spontaneous order that arises where free markets and voluntary interactions dominate. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so scared and sicken with political Stockholm Syndrome the next time politicos fear-monger over budgets cuts.


Who Really Betrayed Detroit?




Maryanne Goldboldo, New Civil Rights Hero

September 29, 2013

This is what’s wrong with Big Brother Command Center medicine:

Rob Cunningham’s has a good idea:!

Here’s a local Detroit story about the new national hero Maryanne Goldboldo:

She got news by barricading herself in her home for something like 13 hours to protect her daughter from the state Family and Children’s department seizure of her daughter because she stopped giving her daughter the meds that were making her daughter violent. She reports that there are a number of lawsuits in progress against the maker of the particular drug they were giving her daughter.

Sometimes I think maybe my son’s worst episodes came after the drugs instead of the other way around. It’s hard to tell. Some of them made him shake.

I knew a woman once that behaved perfectly normal as long as she took her lithium, and went baffy one day when she didn’t take it. I decided then that some causes of mental conditions were physical rather than spiritual (although the spiritual affects the physical in every way as well).

But in her case, the last I heard, she had later weaned off the medicines and was living a life free of them and as a good “normal” housewife with children with a husband she had married.

With faith, all things are possible.

Free speech is a natural right

January 31, 2012
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Arresting Christians costs U.S. city $100,000:

The judge ruled properly here. When police powers are abused beyond those permitted by the natural rights listed in the Bill of Rights, there should be some kind of punitive remedy.

A judge in Detroit has ruled that the decision by police in neighboring Dearborn to arrest a Christian pastor who wanted to hand out Christian tracts at the city’s Arab fest in 2009 will cost the city some $100,000.

That’s the decision following a request from the pastor’s attorneys that the losing side in the First Amendment argument over expressing religious perspectives on city streets be required to pay them for their work on behalf of Christian Pastor George Saieg.

Magistrate Judge R. Steven Whalen said his recommendation for fees and costs totaling $103,401.96 be awarded in the case that was handled by attorney Robert J. Muise.

Of course the problem is that one must vote for people one trusts, BUT then one must keep their feet to the fire to make sure they respect the proper boundaries.