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Crashes of Convenience and Obama’s “War on Journalism”: Michael Hastings

July 7, 2013

Michael Hastings: an honest gadfly

Corbett delivers a lot of video clips about him. He shows no mercy to Obama‘s journalistic sycophants.

One neighbor said it was “like a bomb went off”, rattled her windows and the floor shook. The engine was thrown way down the street. Corbett says Hastings did not imbibe alcohol for the last 10 years but at least was not a drunk. He was working on a hot story, a dangerous story according to revelations that the FBI was investigating him. He had to go “under the radar” for awhile he said in one email. A friend says in interview on FNC that he “drives like a Grandma”.

One FNC journalist said in an interview with a friend of Hastings that “The only reason we are covering this story is because it has gotten so much attention on the Internet“.

DARPA Program Manager Dr. Kathleen Fisher is shown talking about car hacking, including one car set to Park that was running at 145 miles an hour.


Government created the Internet as we have it today?! Oh yeah?

September 3, 2012


English: Portrait of Antonio Gramsci around 30...

English: Portrait of Antonio Gramsci around 30 in the early 20s Français : Portrait d’Antonio Gramsci, vers 30 ans, au début des années 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This is what Lenin meant by “useful idiots” and this is what Saul Alinsky‘s teacher Gramsci meant by destroying capitalism by getting those “useful idiots” to bankrupt its governments by making them spend too much money and drying up the private sector.


The private network of networks was already in formation, you had the online computer services like AOL, Prodigy and thousands of independent bulletin boards, and it would have/could have formed a network by sheer commercial necessity, because that is exactly what has made it successful in the real world.


Without private investment, ARPA would have stayed as it was already.


Standards and “cooperation” OF COURSE happen without government involvement, ALL THE TIME, when they leave it alone.


Government didn’t invent inches and feet, or pounds and miles per hour. There are private and NGO standards organizations too.


The existence of the DARPA network simply made a convenient center to coalesce around, and the fact that government had infused money into it attracted commercial interests away from the natural organic network that could have evolved independently.


Saying the government “created” the Internet is like saying the Federal Communications Commission “created” the cell phone network in the country.


It’s like saying the federal government “created” the telephone network we have today when it gave AT&T the phone monopoly in the early 20th century.


Or acting like there was no way we could have had a decent telecommunications system if the federal government had not legalized that monopoly. It’s ridiculous.


Free market innovation finds a way when it is allowed to.


As soon as government restrictions were lifted, commercial interests saw dollar signs in their eyes, and it was a ready-made network of organizations with money, so of course investors made it grow.



FOIA release names “spy” printers – Miami Springs: SpringyLeaks

May 24, 2012

Now we find out that all the major printer manufacturers include microscopic dot patterns that not only reveal what machine it’s printed on, but a DARPA “reverse shredding” challenge reveals what was on a shredded document:

The best advice for destroying documents, it seems, is to just burn them.

Through this secret technology, government now has violated our constitutionally recognized (the Constitution does not create rights, it recognizes them) right to be “secure” in our homes, papers, effects, and person, and property.

And these giant corporations have willingly cooperated with these secret demands of federal agencies, to open up our confidential communications wide to them, with no need for warrants.

It’s time to start challenging these corporations for this kind of acquiescence to totalitarianism by steps.

No wonder all the Big Government Money-Changer-coddling professional politicians love, just love, to make the world safe for the mega-corporations by “protecting” us with all kinds of regulations and rules that tangle up the Mom and Pops in knots and red tape. And raids on small farmers to stop selling raw milk, and raids on corporations that don’t go along so much like Gibson Guitars.

Next up might be raids on the Koch brothers for their support for ideas and candidates that want to cut back on government obstacles protecting the Too-Big-to-Fail mega-corps from free enterprise upstarts.

Give peace a chance. Give the poor a chance.