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Mayor Daley and Guns

May 23, 2010

Somebody posted a stupid email that says Hillary signed a UN treaty, then it goes on to state some truths about Obama and company wanting to confiscate all arms from citizens.

It was no doubt originated by stealth disinformation agents. I smelled fraud when it said “Hillary signed the small arms treaty with the UN”. It is a concoction no doubt by George Soros agents who figured they could get this thing passed around so they could have another “conspiracy nut” thing to use to beat up on people who object to federal government tyranny and arms confiscation.

This helps gun-control fanatics to feel smug and proud in comparison to the gullible. The evil irony is that the gullible ones are those who trust their lives to the “socialist” plutocracy in DC, and have a self-destructive impulse to turn in their last resort of defense against crime and tyranny.

Where I live the cops get to a call within one or two minutes. Try that in the worst areas of New York. The best response I’ve heard of was one I saw with these two eyes. We were staying in a motel in Phoenix, in transit, and one day a “hard guy” and a biker started battling. It was slow motion because one of them was so drunk the other guy blew on him and he fell. Finally the biker’s girlfriend broke a bottle and I’m wondering about guns.

The poor gal in the motel office refused to call the cops. Not the most elegant clientele, everybody in the motel was watching the show. I walked next door to the 7-11, called the cops, and told them there were “bikers” fighting at so-and-so motel.

I think I said “two” bikers, but before I even got to the sidewalk to go back, it looked like the entire Phoenix police force had showed up, there was literally, without exaggeration, about fifty cars there.

The manager of the place was off somewhere else. He would have done something. He walked around with a gun strapped to his side, and he told me the cops said it was a good idea.

It’s only the kiss-behind political types like some police chiefs in big cities that preach gun control, like this idiot Daley. Idiot because it’s idiotic to think banning firearms this is the answer to gun crime. Maybe we need a sidearm for protection against him and his sidekicks, sounds like…