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Ron Paul, Military Spending and Wars, the Fed, and Israel

July 9, 2013
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often do lies and deceitful spin from Old Media get repeated before the Truth overcomes it?

Ron Paul voted consistently NO whenever he thought a bill was unconstitutional. The problem was that Congress almost NEVER offers a constitutional bill anymore. 30 years of no compromise with Crony Capitalism, no payoffs, straight up. Incorruptible. The ONLY one for 30 years. What more do we want?

Anything less IS compromise. And with the self-enforcing culture of corruption in Congress, forget persuading them! And he convinced the people that matter. For his efforts, the ideological yoke of socialist lies over the youth of America has been broken and they have joined on to the new Liberty Revolution, it’s a Love Revolution, steps toward a consciousness of Golden Rule society, freedom.


The military interventions overseas have yielded ZERO benefits for the USA and ZERO benefits for the victims of those interventions. Contrary to the Lying Sniveling Hissing Old Media, Ron Paul did NOT want to completely dismantle the military, and he even wanted to keep some nuclear submarines going I believe.

Isolationist? Snort! Another lie! Commerce with all nations, entanglements with none. It worked the first 150 of our years, and drove the Industrial Revolution here and with a domestic free market allowed the USA to become the biggest economy of the world.

ISRAEL? The US gives FOUR TIMES as much foreign aid to Israel’s enemies than it does to Israel. Ending ALL of it would be a favor to Israel. The USA has only been a ball and chain holding Israel back. Set them free! (Google Settlers of Samaria and Israel)

And we need more people yelling about the root of the problems, like the Federal Reserve money changers, fiat currency, endless unconstitutional war making, the new declaration by the Obama administration that they now only get war-making orders and permission from the UN not the American people, and the outrageous NSA spying, the criminal presidential kill orders! Compromise for 100 years has NOT worked! Never worked! Time to put backbone to conviction and yell the truth from the treetops!



Questions about free trade, capitalism, alternative energy

September 3, 2012
English: Number of corporations that control n...

English: Number of corporations that control nearly all U.S. media (through time) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q: As to truly free trade: Are you OK with government and corporations working together freely to deny entry to competitors?
A. “Government and corporations working together freely to deny entry to competitors” is called “crony capitalism“. Almost all of the worst abuses perpetrated by the people who run big corporations are done by “rent seeking” practices, meaning special favors for specific groups or corporations.

Like the legislation that creates regulatory agencies that decide what products corporations can make, or sell, and make decisions specific to specific entities. Legislators or regulators that decide what groups get the breaks.

Q: Are you OK with the Oil Companies buying up the alternative fuel market and shutting it down?
A: Oil companies haven’t “bought up” the “alternative fuel market” and shut it down. Solar and wind simply have not reached the economic viability of oil.

Some of them have abused the patent system and sat on patents but almost all corporate abuses have occurred because the government has interfered in markets or incentivized rent-seeking. The Big Three were able to shut down the Tuckermobile, for example, ONLY because compliant corrupt cronies in GOVERNMENT were glad to abuse their power.

As to the “alternative fuel market”, enviro-fanatics are doing what they’re told to stop natural gas exploitation. Idiot pop science like the “fracking” protests to cover the crony capitalist rent-seeking roots of the enviro-wacko “movement” –bought and paid for by billionaires’ tax-free “foundations”– those are the blood-sucking vampires draining the life out of the economy along with all the other rent-seeking parasites, corporate and collective.

HERE WE EXPOSE THE ENVIRO-BOSSES: Why aren’t all these activists, so concerned as they say they are with carbon, why aren’t they yelling for research into the REAL new alternative energy, the ULTIMATE in CLEAN energy:

Hey! The corporation is just another collective, after all. Union bosses compete with corporate execs on salary levels, dontcha know. The Bolshevik bosses are not luxury slouches you know. The crown king of North Korea has his own fleet of sports cars. (Who said absolute monarchies are history?) The caudillo dictator of Venezuela has his fleet of sports cars and SUV‘s too….

The only “shutting down” of any energy industry going on is government interference in the market.

Q: Are you OK with speculators cornering markets and driving up prices?
A: Do you complain when speculators drive DOWN prices? Speculators STABILIZE prices, they take the risks of price fluctuation.

Point your eyes to the Federal Reserve and put your ear to the wall and listen to the guys who are the ones who in the real world “drive up prices”. It’s called inflation, almost a euphemism now for currency devaluation. That’s how the richest and dirtiest of the Wall Street bankers subset ROB your pocket by driving up prices on everything in general.

The desk jockeys in D.C. that decide how to calculate the CPI (consumer price index) to cover up how bad inflation is, those guys are complicit, along with the SS administration that lets inflation get ahead of seniors checks.

Q: Are you OK with banks driving up rates and fees so that your credit cards, checking accounts, and mortgages have onerous fine print and exorbitant rates and fees?
A: Government intervention makes it all worse, and fiat government-dictated currency monopolies make the worst practices possible. The U.S. has a crony-capitalist (crony-banking) bank-owned and bank-operated currency monopoly, guaranteed by a paid cronies in Congress and the compliant federal courts.

Are you in favor of the current private-banking monopoly over your currency?