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Mainstream Media Corruption

May 17, 2017
Turns out now there is a private investigator looking into the Seth Rich murder. The PI’s services are paid by an anonymous donor and reports his results to the family, reportedly.

Seth’s family is denying it through a spokesman. The spokesman is ” none other than Democrat crisis PR consultant Brad Bauman” of the Pastorum Group. (Who’s paying for him).

Another anonymous FBI source says Seth Rich exchanged emails with Gavin MacFadyen, a reporter and film director and former Wikileaks director. The source says Seth Rich sent MacFadyen 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments collected from exchanges among other DNC staffers.

That is from the FBI forensic report, according to the source.

In a capital beset by gangs and murders and muggings, Seth was gunned down by two men caught on a grainy store video and fled without robbing anything, leaving cash and jewelry on his person, apparently taking nothing.

Message delivered for persons on the “wrong’ end of whistleblowing, exposing wickedness in high places.



Footage that kills the conspiracy theories: Rare footage shows WTC 7 consumed by fire | Mail Online

November 5, 2011

“The lady protests too much, me thinks”:

Footage that kills the conspiracy theories: Rare footage shows WTC 7 consumed by fire | Mail Online:

Au contraire, friend. “Rare footage” my behind! “Newly released” it says. “Proves once and for all”, they say.

What it means is: “The lady protests too much, me thinks”.

They keep on trotting out old stuff like it was new stuff and repeating the mantra. Don’t look there, look over here.

Yawn. Like we didn’t all already know there was a lot of fire in Building 7. So they trot out proof of something everybody knew all along and agreed happened anyway and this “finally” proves something that not everybody agrees to?

This is logic?

And then they commit another stupidity, trying to pretend that all the skeptics say al Qaeda had nothing to do with the incident. It’s weak and stupid. Lots of people say it doesn’t matter whether al Qaeda was suckered into something or did it all, just that the official story has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Well, we all know that even though governments throughout history have lied about bigger things than this to their own people, our own government is the exception. Tell that to the Battleship Maine survivors’ descendants. Tell it to the families of the Memphis syphilis victims. Where are the MK-Ultra survivors? Tell it to the Cuban Bay of Pigs veterans, left to slaughter and prison rot by our own liars.

Yeah, “It could never happen here”, could it?