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6-year-old home-schooled girl beats out elementary and middle school kids to go national

March 16, 2012
spelling bee

spelling bee (Photo credit: sushiesque)

Danielson named FFMS Geography Bee champ

Danielson named FFMS Geography Bee champ (Photo credit: jesman)

6-year-old Virginia Spelling Bee Champ Poised To Compete In National Contest | Fox News

Yet another example of home-schoolers landing near the top in academic competitions.

Can’t say it often enough. If you want your kid to top the list, it’s home school.

In standard tests, at least in the USA,  students in private schools consistently score higher than from government schools, and generally, on average, with about half the budget.

Christian schools get scores higher than other private schools.

Home schooled kids higher than in any schools.