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Fiscal Cliff: The Reality

December 6, 2012
Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, held at Crown Center Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO; June 15, 2007, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The analysis of articles like this one is basic Keynesianism, which means it’s an ignorant piece of crap that it takes a bunch of years in college to learn how to make it sound sophisticated:

The article made it sound like a “compromise” between taxes and spending would solve the problem coming up on January 1 of 2013.

When has such a “compromise” ever solved “the problem” in the 100 years since the Fed got hold of the currency and banking systems? This is the same problem that has come back again and again every 10 or 20 years, it is the same circular route they’ve gone over, again and again, all these “compromises” only kicked the can down the road some more.

Here’s a real breakdown with details in the clear about what’s really wrong and what’s going to happen on January 1:

(Another perspective comes from not just Patrick Buchanan but others who agree with telling the House to just call the White House bluff. The President is pointing the new media gun at them to extort his will, that’s why all the campaigning after the campaign, but he has a LOT more to lose in the long run, if the Republicans had any guts, or any genuine honesty about all this).

The real “fiscal cliff” is the (for now) slow plummeting in the value of the US dollar, a process that’s been going on from the time the U.S. Congress gave a private bankers’ cartel monopoly control over the United States currency.


The real problem is too much government spending. Letting the rich invest their resources is NOT the problem. The real problem is too much government doing what government should never do.

Government spending robs the economy of whatever it would otherwise produce with those resources. Instead of the people making their individual decisions to mutual benefit, this government wealth confiscation to get resources to non-sustainable demand, private economy and jobs lose out.

Republicans are addicted to this too, which is why they rush to “surrender” to the Democrats so much to avoid the crises. They pontificate and posture until there is a very public and publicized crisis so they can get cover for caving.


The Republicans had two opportunities to prove they were honest.

One was in the debt ceiling “crisis” of 2011. The Republicans in the House could have said “Just say no”. In fact they did until the Powers That Be (Boehner) got four of the holdouts to cave in, including the “controversial” Allen West. Maybe they told them if they didn’t they’d cave in their head for them.

Surrender did not suit the (retired) Colonel Allen West very well in the debt ceiling fight, and it did him no good in his re-election campaign. It could be he won in his district in the real numbers, how do 4,000 votes suddenly appear on one side of an election to flip the results?

In fact, the presidential vote looks suspicious. Note that the voters did NOT give any win to the President like the yappers on televised yap shows say, it gave Washington the same stalemated situation they have had.

Boehner is pushing to cave and they will pretty much.

And we will continue our fall off the real fiscal cliff, the fall of the dollar combined with the attack on the economic prosperity engine undertaken by Imperial Washington, now occupied by political enemies of the free market and political liberties…

The other chance they had was the candidacy of Ron Paul and his realistic, pragmatic program for addressing the root problems in Washington. The Party adopted a couple of the most important economic platform points as a nod to reality, the audit of the Fed, and a nod to the gold standard.

In other words, as a Party, if the platform means anything, they admitted they were NOT doing the right thing.

But they also showed they were not serious about being honest with the way the chair broke their own rules to ride roughshod over the Ron Paul delegates and changing rules to keep them down and keep real conservatives out.


Help the Poor By Lowering Taxes on Investors

November 16, 2012
2006 Tax Forms

2006 Tax Forms (Photo credit: herzogbr)

There goes Obama again with that same stupid argument that he knows is bogus:

The president went on to insist that any agreement that deals with the so-called “fiscal cliff” allows taxes to rise for households making more than $250,000. “When it comes to the top 2 percent, what I’m not going to do is extend further a tax cut for folks that don’t need it,” he said.

Read more:

Keeping the taxes from going up for the “rich” includes the people who own the small businesses that hire the LITTLE GUY.

I say he knows, because he knows that we want to KEEP TAXES AS THEY ARE and HE wants to RAISE them by doing nothing. That “we” is not Republicans, it’s the ones who are aware that THE problem with the budget is the SPENDING problem.

We want our employers to have more money for OUR paychecks. I want them for the POOR, so that the people who have the money to invest get to have it long enough to invest, so that the POOR can have more jobs available, and so the POOR who have the persistence and understanding have a chance to build more wealth.

Why should we let somebody else get in the middle and take a cut?

Government already takes nearly half our production, it’s already too much!