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Which ideology drives the intolerance?

July 7, 2012

OLIGARCHY NEWS (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

Who are the peaceful ones?

See Obama telling his fanatics to “Argue with ’em and get in their face”, and then SEIU going for it in Tampa:

See what SEIU Oligarchy conformists do to black man at a townhall protest:

Here’s Mr. “Lets’ Take These Son of a Bitches Out” introducing Obama:
“Mr. Obama, this is your army”
“..We like a good fight..”

Black man: “Arrest Jimmy Hoffa Now”, asks what happens to those millions in union dues:
Hoffa on tape: “There’s gonna be a war” (“We like a good fight”)

Here is a video interview with a “squad leader” of a private militia that came to Occupy Phoenix. He said they were facing away from Occupy (“because we trust these people to be peaceful”) and were facing out toward the police lines, and they were there to make the point that the Second Amendment rights protect the First Amendment rights:

“if they bring a knife, we bring a gun”:
The Oligarchy has loaded Google down with so many links I can’t find the youtube of him actually saying it, but he did.

Here’s a list with links to web pages that feature things like calls for the murder of Sarah Palin, death threats to Freedom Works, threats that caused cancellation of an Ann Coulter talk in “polite” Canada, death threats against Bush, threats at Palin daughters, Huffington Post threats against Glenn Beck, death threats against Eric Cantor, Ed Schultz threat-talk against Dick Cheney:

OF course the Republican half of the banker-crony oligarchy is not guiltless when their cartel with the supposed “other side” is threatened, with beatings and arrests and threats against Ron Paul supporters…

But that does NOT COME CLOSE to putting them on a list with murderers and bomb-throwers and terrorists of the worst kind, and telling local law enforcement across the country that they’re prone to violence…

And  we have protests against the kill target lists –against Obama, in fact– in the pages of one of his chief cheerleaders, the New York Times, even if it is written by a Nation magazine writer:

No wonder Jesus Christ was such a friend of the poor.


Black Republican Presidential Candidate: Twice as Dark as The Democrat Party Candidate

November 5, 2011

Ann Coulter‘s views are generally out of favor in my yard because of her unthinking retorts to Ron Paul and insisting on Chris Christie as presidential candidate —not as strong in good things as his public persona would lead one to thing.

Why Our Blacks are Better Than Their Blacks – Page 1 – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative

Here is a significant point:

If the details helped liberals, we’d have the details.