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Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated?

March 5, 2012

It’s a good question:

A caller from Savage’s native New York City said there’s a simple way to find out what happened.

“If the tapes come out, he died of a heart attack,” the caller said. “If the tapes don’t come out, they whacked him.”


Bring It On…

September 19, 2011

Heard in another forum:

 …Andrew Breitbart appearing here wild-eyed and unshaven. Is this the new face of the Teabaggers? If so, they’re nuttier than I thought.

Looks like the putdowns of truth continue to be based on personal appearance and shoot the messenger, more worried about somebody’s appearance than the destruction of the entire United States economy and all the looting of the treasury by Wall Street bankers and Communist czars

Here you go. A bunch of nuttier nuts than you thought to the tune of “Volunteers of America”:


‘Nuff to inspire hope. Along about 2:18 into the video there’s a few cameos of some more dangerous “nuts”. Get a load of a picture of what the DNC warned us about in August 2009: “Republicans are inciting angry mobs”. No, it’s not a picture of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. making his Daddy proud, words cannot do justice to the scary mobs you get about 2:10 into the recording. And you might want to avert your eyes from the little 11-year old girl monster holding a sign that says “STop robbing my piggy-bank!”

Watch out Wayne, it’s not just one wild-eyed bugger! There’s MILLIONS of us! That’s right MILLIONS! TENS of millions! Even our Granny’s have canines! And our scabs are mad as hell!