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Left and right media both were wrong on Libya

September 26, 2012

Sources: Slain U.S. ambassador recruited jihadists:

Oh yeah.

The guy Gaddafi said to his own Parliament and to his whole country, blacked out by the media in the West, that his nation had become a pariah in the world for supporting terrorism and they were renouncing it and denouncing it.

He stopped his nuclear program and invited the UN (yep, NATO too) into the country to take out the nuclear material.

Almost alone among Arab countries, he his speeches and writings told the Arabs and the Muslims to learn to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors in Israel and envisioned a nation where they could learn to live as such and with his talk of an Isrealtine, and the world called him crazy for this. Don’t listen to such crazy talk.

He established a new currency based on gold, meaning the “dictator” could not control the currency or willy-nilly print money and rob purchasing power from the poor and middle class as happens in the Western “democracies” and in Communist countries too.

He became the worst enemy of al Qaeda in the entire Middle East.

For all this, America and NATO, led by Obama at France’s desperate prodding, waged war on him, financed fighters “formerly” of al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, to help them overthrow him.

Now they have mobs led by those al Qaeda militia and their spiritual counterparts engaging in operations to destroy diplomatic missions and assassinate the ambassadors. Surprise.

Some people are going to ask if I’m “defending” him. That’s an indoctrinated automatic reaction on their part. It should be obvious I’m not.

But you have to ask yourself some things. Syria’s Assad was watching. Ahmadinejad was watching. He was also watching Obama and the U.S. and the West when 100s of 1000s of Iranians hit the streets to demand change and more freedom.

It sure looks like the times of “The End” are here. (Which is also not the Hollywood idea, nor the “Left Behind” idea either)

Some of know the end. Of the prophecies, none shall lack her mate.