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Iowa reflects America, slurs against farmers and whites are unmerited

January 3, 2012 angelical-to-ignorant-and-thus-too-irrelevant.html

I watched a CSpan interview with a journalist who has been covering the Iowa caucuses for about twenty years, and a couple of callers commented and asked about this very thing, about Iowa being an atypical American demographic.

He made the obvious point that if you go over the history of the caucuses, you’ll find that the results in Iowa show that each of the two major political parties there reflect the party as a national whole. He used 2008 as an example, when Barack Obama won the Democratic Party caucus and went on to win the nomination.

What did Andrea Mitchell say after Obama won in Iowa?

And what has she said about Alan Keyes (Obama’s opponent for Senate), Clarence Thomas, and Herman Cain?

And oh, my gosh, what would Andrea Mitchell say about this black-folks march against the NAACP?:

A representative from the New York City Charter School Center distributed flyers with excerpts of the NAACP’s mission statement to people entering the rally. Center officials argued that the lawsuit contradicts the NAACP’s mission to “ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race based discrimination.”

The NAACP spokesperson said they are in favor of alternatives to public schools, but the lawsuit seeks to close down 18 alternatives that are doing black students much more good than their government school neighbors.

One could argue that opponents of charter schools only want to keep black folks entrapped with inferior education without an alternative.

Freedom is for individuals, not groups.

“Let my people GO!”