Does Toure live in a high-crime black (or white) neighborhood?

February 5, 2017

MSNBC contributor Toure “said black on crime is not the biggest issue for black Americans at this time”:

(Does Mr. Toure live in a high-crime black-majority neighborhood?)

The black on black crime issue is very important, but the WAR ON DRUGS is a catastrophe for all colors. The “illegality” markup incentivizes the worst elements to push the stuff. It also incentivizes big budget heavy-handed policing that creates even more innocent victims in their mistakes (good enough for government work, nobody gets fired).

“Inequality” is a hoax as an issue, no socialist president ever lived materially equally with his poor victims. It’s a perfect issue for tyrants, because they never will eradicate “inequality”. Not even if they replace the entire poor population and middle class with robots.

The public schools ARE maybe the most important issue. It’s time to get ALL governments OUT of our children’s lives. Give control back to the parents as a first step with TAX CREDITS.

Charter schools no, because even if you get teachers’ unions out of the way, the government money gives too much power to political whims. Vouchers have the same problem. Obama killed the voucher program in D. C.

Tax credits are a better first step because it does two things: It incentivizes remunerated employment, and hands the decision to the parents. Some of them will just default to something like government school but many of them care about their children enough to try to get the children into good schools.

What does Washington Post have to say about peace?

February 5, 2017

Dennis Kucinich writes about the unjust attacks on him and Tulsi Gabbard following their fact-finding trip to the Middle East:

So writes Kucinich:

I have dedicated my life to peace. As a member of Congress I led efforts to avert conflict and end wars in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Iran. And yet those of us who work for peace are put under false scrutiny to protect Washington’s war machine. Those who undermine our national security by promoting military attacks and destroying other nations are held up as national leaders to admire.

Recently Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and I took a Congressional Ethics-approved fact finding trip to Lebanon and Syria, where we visited Aleppo and refugee camps, and met with religious leaders, governmental leaders and people from all sides of the conflict, including political opposition to the Syrian government.


Enough of this dangerous pettiness. Let’s dig in to what is really going on, inside Syria, in the State Department, the CIA and the Pentagon.

They brought back word from the (Syrian Christian) “horses’ mouth”, pleading for a stop to USA funding for these terrorists.

These leaders of the Christian faith in Aleppo begged for the US to stop funding terrorists in #Syria. They expressed that before international interventions (covert and overt) Syrians lived in peace without concern as to whether they were Christian, Muslim or Jew.


Pro-life atheists

February 2, 2017

Pro-life atheists invade the American Atheist Convention:

This pro-life web site is a plea to Christians to welcome the entry of atheists into the general pro-life movement. I agree, after all, William Wilberforce did not push away the help from the Jacobins, evil though most were:

Confessions of a Pro-Life Atheist – Origins of Consensus


Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League,Homepage

Lew Rockwell did a search: “Do Muslim countries allow Christian immigrants?”

February 1, 2017

From the link:

I googled “Do Muslim countries allow Christian immigrants?” Every single entry on page one was an attack on Trump. And looking further down, my question was never addressed. Which gives me the answer, I guess.

Planned Parenthood is really Planned Barrenhood

February 1, 2017

In as story about SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch, Yahoo again confirmed its status as a member of the Oligarchy Media.

They all repeat this lying phrase about “reproductive rights” when there is nothing “reproductive” about what they really mean. They’re pushing the killing of a mother’s baby in the womb as if it were a “right” to do this.

They proved their complicity in this thought crime mentality by giving the Flaming Liberals Vulgarity march in Washington on January 21, 2017. By billing it a “women’s” march, they got a lot of women to come to hear big stars spew profanities.

When they say “reproductive rights”, think “prenatal infanticide”. Planned Parenthood is NOT known for health care, they’ll only do referrals for that, but their big business is aborting babies and disposing of them. James O’Keefe’s group has caught them on camera bragging about their ability to deliver BABY PARTS on demand.

Repeat after me: Planned Barrenhood.

Chuck Schumer Comedy Show

February 1, 2017

Chuck Schumer says he has “serious doubts” about Gorsuch for SCOTUS.

Me, I have serious doubts about Chuck Schumer and his crying theater the other day over the immigration thing.

He shed no tears, did he, when Madeline Albright chillingly said killing 500,000 men, women and children “was worth it” for the sanctions and the no-fly zones the Clinton Administration imposed on Iraq, in answer to a question in an interview.

Giuliani says Schumer shed no tears when he toured the wreckage of the Towers after September 11, 2001.

Did he shed tears over the civilian deaths in Serbia when Clinton rained missiles on them to force them to let the Kosovo Liberation Army take over in an independent Kosovo? (That’s the KLA that had been on the terrorist list until a few days before the USA with NATO began support for the war).

Did he shed tears for the Christians getting beheaded in Syria by the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, supported by John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the other warmongering neo-cons stateside?

Did he shed tears for the thousands of civilians who were torn into pieces by the missiles carried by drones sent to eliminate targets from the “kill list” that Obama bragged about?



To Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: How about the Forgotten Man?

February 1, 2017

Starbucks committed to hiring 10,000 refugees.

They also committed to open 15 whole new stores in unemployment-blighted areas. They showcase the new store they are opening in Ferguson.

Yes, the comments about hiring veterans and blacks and Latins were kind of quick, although Latinos probably did not figure very prominently in their plans until it became an big issue in 2016. Maybe I’m wrong.

Fifteen stores does not seem all that much, but it must mean something, a little bit at least let’s say, since it seems colossally difficult to make a profit in the inner cities.

The CEO does do a lot of private initiatives to help the poor, including in areas like education, literacy, and work placement.

Memo to Starbucks on both the literacy push and the educational programs: Move the resources to financing private scholarships for the poor to go to private schools that show results. The Minneapolis success story with vouchers should provide a hint for doing more private initiatives this way. But make it scholarships that the PARENTS can use in a voucher format so the PARENTS can make this most important decision for their children.

And stop pushing for using other people’s extorted taxes that launder the wealth through government bureaucrats to use for social justice boondoggles. The Obama’s expanded welfare magnet for immigrants did not help mitigate the mess the country is in.

Memo to Howard Schultz, CEO at Starbucks:

While you’re finally getting your break at the end of the day inside your nice house with a presumably million-dollar security system with cameras all around and a nice wall with a security gate, probably in a gated community:

Consider the Forgotten Man, who has to live with the social justice commands from control center, emitted from the nodes of power, and enforced by force.

Consider the guy who already works his butt off and pays for those programs.

Do you really want to help countries like Honduras? You can feel good by distributing a few coffee trees to farmers that need a break, but they need new moral backbone. They are too used to demanding government programs to help them.

Let us realize that the kinds of policies and politics in place in those inner cities have not helped them. Research principles like those shared by Dambisa Moyo.

To help the poor countries, let us learn true economics. Learn what that saying means: “There is no free lunch”. Somebody pays for that tree you gift to a poor coffee farmer.

Again, I salute you for the fact that you do put your money where your mouth is. What I ask is that you help the rest of us by realizing the hurt you cause when you loudly support government programs that are paid for by stealing investment and savings from the victims of tax extortion, and the victims of political debt and Fed policies that steal from the poor and middle class.

Anti-Trumpsters are the elites rising up against the masses

January 30, 2017

Where were those tears and that outrage for the Christians that Obama banned from entering with a half-dozen exceptions? They are absolutely without question the persecuted class in Obama’s list of seven countries.

Where are there tears for victims of political violence. Every time a monster commits an outrage in the name of Allah, they rush to demand protection for Muslims, as if Americans wanted to kill them all.

This “Resistance” is exactly what James Traub called for in the ruling class magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy. He said the “elites should rise up against the masses”.

That’s exactly it, Soros funded agents are acting up, and agitating indoctrinated college kids (a lot us were that once), and handing off the spin to Mockingbird Media to try to make it appear to be a spontaneous uprising.

It is exactly the Maidan hoax. That’s when shooters fired into a demonstration against the “democratically elected” president who refused to bow to pressures to join the EU and NATO. A conversation between Nuland and the USA Ambassador was leaked, with them discussing who the replacement would be after they overthrew the government. A West-sponsored coup d’etat.

These same actors are good actors. Not so long ago they were marching against a military academy that trained Latin American officers. Now, they’re helping the rich, abusive, powerful billionaire “elites” to “rise up against the masses”.

Nikki Haley – Experience? Obama showed no experience is necessary

January 29, 2017

Reuters ran a story with the now United States Ambassador to the United Nations and her comments. Among the other things they mention is this one:

“Haley, who was South Carolina’s Republican governor when Trump picked her for the post, has little foreign policy and no U.S. federal government experience.”

These guys are getting more and more ludicrous all the time. It used to be the Oligarchy Media Cabal could count on a short public memory when they ran with something like this, or that there weren’t enough people paying attention. It’s kind of a psy-war tactic.

Barry Obama in 2008 had only been Senator from 2005. He had no more experience in anything more than Nikki Haley does now, and Haley has been a governor.

It’s also funny how the Oligarch Media always plays up this “experience” theme as a qualification for political office. But when the Constitution was written in a secret conclave that only had a mandate to tweak the Articles of Confederation, the suspects said the idea was to have all kinds of people there. Most of them thought there would be no such thing as a career politician.

So, the Middle Americans as I call them, we see, thought the billionaire’s lack of political ambitions was an asset, and blocked the career politicians in the 2016 election.

There have been some questionable actions in my opinion, but also many good ones, and the rest of it remains to be seen. But the socialist he ran against in the general election would have been worse both for the socialist programs she would want to expand, and for the global government she would have continued to push for, the New World Order, the merging of the world’s arrogant elitist hegemony. This last issue, the attack by an international power cartel on national sovereignty while denying it, and their consolidation of power over the rest of us, was the one that most motivated the blowback against them.

3 Industries that prospered in the Great Depression

January 28, 2017

The three industries that prospered in the Great Depression, I read once upon a time, were:




Bicycles: because it was an inexpensive alternative for personal transportation compared to automobiles in an economy that was more urbanized than its parents.

Education: obvious for the same reasoning used today for workers displaced by technology.

Entertainment seems less intuitive to me. The 1930s was when talking motion pictures really took off. The Jazz Singer release in 1927 made the world safe for talkies.