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March 28, 2017

As a youth I was greatly into reading science fiction books, with a sideline of science. Then this article came across my eyes, with lots of reference to the Foundation series trilogy by Isaac Asimov:


The author brings his own perspective to the ideas Asimov put into the book, and quotes Asimov as saying the idea sprung forth from thoughts about the Roman Empire, after reading Gibbons’ “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

Historical perspective helps in understanding of history. The Pharisees, Jesus said, could tell when it was going to rain, but could not discern the “signs of the times”. The signs matter a lot. In this warning to the Pharisees, it was a matter of life and death, a great many deaths not so long thereafter.

The author shows some discernment into the signs, apparently based on ideas found in the book “The Fourth Turning”, and overlays ideas from the Foundation series to see where Trump might fit in to all this. Or not fit in.

Asimov proposed in this book a science of “psychohistory” could predict social and political events over great numbers of humans, like the quintillions galaxy-wide in the book.

The author, identified as “admin” on the web page, seems to think that one individual could not change the course of history. Asimov does it in the second of the Foundation series by throwing a mind control mutant in to the mix, the “Mule”.

But one man DID change the course of human history in the real world, and that man was Jesus Christ. In areas dominated by Christ’s influence and net results have followed. Abominations like gladiator sports, baby sacrifice, human sacrifice, have faded, while good things like clinics, orphanages, science, education, and increasing individual freedom (albeit in jumps and starts), have appeared on the scene and grown.

I disagree totally with the “Foundation” notion that a secret cabal of social engineers and manipulators could maintain the altruistic empathy with human civilization (as Asimov was able to live it) and humans therein, over the course of history, as described in the series. In the trilogy they are only presented as benevolent, tweaking one mind here, another there, stopping the rule of the “Mule”.

Give Asimov credit though, for he must have had more cogitations about purely-motivated elites. In a later sequel, he describes political infighting among these guiding elites, and jockeying for position, jealousies, and they are shown as just as human as anybody.

Too bad he couldn’t connect the spiritual dots though. There is in fact a guiding light that has helped humanity in its progression through history to this day, and of course that is divine guidance acting through those who accept the guidance.

Jesus Christ was the one man who changed history in ways no science fiction author has captured. Even the socialist elites like Soros have had to cover their stealth conquest with a cloak of Christian-like charity works. They must point for justification to the crumbs they permit the poor and their subjects (the rest of us) to keep after their direct looting and indirect looting (currency control). Meantime population control operations continue apace, parallel to population reduction operations.

Reaction: Less Butter And Less Guns

March 25, 2017

Dear Mr. Margolis,

Herein is my reaction to your article at https://lewrockwell.com/2017/03/eric-margolis/trump-budget-good-cuts/.

Most of your writing is great and spot on so has no need of feedback, IMHO. And most of this article and its central thrust against the warrior culture is commendable. The list of useless wasteful programs funded in the budget is instructional. And the slashing of budgets –State Department down 25 percent is huge only because the historical measuring stick is so horrendous. Almost no federal programs have ever been cut even a little bit in my post-WW2 lifetime.

Here is the troubling part:

That’s the sensible part. Now the bad. High-quality public broadcasting is to be gutted, saving $445 million. Americans will be left with sports, game shows, and soap operas. Funds for protecting the environment, a growing urgency for America, are being slashed, delighting many flat earth Republicans. Rail subsidies are cut even though decent railroads are a hallmark of civilized nations.

#1. So-called “high-quality public broadcasting”:

That phrase for this organization is a euphemism for “government-subsidized broadcasting”, which itself is a euphemism for “government propaganda organ”. Being a propaganda organ, it never bites the hand that feeds it. Its executives seem to know that it is not the elected representatives who ultimately order their priorities, nor they themselves, but they are hand-picked for a purpose. Who an deny that the pontificators always talk from the perspective of “the Left”, meaning advocacy of the growth of government power, and they will cheer any solution that the looters in Washington decide to come up with for a problem they have to “fix”. There is a veneer of wise-sounding phrases and such but when you see it in its true light, it is a lipstick veneer applied to a really ugly destructive pig.

Yes, Americans will be left with sports, game shows, and soap operas, in broadcasting. They will also have the Internet, Lew Rockwell, the Ron Paul Report, and many of us “Ron Paul knock-offs”. This phenomenon of spontaneous (and led) awareness of issues of liberty growing is hidden right now in the pablum and fake poll numbers and ridiculous explanations for the “private sector” part of the government-media complex dishes out, but at least it won’t directly be funded by tax extortion.

And on occasion we get a few brave souls like Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel and Tucker Carlson, that buck against Deep State ideology. The public broadcasting programs would never hire someone like them, or even YOU. Except maybe as a quick token guest for whatever your group identity is that supports their broadcasting, or more government funding for the environment, rail subsidies.

#2. Funds for “protecting the environment”:

These are funds targeted at crippling the free market, not pollution. The biggest poison spill of the 21st century so far was done by the EPA itself. Did the EPA have to pay a fine out of its greedy profits? No, because they are “sovereign”.

I used to live a block from a soap factory that stunk all around for blocks, worse when there was wind. And about two miles down Vandevanter Boulevard was a meat packing plant. That one really stank.

Lawsuits have put the hurt on polluting companies. Michael Crichton made the case (an addendum to novel “State of Fear”) that pollution was already on the down-swing before anti-pollution laws became a thing.

And now we have the outrage of the EPA decree that carbon dioxide is a pollutant! You are a polluter! This should fit nicely with Agenda 21’s plans to reduce the population of the earth to the figure on the Georgia Tyranny monument.

This all based on politicized “science so-called”. When politicians cooperate with Deep State in funding a meme, it is a good bet that the public reason they give for it hides a much more atrocious motive. In the end, they do not accept losing their power.

And the old cynical law about government promoting individuals to the level of their incompetence sounds like it’s right. Small businesses and farms and ranches on the wrong end of their relations with these little dictators.

What does a D. C. bureaucrat know about conditions in Idaho as opposed to conditions in Arizona for farms?

Government has this power over the individuals in it that make decisions. When they decide someone’s life, it’s a “godlike” power. They are convinced their decisions are right because their motivations are so pure. So it a farmer has to pay a fine of half a million dollars, that’s good, because his whole job is to protect the watershed, even if the farmer created that little pond for the cows he had two years ago and decided now to fill it in.

Throwing out flattery like “flat earth Republicans” will get you nothing but equal opprobrium.

Michael Crichton was nobody’s “flat earth Republican”, as even you in your blankety-blank must admit. And anybody who reads the charts and graphs and detail digging into the web sites on the subject by people who obviously know the issues like wattsupwiththat, Crichton gave an excellent talk at UCLA I believe it was where he spoke on the condemnable practices that pass for science these days. The title of the talk was “Aliens Cause Global Warming”.

He uses Drake’s equation as a showcase example, pointing out with some caustic effect that every single factor on the right side of that equation was a completely unknown one. At the time they were unknowable, and yet many otherwise accomplished accomplished figures in science would use the equation as “proof”. I will add to that that at this time that of the public pronouncements about all the “habitable” planets they are finding in the stellar neighborhood, more of them have turned out to be not so much certain. And presence of water is ridiculous in the extreme as an indication. Scientifically speaking.

Search the story of the climatologist, famous in her field, who recently resigned from Georgia Tech (I believe it was) because of all the [political] pressure put on her for being slow to declare a planetary emergency.

#3. ” Rail subsidies are cut even though decent railroads are a hallmark of civilized nations.”:

A better hallmark of civilized nations might be rather a hands-off attitude by government. Rail subsidies are a major grand theft operation using stolen money supporting people who prefer to ride trains, and the corporations that run them, and the unions that provide the workers that run them. I personally would prefer to ride a train but even the Amtrack subsidies are not enough to make it worthwhile to get to anywhere farther than a four-hour drive by car from where I am.

Yes, I use the local commuter lines when it’s appropriate for my need and their nice but then it’s subsidized by me and my neighbors even when we’re not using it. And it’s still subsidized.

The failure of the local department that plans the bus lines, by the way, gave rise to a shuttle company, and a jitney operation, lightning fast after a suit that opened up competition, a decision that took the county deciders by surprise no doubt. So the government got their lawyers in gear and got a court order blocking any expansion. The private lines that were implemented already were allowed to stay. Hurray!

Now, the city of Miami is banning Airbnb by simply implementing zoning laws. A free gift to the big hotel chains and peripheral industry in this heavily tourist-y area. I saw a presentation once by a guy at a gullible “hacker” activist groups that think they do good with their new tool for good social causes by showing that in some areas in New York, rents went up in association with the penetration of Airbnb use. They did a study.

I thought later I should have asked whether they studied hotel room prices and hotel room occupancy rates at the time. And since they were studying this supposedly on behalf of the cause of poor tenants, I could have asked it they got any data on the socio-economic status of the people who use this “home sharing” service.

#4. Other than that, your article was pretty good.



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Time Magazine, as Mockingbird Press, has killed truth itself

March 23, 2017

Case in point:



Time Magazine, as Mockingbird Press, has killed truth itself

March 23, 2017

Case in point:



Louise Mensch guilty of revealing an ongoing FBI criminal investigation?

March 23, 2017

From https://thetollonline.com/2017/03/22/breaking-rabbits-found-at-bottom-of-rabbit-hole/

Also fascinating is that Louise Mensch reported on the FISA request at HeatSt.com on November 7, 2016, the day before the election; most likely to undermine Trump. Then, last Friday, in the New York Times, Mensch alluded that Trump’s “wiretapping” Tweets could be an impeachable offense:

This is an issue of the utmost consequence. If Mr. Trump’s tweet alleging that Trump Tower was wiretapped on the orders of President Barack Obama was untrue, Mr. Trump is guilty of a slur. If, however, the president tweeted real news, he revealed the existence of intercepts that cover members of his team in a continuing investigation. That would be obstruction of justice, potentially an impeachable offense.

What a deal! If Trump was wrong, he is a liar who defamed a former president. If Trump was right about the wiretapping, which it now looks like he was, then he could be impeached for obstruction of justice.

Well, well, look here. This is interesting.

First, Louise Mensch reports on the tweet saying “[if] he revealed the existence of intercepts that cover members of his team in a continuing investigation”, that would be “obstruction of justice, potentially an impeachable offense”.

But his tweet is cryptic, ambiguous, the word “wire tapped” in quotes. Plus Obama probably never explicitly gave a written or voiced order to somebody to do this, especially in a way that loses him deniability. And we who understand the normal usage of the English language and the limits of 140 characters in a tweet, understand that Trump probably did not mean it that way. He probably meant it the same way Harry Truman did: “The buck stops here” (at the presidential desk, the desk of boss-man, as chief of the Obama administration).

It’s pretty obvious from the sneaky way the retorts came back that they understood perfectly what Trump meant but rather than object to what they knew he meant, they went after a semantical two-step.

Meantime, it looks to me like this Louise Mensch is shooting herself in the foot, while her foot is in her mouth!

If Trump’s tweet was true, she says, then he was revealing an ongoing FBI criminal investigation, making the tweet an “obstruction of justice”!

But if the Trump tweet was true, we also have HER making a MUCH more direct revealing statement, by revealing the FISA request. If Trump’s tweet was arguably true the way she makes it criminal, then hers is the much more obvious felony crime.

So her report is a confirmation of the bogus FISA request based on what now looks like may have been a CIA “Umbrage” plant meant to prop up the case for the bogus “wiretapping” request to listen in on Trump and his team. She says such a revelation can be used against Trump for revealing an ongoing FBI criminal investigation. She did exactly that, and by her own words, she should turn herself in for the crime.

If she gets to claim reporters’ protection, then she encouraged a felony act by her source.

What did she say about Edward Snowden? Manning?

Why Dems protest Nunes revelations

March 23, 2017

Dems in Congress are squealing about Nunes sharing the information he received that Trump’s team, and the tower, was indeed the subject of “wiretapping”, which is understood as eavesdropping by government officials.

It occurred to me that their problem is that they were doing fine with the leaks, and even with Comey announcing to Congress that the FBI is investigating whether or not Trump campaign members “colluded” with Russian agents.

Republicans should be laughing their heads off at this. Instead the congressmen-R strategy is more low-key, maybe because they are taking Schumer’s advice to tread carefully around insulting the Intelligence agencies. If they had backbone they would speak frankly.

On speaking frankly, when Senator Joe Biden asked Supreme Court nominee Antonio Scalia about some concerns the Congressmen had, Scalia replied that there was only one concern he and his colleagues had, and that was their own re-election.

Not really funny. FBI Director Comey just admitted to Congress and to the American public that they are on a fishing expedition. All the leaders in intelligence sources that can speak openly now like Clapper and others, are saying that they saw absolutely no evidence of such “collusion”.

So what we have here really is evidence of real collusion, albeit possibly by “unspoken agreement” as it’s called sometimes, to block the actions of a president properly chosen by the electorate.

Whispers in bedchambers shouted from roof tops. Bedchambers to broadcast. “Nothing secret that shall not be revealed”.

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good.”-KJB. Reap and sow.

Can we please have a Starbucks competitor?

March 22, 2017

Can we please have a Starbucks competitor?

Nestle is trying. Seattle coffee something too.

Standing by….

Nunes: Trump was wiretapped along with the rest of us

March 22, 2017


So why didn’t Schiff-D and Cicilline complain about leaks from intelligence services to the NYT?

This also exposes the “collusion” myth. It is such obvious clap trap that we can laugh at how desperate they are to dig themselves a deep hole to fall into. But since they work for the current shadow government Oliver North talked about, maybe they think there’s no worry.

But not even their Supreme Lord they are planning to crown will escape what God has in store for them.

“He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.

If they pass Ryancare both parties will share the blame

March 20, 2017

Paul Ryan should have handed it off to Rand Paul.

You cannot forget: Americans have SUFFERED under OBAMACARE all these years, and that hustling scam artist put the worst of the thing off to the year after he would leave office.

Meaning Obama’s guy Gruber designed this abomination to fail, but to give the insurance companies some good profit along the way, at YOUR expense and mine.

No, Dems still get the blame for this time bomb. If Congress passes this Ryancare then Republicans will share all the blame together with the Democrats for the SAME things.

Rand Paul’s plan is way out ahead of all of them.

The lying excuse for Obamacare was oh boo hoo so many without insurance. Gruber did not care one flip about any uninsured. This was all about moving it closer to a completely fascist/socialist program and then nationalizing the thing.

Also it would prove tea party right (Sanders too although he rushed to join the Jezebel gang). At least the ones that said there was only a one-party Establishment with two faces.

Some points based on Rand Paul’s proposals:

(1) Open the markets across state lines we already do with auto insurance! What a concept! A national market instead of insurance companies dividing up state turf like Mafia families going wink wink at each other. (2) HSA’s on steroids, with the HSA contributions carrying over year to year. (3) Kill the mandates that make this snake vomit so expensive. (4) Be honest. Tell the truth. Keep your promise to your voters. (5) From #4, make the first line of any bill, “The so-called Affordable Care Act”, aka Obamacare, is hereby completely and irrevocably repealed and ALL of its sections, clauses, and paragraphs hereby nullified. Government agencies, insurance companies and state legislatures will have (six?) months to complete the necessary adjustments to reflect this complete repeal. (6) To reverse this complete repeal will require three-fourths of the votes in each house of Congress. [Sticks stacks no take backs]. Better yet, make that a bill in and of itself.

Then you can work on nationalizing this market and then killing the government mandates. Call your reps and your senators and demand Rand Paul’s proposal NOW.

Tell your Republicans that if they pass this, Trump will get a mark for breaking his promise number one. Because replacing an apple with a worm in it with another apple with another worm in it gets you no points at all.

Change the nameplate on the outhouse and it still stinks just as bad.

Kill Ryancare aka Obamacare Lite

March 20, 2017


This bill Paul Ryan has put up does not repeal Obamacare.

It seems people who have studied this bill say it does not bring down premiums. Oh, and it does not open up a national market for insurance. HSA’s are as limited as always and has a list of what it won’t pay for like it used to.

Kill the bill! Kill the bill!

If it doesn’t bring down premiums, and that would suggest it does not bring down deductibles either, then this bill could be called the “Insurance Company Bailout Bill” paid for by people who pay the premiums. It still has some mandatory coverage provisions, like pre-existing conditions (Fail!) and the requirement that insurance covers kids up to 26 years old, are kept around like stinky rotting socks your strange uncle don’t want to get rid of.

There is a deceitful complaint that it helps healthy and high-income subscribers, but that only is a return to more realistic market pricing, and it actually saves the Obamacare carry-over from imploding and annihilating itself.

The “entrenchment” of this thing as they call it is only because the Congressmen are afraid of people who are cut off from freebie programs, or from the market.

This bill keeps a lot of the abominations that Americans have suffered under for all these years, enough already!:

AHCA keeps many of the popular health insurance reforms from Obamacare. This includes a ban on annual and lifetime limits, allowing kids to stay on their parents’ plans until they’re 26, and requiring insurance plans to offer coverage to all patients regardless of how sick they are. But AHCA, unlike Obamacare, does not mandate that all Americans be covered by health insurance or pay a fee.

Sow socialism, reap poverty. Grow socialism, reap serfdom.