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Words Against the Empire

March 16, 2017

We can use These mind-benders’ propaganda against them. Use their books and movies against them. I noticed a long time ago that often, the very villains and villainous tyrants in their stories, were of their own operatives. The “bad” guys work for “bad” institutions but they are the very ones they plan to implement.

Panem is an example. Another example of their psy-op is the movie Mannequin. In an illusionist type trick, the focus is on the guy and his romance with the likened Mannequin. But there was a “supporting character” called “Hollywood” who was a funny, caricatures gay man. This was a step in the guided evolution of the theatrical homosexual to come through stages. A wise counselor as best friend, then central characters, and now every TV series has to have one. Oh, and references to homosexual pairings as marriages now. And white males are the stupidest characters, the clueless, and see the recent series and movies, the boss of the most kick-ass special forces teams are becoming women.

The public is not readied yet, but soon we will have a James Bond type or super hero male gay. Ugh. Too much. Although some studies of emergency intake suggest higher rates of domestic abuse among them.

They have an army of human robots programmed now to accept mindware modifications. We must release them from the mind lock using the various tools as much as possible. This use of the Matrix lesson is one, another is lobbing their own stink words back at them like we did with “fake news”. Another is to throw our own truth stinks like using words that point to outed events, subterfuges like Mockingbird Media, Jekyll Island, Doublespeak, Newspeak, MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip, Jeffrey Epstein, Gulf of Tonkin resolution, USS Liberty, Soros, Rockefeller Foundation, Tides, Verona Papers, Echelon, Al Gore’s Carnivore.

Coordination among media is easy to show in things like the collage of the spring in the Ease Bunny’s step. You gotta ask about the Big Media saying the same thing in unanimity so much. They agree so much, beyond reason.


Robot Liability Issues? Space Internet with Lasers

October 25, 2013



Robots are getting better, and some people are already talking about the liability issues. I’ll bet there are a few corporate lawyers and litigation specialists helping drive the talk:


They’re worried about open source robots. Who to blame when something goes wrong?


Much worry about nothing. Who sued Microsoft for all the time and money lost to the Blue Screen Of Death?


Nobody died, but….


It’s simple anyway. If you build a robot and sell it and it is to blame in some hypothetical situation, it’s a deal between them and you. Linux proved more reliable than Microsoft, more stable and generally less vulnerable to attacks, but Microsoft gets liability protections when it sells its stuff. Disclaimers tell you that by using it, you can’t blame them for the results.


Some computer academics want to roll that back. But do businesses really want that? For a fool-proof computer system, for all contexts and uses that you might imagine, free of glitches, you’d have to pay double.


Look, you want a car that will resist damage in an accident to that extent? Get an 18-wheeler. Otherwise, get what you can pay for and what you think is worth it. Or if you’re a business, of course it’s the same thing.


Of course, I’m glad Open Source is invading the robotics space. It’s already practically taken over the 3-D printing space, from what I can see.







NASA was (is) testing laser communication systems as a medium for a space-based Internet.

Cornell says the laser communications system could form the building blocks of an outerspace Internet. “This is the beginning of that,” he says. “I think we could have that with delay tolerant networking.”

NASA hopes to use similar systems for faster satellite communications and deep space communications with robots and human exploration crews in the future. Two-way laser communications systems can deliver six times more data with 25 percent less power than the best radio systems currently in use today, and weigh half as much, Cornwell notes.

“Oh, it’s going to enable a lot of things,” he says, “but the big benefit is you can send back more data from wherever you are.”

It will require line-of-sight, right? But then there’s not as much clutter in space as there is on the ground here, except for near-Earth orbiting space junk and useful stuff up there.