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Which believers have laid down their lives as a witness for unbelievers?

October 17, 2013
English: There are apparently as many Christia...

There are apparently as many Christians as Muslims in Lebanon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just the truth in the real world. I met one Coptic Christian lady from Egypt, her brother was killed during the “Arab Spring“.

There have been slaughters of Christians by Muslims and attempts at “ethnic cleansing” in Nigeria and other Muslims countries. But not all Arabs or Muslims are at it, like this article totally ignored, Rand did not say “all” Muslims, just a fraction. —> In fact, in Egypt, most of the people did not like the way that President Morsi (dubiously “elected”) was working to rule as under Sharia law as dictator. He did not rule as a moderate.

In Syria the Christians are terrified, and the Syrian (so-called) “rebels” have sworn to “purify” Nineveh, the place with the oldest Christian community in the world.

Iraq has already lost many of its Christians.

Christians are targeted everywhere, but it’s not necessarily worst where you might expect. The international news organizations have a heavy filter for these incidents.

But are there fringe Christians doing this around the world? No there are not. So the News Spinners Media has to make do with some merry bank of idiots from Kansas who can’t get any more than family and second cousins to join him.

“Die, Christian dog, die!” shouted the United States financed (and armed) Muslim as he gloated over the body. The Syrian rebels are seeking out Christians everywhere they take over.

There is a difference between a religion founded by a man who laid down the lives of unbelievers for his doctrines, and a faith brought to the world by a man who laid down his OWN life for unbelievers, to save them, and then rose from the dead to prove his power to do so on the third day.

There is a difference between the religious faith that grew by conquest by the sword its first few centuries, convert or die, and one that grew by believers laying down their OWN lives as testimony to the power of love.

This is the love of the Son of Hamas, a son of a Muslim Brotherhood founder, who saw the brutal treatment of Muslims by other Muslims in prison, and was shocked by the fact that Jesus said “Love thine enemies“.


Open letter to Marco Caceres of Honduras — and why “Model Cities” is good for Honduras

October 14, 2013
Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya.

Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). The demonstrations were massive like this all across Honduras to the smallest villages…

"Zelaya and Chavez STAY OUT", "...

“Zelaya and Chavez STAY OUT”, “We want peace”, “We want peace”, “peace!”. Demonstration July 1, 2009 at the UN offices in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was really disappointed with your article I found at Huffington Post.

Clever, huh? No. More like stupid. The problem is that the law was hastily approved — as are most controversial laws in Honduras. And it was done so out of desperation, because the Lobo administration has not figured out how to pay off its financial obligations to its creditors and public employees. Also, the details of the law have not been made public, and so there are a lot of unanswered questions as to how it would be implemented.

The law has already created a furor in Honduras, sparking new accusations that the government is essentially moving to sell off Honduras in piecemeal fashion (like with the “Model Cities” initiative), and that those who would benefit would not be the Honduran people but rather a few well-positioned officials who would undoubtedly line their pockets with millions of dollars in bribes and commissions. The country would remain indebted, as it currently is (or more). In the meantime, it would open itself for additional exploitation (some might use the word “rape”) by foreigners. The losers? Yeah.

As an aside, although I was glad to see your opposition to Zelaya’s dictatorial attitude, and his attempt to usurp power completely.  I did part ways with your concession to the word “coup”. The Honduran constitution made advocacy of presidential re-election a condition that caused the immediate and automatic removal from any government office of the advocate of same. That meant he was a usurper and by continuing to act as president, it was HIS coup, and it is the point most define-able as such.

Your comments there did not tell the whole story. They did not mention that Hondurans involved in planning the second go-round in this project visited model cities in Korea and elsewhere to study their approach to crawling out of poverty. You did not mention the fact that anyone investing in these model cities in special zones will have to hire a minimum percentage of Hondurans for any enterprise.

You especially did not mention that ANY HONDURAN CITY THAT WANTS TO can become one of these model cities themselves just by voting in a referendum.

You did not mention the especially revealing fact that one of the objections raised by representatives of their respective departamentos, was the fear that all their businessmen would abandon them, preferring to live in a zone that was truly open for business and not for “tips” and paperwork and other arbitrary measures that steal productivity away from those who treat their employees fairly.

In fact, your very objection would be a good reason to abolish all of the currently open-for-business free zones along the coast, where FOREIGN businesses already own lots of production capital goods tarriff-free, providing a great number of jobs for Honduran citizens, with little objection.

In fact Honduras followed a plan before doing this, that I myself had suggested during the time Lobo was asking for suggestions on how Honduras could crawl out from under the burden of poverty. My suggestion was to look to countries that have done it. Some missionaries who live in Chile have told me that the changes have been dramatic. South Korea is one of the riches countries in the world, North Korea one of the poorest. Hong Kong is an island of luxury surrounding by an ocean of poor, still struggling under the heavy burden of central control.

And you did not mention that a great many Hondurans enthusiastically support this initiative. They see relief from economic doldrums in this, because there is reality in it. Foreign investment is only a small part of this story. The investment that comes in will only be seed money –if the project can be protected from meddling by people who think only a government can do good things for the poor.

By the way, how’s that workin’ out for ya? Chavez not only refused to encourage foreign investment, he kicked out what there was and started scaring off so many of his own productive citizens that he had to clamp down with currency controls. What a champion for the poor! How’s that working out for poor Venezuelans?

And they criticize about crime? You know how government’s central planners fixed that in murderous Caracas, don’t you? They stopped reporting the numbers altogether!

And wow, look at the United States and Lyndon Johnsons’ War on poverty and Roosevelts’ freedom from want. How’s that working out for us in the United States? Bah. Keep that change and give me the one Honduras is now working on. My wife has made a catracho out of me and I plan to get my passport and retire to Honduras.

And nobody can say “Hondurans” are against this, afraid of that, blah blah, because we KNOW that the representatives of the Honduran people voted OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of this project.

In summary this is good for Honduras, I’m sure of it, because there was some good roots going into it.

If only we can keep it free from this misguided anti-capitalist meme that has deceived so many.

I was so proud, God help me, in 2009, that I had married a girl from Honduras, when they stood up to the piti-Chavez. I am excited for Honduras again now, and if nothing else comes of this, it still is a pleasure because so many congressmen voted for it.

Putin and Obama: One hypocrite does not purify the other

September 15, 2013
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 – George Soros, Chairman, plutocrat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Putin lectured the US from his Kremlin. There are plenty of massacres on his hands too, so the neo-cons and the neo-libs handed him a deal he could not refuse, to look to be the peacemaker and the reasonable one in this whole Syria.

The neo-cons are trying to take the conversation back from the libertarians, eyes-open Christians, and the Tea Party, and save it for the Republican-Democrat plutocrat cartel. Beware. Lots of the talking stupid heads on Fox (and for sure many of the rest of them) are singing just like George Soros wants them to. Soros wants very badly for the USA to attack everybody around the world? I smell his stink on a lot of money going around, talking points in hushed emails on secret journalist chat rooms (this was exposed a few years ago, remember?)

Why is he doing that? Remember he’s the guy who says the USA is the most dangerous country in the world. He hates what the country used to be, he hates that so many of us still think for ourselves, that so many of us love Jesus Christ. Remember he knows we’re bankrupt, and all these wars are making us more broke. So therefore the US has a “duty to protect” everybody in the world.

Except the innocent, of course, he does not say, but his actions speak louder than words. He is only one of a group in the shadows, there is no doubt, how could all this stupidity happen so big so fast otherwise?

So forget about these voices from the past, who say the problem is that Obama should have thrown the missiles anyway, consequences be damned.

All over a false flag operation that killed a lot of innocent lives. This thing is going to blow back in their faces.

The Obama-Kerry duet have spoken their own judgment. They are responsible for chemical attacks with weapons banned by treaty on peaceful civilians in a community near Waco, and apparently for the same thing with worse substances in a land that used to be far away.

Like the devil, they are showing us their own crimes and blaming it on the victims. The Pharisees did this to the true Messiah, now this fake poser wants to do it to them.

Christians in the US are not blameless. Our fathers were complicit in letting the Devil get the run of the house, and backed off when they were told not to mess with their tax deduction –as if it were a gift of the ungodly. We won’t steal a piece of your tithe if you just do as you’re told…

The Daily Bell – Edward Snowden: Limited Hangout or a Globalist Step-Back?

June 10, 2013


These guys at The Daily Bell always offer penetrating insight into the big stories that the Old Media plays up big. More often than not, there is more to the fact that it is a story in the corporate-government-media complex than meets the eye at first glance.


They don’t offer these ideas as just-so, or as if they were facts. Indeed they simply say this is what it looks like to us.


In my opinion, their ideas generally ring true…


Free-Market Analysis: You read it here first over the weekend: Like Julian Assange and Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden is likely part of a larger dominant social theme, a manipulation created and supported by globalists who have created the world’s mega-surveillance state and now want to publicly enshrine it.

See our two articles:

Reuters: People Demand Government Action to Subdue Internet Surveillance

Was Guardian ‘SpyGate’ Article Planted to Support Pending British ‘Snooper’ Law?

The Guardian, which broke the initial story utilizing Snowden as a source, is part of the mainstream media. The mainstream media is controlled and globalist in its outlook. If those controlling the Guardian and other mainstream outlets didn’t want Snowden on the front page, he wouldn’t be there.


read the rest of the article here…


Reminds me of something from the Isaac Asimov science fiction Foundation trilogy… The Second Foundation arranges to get itself discovered and sacrifices a few of its own to make the First Foundation think that the Second Foundation is extinguished…


False flag operations, the military calls them. Seems as though about half of the “terrorist” hits since 2001 that the FBI stopped were FBI false flag operations in the first place.

But stop the presses. The Daily Bell itself promotes throughout its web pages the theme that the Internet Reformation is a big challenge to the powers that be that they expend considerable intellectual effort exposing. There is Ron Paul praising Edward Snowden and saying we need many more of them. Whether or not Snowden and Julian Assange are meant as the first phase of a Hegelian exercise, it still remains that it does expose the spying.

Like Ezekiel wrote in his prophetic book, if the warning is sounded and you do nothing, it’s their fault, not yours. If you don’t sound the alarm, then it’s your fault, not theirs.

These rogue actors have sounded the alarm, Ron Paul of course more effectively than most of us in the context of the current state of the world.

But there is indeed something missing. We all need more Ron Paul’s all over the world. The rest of the world is none of America‘s business, meaning meddling is neither welcome or effective as a diplomatic tool. But what is more effective is communication among private individuals, which is exactly what the Internet enables. American fans of Ron Paul and the principles of liberty and respect, and individual rights, need to become more aware of international initiatives along these lines.

And for comic relief, we have a comment from Donald Trump on Fox News Channel.

Headline: Donald Trump calls Snowden a “grandstander”.

Really? Donald Trump calling Snowden a grandstander? Hello? Get it? Really? Are you kidding me?




Soviet Bogeyman, Murray N. Rothbard, and Getting Real

June 7, 2013
English: Murray Rothbard in the 90's

English: Murray Rothbard in the 90’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The late Murray N. Rothbard is a name well-known among most libertarians I suppose, and his article “The Soviet Bogeyman” from 1973 is re-posted at, at:

It is Rothbard’s reaction to a Libertarian Party presidential candidate of those years, Dr. Hospers, and the latter’s advocacy of national arming to counter Soviet aggression. Rothbard refers to an apparently false claim repeated by Hospers in his own defense that there were Soviet “orders to advance” into Western Europe at the end of the war (presumably World War Two).

I disagree with Rothbard’s gullibility, while more or less agreeing with the approach he takes to potential aggressive threats from the Soviet Union, in his last paragraph, as excerpted below. Meaning I agree with the Rothbard approach to defense, while noting that he is wrong in denying any “Russian Threat”.

To proceed to Dr. Hospers’ final point: what of those Americans who are not persuaded by our evidence, and who persist in fearing the Russian Threat? He accuses us anarcho-capitalists who wish to dismantle the American State of “risking not only my life, but yours, by disarming.” But the point is that, in an anarchist society, those who fear a foreign threat and wish to arm themselves defensively, are free to go ahead and do so. Dr. Hospers happily concedes that private police forces would be more efficient than the police force of government monopoly; so why not private defense forces or “armies” as well? Contrary to Dr. Hospers, anarchists do not propose to force those who wish to arm defensively to disarm: instead on the contrary it is he and other advocates of archy who are now forcing us to arm against a foreign threat that many of us believe does not exist. It is no more moral to tax someone to pay for one’s own defense, whether real or imagined, than it is to draft him for the same purpose. And, besides, if the FBI is really protecting us against the sabotage of Grand Central Station, then why couldn’t the owners of that station do a far better job?

In my opinion, there is no small measure of naiveté in Rothbard’s arguments that the Soviets were only ever interested in “peaceful coexistence”, and, so he says, they were satisfying with merely waiting for the spontaneous revolutions to occur in other nations.

From what I have read of his writings, and the immense respect accorded him by other libertarian voices that have shown reliable insights, and from what I have learned from those writings, Rothbard is a source of great understanding of issues libertarian and anarcho-capitalist.

But he is not an oracle of God, to say the least, and on the issue of parental obligations toward children I could not disagree more, and there will be more on that topic in this blog forthcoming.

But on some of the things he says about the “Soviet threat” and “Communist threat”, there is a disconnect from the real world. It is an understandable reaction to the warfare state and military-industrial complex and the anti-Communist hysteria whipped up to justify major hikes in state confiscation schemes and income tax theft. Certainly, living in America, it is easier to see the sins committed against us by our own government than by foreign governments, including the abuse perpetrated with anti-communist justifications.

The fact is, though, that the so-called “Soviet threat” was not a phantom, nor is the Saul Alinsky/Noam Chomsky/Oliver Stone school of misinformation and subversion. Fraud, flattery, envy, and rigged elections in support of newly repackaged Soviet-style “democracies” were never phantoms.

The kind of corruption very much visible to Rothbard in the Western states, this corruption being borne of human nature itself, was very much present in the minds of the advocates of “peaceful coexistence”. At the same time, Russian defectors were pointing out at the time Rothbard penned this piece, Soviet military academies were teaching new officers that nuclear confrontation with the West was inevitable and that the first strike would determine the winner.

In more recent modified plans, though, in my opinion, this seems to have been a last resort option. Their plan is aided and abetted inside the United States by intellectuals who demand more welfare state power, more confiscatory power, more state theft, more inflation, more power for the Federal Reserve. While blasting the use of unconstitutional and illegal tactics when they are used against their fellow socialist/dictatorship advocates, they snort “paranoia” when anarcho-capitalists decry their use against “rightists”, or the economic abuse of citizens.

During the times of the book of Judges of the Bible, there was no permanent police force, there was no king, there was no standing army, there was no government at all. But on occasion the nations roundabout would oppress them.

In the famous history of Gideon, in fact, it was one such time, and the Philistine masters had banned all making of weapons, and only “approved” blacksmiths were allowed to even forge metals into plows. Gideon was “called” while plowing and formed a band that manufactured a bunch of “illegal weapons” and used them in a very asymmetric battle to throw off the invaders.

There is another issue at play here in Rothbard’s essay and even in its resurrection for posting at that affects most American libertarians, especially as a reaction to warmongering neoconservatives.

That is, they seem to share a kind of ignorance that has been imposed upon Americans about the world outside of the United States. Libertarian principles do not belong to one group of people any more than the truth about any other thing. Advocacy of freedom and liberty are universal. Natural rights are universal.

American libertarians are very much aware, and vociferously oppose the grossly unfair idea of redistribution in the U.S., and they are very much aware of the machinations of intellectual and political operators that want to justify the growing state economic control and central planning dictates.

But in other lands, they seem to me to be woefully ignorant of the struggles of people in other lands against violations of their freedom and their rights.

The recent glorification by even some libertarians of Hugo Chavez based on his (apparent) anti-Americanism is a case in point. But on principle, as some gullible hearts believe, he did NOT do anything good for the poor, any more than Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” war on poverty. There are precious few journalists or news agencies left in the world that report the truth faithfully, and the AP might as well declare itself openly as a Leftist Propaganda Front.

In fact, Chavez’ anti-American rhetoric rings hypocritical. He re-created the ruling class of bourgeoisie with billionaire supporters and newly billionaire buddies, and his own heirs now own a fortune that rivals those of the most brutal dictators of Asian and African fame.

The attack on AP, in fact, by the U.S. Department of Justice, looks like a multi-pronged illusionist trick. The AP participated in the attack by the entire international press against Honduras’ restoration of constitutionality in 2009, for example, and to those of us intimately aware of what was really happening in Honduras (my wife is Honduran), we saw it as obvious that it was deliberately deceitful reporting.

CNN’s reports in particular, in Spanish, were very, very bad, so much so that when about a million Hondurans spilled into their plazas and main roads to support the constitutional succession to Roberto Micheletti, a large group gathered outside CNN offices to protest their lying coverage.

In Miami, a lot of Hondurans gathered outside the Honduran consulate. Some of the Honduran-Americans I spoke with said they had voted for Obama and they would “never make that mistake again”.

Back to Lenin’s “peaceful coexistence” policy that Rothbard refers to, the sneaky, NWO propagandist Professor Carroll Quigley, quoted by the Birchers, is not the only source to find Communist designs for “attacks” (Lenin’s word) on capitalist countries. There is plenty of Communist literature, and references from Communist Party defectors, from Communist Party victims, in huge abundance:


AUTHOR: Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1870–1924)
QUOTATION: They [capitalists] will furnish credits which will serve us for the support of the Communist Party in their countries and, by supplying us materials and technical equipment which we lack, will restore our military industry necessary for our future attacks against our suppliers. To put it in other words, they will work on the preparation of their own suicide.
ATTRIBUTION: VLADIMIR ILICH (ULYANOV) LENIN, as reported by I. U. Annenkov in an article entitled, “Remembrances of Lenin,” Novyi Zhurnal/New Review, September 1961, p. 147.Annenkov recounts (pp. 144–47) a visit to the Moscow Institute of V. I. Lenin shortly after Lenin’s death, where he examined a number of Lenin manuscripts consisting principally of short and fragmentary notes, some of which were so interesting that he copied them. This Russian-language journal is published in New York City.

The popular and widely-quoted paraphrase, The capitalists are so hungry for profits that they will sell us the rope to hang them with, has often been considered spurious because it had not been found in Lenin’s published works.

SUBJECTS: Communism


It’s not like history has nothing to say here. It is indisputable that Stalin participated whole-heartedly, with the complete support of the entire Soviet apparatchiks, in dividing up Europe among the Allies. It is indisputable that Stalin’s Soviet Union poured arms, logistical support and funds into Mao’s guerrilla warfare. It is indisputable that the Soviet Union’s KGB and the more secretive GRU supplemented the open guerrilla wars they were famous for. And libertarian-minded lovers of freedom embrace historical selective amnesia to their own hurt. Not only that, it is a denial of the testimony of many fellow libertarians with better knowledge than the rest of us on the subject.

Just ask yourselves, people, what is wrong with somebody who can say government power corrupts in a land like the United States but not in a dictatorship or Islamic mini-caliphate? Why just pick on so-called “rightist” dictatorships?

Why say the Supreme Court robbed the 2000 election from Al Gore, for whom you have no political love, obviously, but totally ignore the complicity of the Florida Supreme Court in trying to support the rigging of the results attempted by minor elections officials? I do NOT think the Constitution is perfect, maybe a looser version like the previous Continental Congress structures would have been better. But if you talk about the rule of law with the same mouth, remember that the Constitution says the STATES set the rules for selecting the electors and Florida followed their own rules and the Florida Supreme Court told the state to change the rules. The Supreme Court would have done well to stop the obviously suspicious counting that resulted in an Senator Franklin. Motto: “Count the votes till I win! Then stop counting!”

Daniel 11’s “vile person” comes to power on the heels of a “raiser of taxes”,  “in whose estate” shall come one who shall “come in peaceably, obtain the kingdom by flatteries”, “work deceitfully”, “enter upon the fattest places of the province”, and “shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches”.

And mayhem ensues..

Venezuelan opposition TV station tones down, angers Capriles | Reuters

June 1, 2013

Under the weight of massive fines for minor and non-existent infractions, in a campaign against opposition media and press of all forms, plus criminal charges against the owner obviously motivated in censorship by way of a thousand cuts, the Chavez government succeeded in driving Globovision out of business.

The government did not even try to hide the fact that they wanted to drive the ownership to one more friendly to them. That has just happened.

The new ownership at Globovision has suddenly gotten much more cozy with Chavez.

I have watched the coverage on this channel. They blasted the Chavez government takeover of several hundred radio stations across the country. Using laws that were never ever enforced before, technical infractions having to do with information on forms and the dates that forms were submitted –no doubt often due to minor officials dragging their feet and expecting a little “grease”– the telecommunications agency cancelled their licenses and gave them to Chavista-friendly ownership.

In the same way, one massive fine for violating a statute that banned direct criticism of the president, they shut down another television station.

Here’s how the fascist/socialist revisionist social injustice organizations have twisted the history. Pop quiz: What is wrong with this question:

Ríos Montt is best known outside Guatemala for heading a military regime (1982–1983) that was partly responsible for having defeated the guerrillas through the “guns and beans” campaign, maintaining “If you are with us, we’ll feed you, if not, we’ll kill you”

It is also a lesson in how to read between the revisionist lines. “With us” meaning anybody who does not take up arms against the government. The killing reference is for those who do kill not only soldiers but civilians whenever the civilians do not support them.

Civilians have no choice if any government does not support them, like when they disarm decent citizens. But this “guns and beans” reference, what it REALLY meant, was that the government of Efrain Rios Montt began ARMING THE INDIANS and training them so they could defend themselves effectively against the guerrillas. His program taught them how to organize themselves to protect themselves.

And since poverty and neglect are the big bugaboos that guerrillas use to get some moral credulity among populations they plan to subject to their rule, Rios Montt organized those programs to make sure they had participation in the national economy.

That is one big reason they voted for him in that area by majority in elections that his party lost elsewhere.

See what was really transpiring inside doomed compound

May 28, 2013

You see, it is governments like the United States government, that are the biggest small and big arms dealers in the world. The United Nations small-arms treaty would want to create an arms dealing cartel made up of the most ruthless arms dealers in the world, its member governments.


God bless Mary O’Grady, God help history revisionist paid liar Stephen Lendman

May 28, 2013
Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya.

Hondurans opposing Manuel Zelaya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





The CIA is not slouch and no angelic force for good but facts are facts. There is some really wrong stuff in that article about Guatemala! And if the “left-of-center” governments were so vulnerable to the CIA, then why is there no right-of-center governments left in Latin America?

Where do you get your paycheck for being a professional history revisionist, Stephen? I’m breaking my own rule and I am not even going to post a link to such revisionist history, a coverup for the really bad guys, probably the guerrillas themselves that did the massacre and then blamed it on the military.

The ruling against Efrain Rios Montt is a blatant abuse of power and corruption itself, a coverup for the real abusers, and is a message to all men in political positions to “obey, or else we will get you, now or later”.  And they want you to remember Pinochet: If we can’t get you, we’ll keep you locked up based on a lying judge in Spain (with an open public history of Communism) for awhile and then we’ll come after your children. It’s also a warning to their operatives, the ones that are fully cognizant of the crimes they commit against all the peoples, to stay away from Christians. That’s another reason he’s the one persecuted.

The bad guys have offered up a scapegoat to take the blame. But it won’t work. They will get their just desserts later, maybe from the same overlords that wanted to punish him.

The revisionist history that makes genocide disappear is not the ones that the revisionists that fancy themselves “leftists” make it out to be.

Fact check #1: Efrain Rios Montt did NOT  “seize power”. A coup d’etat did ask him to run the government, after overthrowing one of the most blatant electoral FRAUDS to that date in Guatemala’s history, after the then RIGHT!-of-center president that they overthrew arranged his own “re-election”, votes be damned, and the people roared in such loud protest demanding mlitary intervention against this shameless attack on “democracy”. They asked Efrain Rioss Montt to serve because he was universally respected in Guatemala as honest and impeccable.

But they overthrew him 16 months later because he remained true to his reputation, and because he tried to STOP dirty tactics against the guerrillas. Three percent my ass!

That’s why it took till NOW to do this, because (1) the real bad guys needed a scapegoat, and they don’t like Bible-believing Christians, and (2) a lot of voices of truth resisting the lies had to die off first, and (3) to get a younger indoctrinated generation critical mass that was not so close to events.

Like Manuel Zelaya planned on doing in his own unreported auto-coup, too, in 2009.

As to that slaughter of the Indians, he STOPPED it. It was local landowners getting colonels to take over lands, AND THE GUERRILLAS WERE MAKING SURE THERE WAS ENOUGH CONFUSION AND FALSE INTELLIGENCE TO MAKE SURE a lot of innocent Mayans would be killed.

That is what they’ve been doing in Honduras. The revisionist history in this article is the “leftist” version. The international socialists are as bad as the National Socialists for pushing lies and propaganda and distortions.

As we speak they are agitating a climate of serial murder against journalists and public figures in Honduras to take over by hook and crook after the Honduran people rejected their auto-coup by fraud in 2009.

Revisionist history indeed!

– See more at:


“Christian Right” and “Christian Left”

May 21, 2013

Jesus said to heal the sick, comfort the broken-hearted, set the captives free. The “fundamentalist Christian Right” have been doing this for 2,000 years WITHOUT STEALING A SINGLE DIME BY THE FORCE OF THE GUN OF THE LAW. You do NOT get ANY moral credit for sending IRS agents out by the thousands to make sure you TAKE WITHOUT SPECIFIC PERMISSION all the stuff you use for “good” things. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The Neo-cons and “Christian Zionists” –Pharisees of this generation– indeed have left off following the Two Greatest Commandments, following Israel into denying what Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life; No man cometh to the Father but by me”. Jesus said this to the same Pharisee sect that today gets special privilege in Israel –founded by godless, SECULAR and socialist Zionists, by the way.

Neither the Christian Media Establishment of today, NOR the leftist Sojourner-type Establishment Christians, are following Christ’s teachings. One is into stealing from their neighbors in the name of the sacred “majority vote” for the WARfare state, the other is into stealing from their neighbors in the name of the sacred “majority vote” for the WELfare state, and the only true recipients of all this largess in the end is either the military-industrial complex on the one hand, or the government-media-corporate complex on the other.

While they give out crumbs to keep the poor happy (crumbs they steal from the middle class) and cry “Let them eat cake!” in the imperial capital of D.C., they swear allegiance to both the “safety net” and the Constitution. But there is no safety net except for the winners in the wheeling and dealing in our Imperial occupiers’ capital.

Along come people making off with the “Christian” label who obviously do not care to “search the Scriptures, to see if these things be so”.

These are the “Christians” who see the robbery victim on the side of the road and pass by. Instead of carrying the poor guy to the inn and promising “I” will repay like the Good Samaritan, they rob the next guy to come along to pay for the first guy. Good innovators with good ideas and good business ethics like Tucker are left in ruins because they expose the whole sordid fraud of “welfare”.

While the cold-hearted “religious right” pours out tithes and of their abundance to get there first after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew and around the world to help the helpless, the oh-so-warm-hearted caring “liberals” are very liberal with their NEIGHBOR’s fruits of somebody Else’s labor, stealing as much as it takes to “help” rich politicians get richer off the backs of the poor man’s vote. They want even more –like Ron Paul said it– so they can “steal from the poor in rich countries to give to the rich in poor countries”, and call it “helping”.

And until Ron Paul, not many people paid attention to the money changers who are committing Grand Theft Inflation, robbing the resources right out from under the housewife’s grocery money to spend it on their own interests.

If you can only get your money by stealing it in taxes (taking without asking) or by printing money (exchanging your dollar’s value for a dollar of less value without having to bother getting shot back like the BURGLAR they are), then you are NOT obeying Christ, you are leaving the poor guy on the side of the road for a good Christian SAMARITAN like in the story Jesus told or David Livingston or Mother Theresa to help undo your damage to the poor.

Ron Paul's blimp

Ron Paul’s blimp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hoosier judge: Why do they hate Americans. Really?

May 11, 2013
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

DAVOS, 27JAN2010 – George Soros, Chair, Soros Fund Mgt, USA, at the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 1/27/2010 (Wikipedia)

The author talks like America’s actions in foreign countries today are the same as Americans, and that nobody in the world has any legitimate reason to oppose the American government’s policies.

Who was begging Obama to bomb and invade Libya with surrogate “rebels” recruited from the CIA-created Al Qaeda and guided by special forces on the ground? and overthrow Gaddafi? Almost nobody..

A lot of conservatives agreed with me during the misnomered “Arab Spring” that the cheering for it was misguided, be careful what you wish for, all that. And now, instead of Gaddafi, who gave away his nuclear program and officially confessed his past support for terrorism and renounced it before the entire world –THE SOLE AND ONLY MUSLIM LEADER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO HAS EVER DONE SO– is now gone, and replaced with one of the worst situations in the entire Middle East.

And now the NEW Libyan leader has EVERY reason in the world to HATE America for putting up with Susan Rice and the ANTI-AMERICANS IN THE WHITE HOUSE and in the State Department. They called him a liar and humiliated him before the world, and more importantly, before the Arab lands.

I know who DID demand Obama bomb and invade Libya and any other country in the world that he thinks doesn’t treat its people right, according to HIM, and that’s George Soros. He calls it the “duty to intervene”. This is one of the most blatant philosophies, pushed by very rich and powerful people with oversized political clout, pushing for wars of aggression everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Hondurans still love America, but not because they don’t have reason. American may have elected the guy in the White House who insulted them and lectured them on their own Constitution and why they should put the murderous dictator back in power, the piti-Chavez from the murderous family, whose name is notorious for the Los Horcones massacre of nuns and priests on his family’s property. Which he denies to this day.

Michael Scheuer, Number One OBL-hunter despite Hollywood’s revisionist movie on the story, answer the question of what makes them terrorists by saying “Because they don’t like the US bombing and invading their country”.

I told the leftist groupies in 2008 that Obama would continue the wars and add to them, he would make the Patriot Act worse than it was and pile on to it, and of course he did.

Warfare is cover for both parties to keep up the stealing and borrowing to finance both the welfare and the warfare state. Reality check.