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January 13, 2013


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is finding that journalists who advocate gun-free zones are refusing free signs that declare their homes “gun-free”.

Many of the advocates of refusing to allow citizens to decide how to exercise their right to self-defense, and refusing to let them acquire the appropriate tools for the intent of the Second Amendment, which is to defend their families and our rights against tyranny, whether it come from foreign invasion or oppression from their own government.

Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party declares his line in the sand. As I’ve been sharing privately with others, at some point in the campaign to disarm Americans, a line will be crossed. There are great numbers of people declaring publicly and loudly telling them that they will not just give up their means of self-defense.

He reminds us that the spark for the American Revolution was the Brits’ attempts to confiscate their weapons.

Propaganda Media (my nickname for the semi-official media that act as government organs) has tried to pretend it’s about hunting and sport shooting, for the benefit of those who simply believe as they’re told and repeat what they’re told, but let us be very clear, it should be repeated in every discussion on the issue: There are reasons the natural right to the tools of self-defense should not be infringed that have to do with protection from assault, battery and robbery, but the number one reason for it, the number one reason the American revolutionaries put it into the Bill of Rights, was to make sure that the citizenry had the means to fight back against both foreign invasion and tyranny.

They did not even trust their own government, they especially did not trust any Army, and that’s why they put into law the principle of Posse Comitatus. They made a civilian and elected official the Commander-in-Chief, but they did not trust their own commanders-in-chief as a formal principle.

Even the very strong federalist James Madison, who favored a strong national government, proclaimed to the Constitutional Assembly that a “standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty”, because they have always been the instruments of tyranny.

The American military, in my opinion, except for the very highest levels at the Joint Chiefs probably, is a possible exception to this, but it remains to be seen if their loyalty to the Constitution is tested when confronted with action inside the borders.

But the federal government has a great number of armed federal agents at its disposal, and in a few instances they have proven to be aggressive in carrying out illegal (unconstitutional) directives, as in Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the ATF hustling guns to the most violent Mexican drug cartels. Like Judge Andrew Napolitano says in the title of his book, “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”.

Pat Buchanan warned that there would be a revolution if the government tried to confiscate all arms, in response to a question as to whether it would be good to banish the Second Amendment.


A teacher is suing because she was ordered to get rid of all things from her area that had Christian connotation:

Turns out the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” protested her Christian articles. But declare this throughout the land: the First Amendment has no such thing. Both clauses of the part of the First Amendment that address religion, rather obviously are to recognition that there is a Freedom FOR religion, not “from” it.

Reminds me of someone who once said that his right not to listen trumps my right to free speech. I retorted very strongly that it does NOT because any such (non-existent) “right not to listen” would mean censorship.

Remember one high school was told to ban the opening prayer at football games, so at the next game, the kids in the stands spontaneously shouted the Lord’s Prayer.

So, now, after decades of speaking down at Americans, and losing its audience, Time Inc. will lay off about 700 staffers.


Their big salaries and expense accounts give new meaning to the Beatles’ song title, “A working man’s hero is something to be”.

Except not all the world’s workers want to go along with the Marxist anti-capitalist program. The “workers of the world” in Venezuela united alright, against Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez, and did a general strike, and marched against them on the day that Chavez operatives shot dead at least a dozen people and then his government refused to prosecute anybody.

The workers in America have refused to become Communist, although it looks like a small percentage already unionized are getting radicalized


One state attorney general says he’ll understand it, and there is another state that may pass legislation (or already did) that orders the arrest with penalties of any federal agent attempting to enforce Obamacare.


Apparently Vladimir Putin is not only reasserting central command-and-control government within the Russian borders, he is also moving to leverage Russia’s natural gas deliveries and the legacy of the Soviet-era transportation infrastructure to regain dominance over the former Soviet republics.


Remember that the biggest natural disasters and biggest political and social problems are exponentially magnified in urban areas, in the cities. Gerald Celente of Trends Research, who has made a lot of predictions that proved accurate, when pushed in interviews on the financial channels to recommend an investment, refuses to respond with anything other than farmland. That’s right, farmland.

But there is another more important preparation to make, and that is spiritual. The age-old question has been used as a cliché but it has its base in truth: “Are you prepared to meet your Maker?”


Homeland Security Tracks These Keywords on Twitter and Facebook VIDEO

March 6, 2012

God bless EPIC, they keep on keeping on, fighting the hegemony’s urge to monitor everything you say or do on the Internet. Now we find out the DHS has hired a company to monitor all activity for given keywords.

That’s a blatant assault on the 4th and 5th amendments, but they’ve been ignoring the US Constitution for generations now. Like the IRS prying into free speech content of corporations applying for 501c3 or 501c4 status.

“The agency has demonstrated no legal basis for its social network and media monitoring program, which threatens important free speech and expression rights,” EPIC said in a Feb. 22 letter submitted to U.S. Congress.

EPIC says the surveillance of social media networks, public forums and websites violates the First Amendment and the Privacy Act of 1974.

Communism is not classless, the party bosses are the upper class, all others have no chance

February 7, 2012

High school accused of ‘promoting communism over capitalism’ in social studies lesson worksheet | Mail Online:

Tell you what for the Cold War to compare Communism and Capitalism. Take a bunch of case studies. Look at the lot of the poor (and everybody else) in these cases:

Compare East Germany to West Germany.

Compare North Korea and South Korea.

Compare Cuba’s sinking in poverty and Chile joining the Developed Nations club.

Compare Venezuela before Chavez and after Chavez.

Compare Taiwan of the 1980s to the Maoist China of the 1980s.

Witness the post-WWIIGerman miracle“.

Bloggers Are Not Journalists Rules Portland Judge

January 19, 2012

This blogger, Mona Zhang, wonders whether this judge did right in ruling that a blogger is not a journalist:

Apparently it made a legal difference here in a defamation case. Crystal Cox was sued for defamation.

I’ll post here my comments in response:


The only “standard” for new media old media should be the same as always, and anybody who puts text in front of you qualifies as “press” for purposes of the definition in the First Amendment. Newspapers should not have one micron more privilege than any blogger or commenter anywhere on the Internet, period!

“Traditional journalism” has let us down in fact, due precisely to the legal and investment barriers for someone to speak their mind. For example, all traditional journalists have participated in another new mini-holocaust in Libya by leaving so under-reported the racist massacre of an entire town of 10,000 blacks.…

Some old-line media made it a back-page story for ONE DAY because it totally destroyed the conformist government-media complex line that these were simply freedom-fighters trying to end a dictatorship. And the fact that these “rebels” were cutting crosses into the bodies of these blacks (because many of them were Christians), barely made a blip.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation is a good place to find clarity with issues like this one:



January 18: Internet-Wide Protests Against the Blacklist Legislation | Electronic Frontier Foundation

January 18, 2012
Internet Explorer doesnt like the Conservatives

Image by Cyberslayer via Flickr

English: Logo of the Electronic Frontier Found...

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This is NOT good.

They want to nibble away at the free exchange we have on the Internet.

Preemptive crime is itself a crime. These things have built-in slippery slopes. Shut down file-sharing sites instead of prosecuting actual violators is like putting you in jail because somebody committed murder on your front lawn.

Here’s an activist platform from the Electronic Freedom Foundation:

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros moving to control world food market

December 24, 2011

George Soros making a move to control food and grain production | Congressman Tom Tancredo:

This man seems like he gets more dangerous by the minute. When government interventionism tilts markets in favor of such corporatist chicanery, it is time for Americans to perk up, wake up, and get alert.

Remember this is the biggest champion supposedly for socialism. People who demand government taxes on the rich to subsidize the poor do not realize they are asking for guys like this –who control the political shills they trust– to push the middle class into poverty with the poor. That gives him even more power, while the shills continue to blame the problems of the poor on “the rich”. Of course the shills’ own patrons ARE the rich, but shush, don’t let the secret get out.

Border Patrol officer in prison sent a bill for $7,000

November 13, 2011

This is an abuse of government arrogance against its own employees in this case, in my opinion:

I don’t know, with the history of border incidents and public policy pronouncements, you’d think there was a campaign going on to demoralize border patrol agents, or anybody else, that tries to catch undocumented border crossings.

I am personally in favor of universally open borders, but not at the expense of nonsensical and impossible demands of people who are just their jobs. “Well, Mr. Suspicious Character With the Bag of Drugs There, Please wait while I consult my excessive force threshold that my political higher officers will second-guess”.

Europe Rules Out Stimulus, Shuns Geithner Plea – Bloomberg

September 18, 2011

Oh this is really something. Timothy Geithner is telling Europe they have to spend more money, aka “stimulus” and printing money:

European finance ministers ruled out efforts to spur the faltering economy and showed no signs of taking up a proposal by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to increase the firepower of the debt crisis rescue fund.

Get this gem:

Geithner preached the lessons of the emergency banking support provided by the Treasury and Federal Reserve in reaction to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., mixing it with criticism of Europe’s crisis-management coordination.

What lessons? That none of the central planners in DC had a clue? That nothing they have done has helped? That money printing hasn’t helped either?

How about the real-world lessons? Europe’s money changers are at least admitting the obvious, sort of, even if they will never accept that everything they can do to interfere with the free market does anything to stimulate wealth? All they can do is create illusions by “spreading the wealth around” to their friends, with a few crumbs to the poor for cover.

Another Bush might not be quite as bad as the almost openly declared Marxist mole Obama, but that won’t help either.

The Gullible Idiots Media sectors keep trying to say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. They know it’s baloney. In spite of all the voluntary self-censorship by the government-media complex, anybody can see that Ron Paul’s predictions in 2008 have come true beyond all Americans’ fears, and that he is a fully serious contender, and that his supporter base is growing in leaps and bounds.

The only excuse anybody can give who is disgusted with the present Big Government cartel, is that he “doesn’t have a chance”?

The only barrier left now is the illusion among the evangelical faithful that somehow they must empty what’s left in their pockets to fight Islam. The country cannot afford any more wars, they can’t even afford the wars they’re already in, and the Bush-Cheney-Obama-Clinton-Soros foreign policy in the Middle East is literally killing us. Literally.

And the fiat currency regimen is killing us too, and dragging us into economic oblivion. Without fiat currency, Congress could not get away with a debt for present and future liabilities that push close to exceeding the entire worldwide money supply. They would have to spend real money that carries independent value. If it had independent value, they couldn’t steal from the poor by pumping out more fiat dollars, by engaging in what amounts to fraud.

Because even the payouts to the poor that are financed by loans, whether directly or indirectly by fungible budgets, are a stealth tax (aka theft) that robs the very same poor the programs are supposed to help by what’s called “inflation” which might better be called a “currency value tax”.

That tax by inflation is what the politicians that like to call themselves “progressives” call a “regressive” tax, meaning it takes a bigger percentage chunk from the poor man’s income that it does from a rich man’s income.

So why are all the Democrats, and almost all the Republicans, including the presidential candidates, ignoring the biggest private corporate monopoly in the country, the Federal Reserve, with only one who has consistently warned us all about them for over 30 years?

Fiat currency is a false balance, a false scale for value. It’s against the law for supermarkets to rig the weight scales in the supermarket to give you a false reading of the value of the produce on that scale. And yet we allow the Congress, the Executive to tip the scales.

How do they do it? You know that dollar in your pocket? The same two dollars that bought five pounds of potatoes ten or twenty years ago, and only buys four pounds today. The Federal Reserve robbed you of the difference with their fiat money magical computerized dollar printing.

No wonder the famous banker patriarch Rothschild said he didn’t care who sat on the king’s throne if he had control over the currency.

But now, thanks to the fact that Ron Paul’s candidacy has pushed the issue into the minds of the electorate, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”, and even elite Establishment Republican candidates and Lap Dog Gullible Idiots Media has been forced to recognize the Federal Reserve as an issue, Americans are beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “free money”.

Fiat money is a “false balance”, a false measure of value:
Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Beware of liars supporting ex-dictator and coup runner Mel Zelaya

March 6, 2011

Beware of speakers from Honduras trying to justify ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya’s auto-coup in Honduras. Somebody reported in another forum about a “Garifuna” woman –that’s an Indian tribe in Honduras– singing the praises of that wannabe tyrant and narco-socialist. They say that enemy of freedom was helping them, but I’ve never heard of any real help except to rob foreign aid moneys and Honduran tax receipts to pay off the gang that tried to made stick their coup d-etat against constitutional order.

Honduras was VERY fortunate to have a man like Roberto Micheletti to stand in the gap against the imperialist interventionist efforts to force this Communist back into power –against the Honduras constitutional protections against such caudillo takeovers.

She’s on the “social justice” tour backed by lots and lots of money. Where does a humble Garifuna woman, especially complaining about how much poverty they have to suffer, get all that MONEY for all these endless TOURS!

They get it from the same rich plutocrats that want to set up their fascist/narco-socialist oligarchy in Honduras just like Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. If they can’t have that they’ll get propaganda mileage for next time.

Here’s a hint.

My wife was once a poll-watcher, an observer, in Honduras. The political parties get their representatives to watch the counting, like they’re supposed to do here (in the United States). (By the way, that’s something you can’t do when it’s one of those abmoninable e-voting machines; take it from a software engineer).

One of the other ladies there noticed she had instant rapport with people, she’s like that, and a leader type. That lady was working for a small party, the most leftist of them.

She gave her a talk something like this: “Why don’t you join us? Look, you get $X a month (a LOT), you get to travel around the world, go to conferences and meetings, you get free training, you get this, you get that, don’t have to worry anymore.”

It was when the so-called “Cold War” was still hot, but notice with this “Garifuna” woman the money spigot is still flowing rivers, so the same mega-super-rich that pushed so-called “socialism” before are still around and they’re still pushing it.


Tea Party: Stop welfare for the Rich!

January 23, 2011

> It seems sort of funny that the Tea Party seems interested only in dismantling wasteful government spending /on the poor/ and completely disinclined to abolish government programs that benefit them. Go figure.
That is absolutely NOT TRUE. And the rest of it was backwards in the real world of the United States today. The Tea Party movement was born during the Bush bailouts, a total waste of our money and collective credit as taxpayers, in the high billions. That was free money for BIG CORPORATE moguls, and they were totally supported by DEMOCRATS, including the most leftist guy in the Senate at the time, candidate Obama.

Then under Obama the Dems continued this shameless giveaway of money to favorite companies and big corporations under the so-called “Stimulus” bills, one after another! That’s why the populace was outraged.

Never mind even that I STAYED OUT because the housing market was so crazy. But even there, why should you take my money by force to pay the mortgage of guys like the one that bought one I was renting, and defaulted in less than five months. Why should my money pay his mortgage?

What the Tea Party uprising was protesting in 2009 was the FREE MONEY that the BIG RICH MONEYBAGS were getting! They were mad!

And it’s real funny that DemonRats in the media always conveniently leave that out and keeping talking like they’re just against the poor, when they themselves have defended welfare for the richest band of thieves on the planet, starting with Goldman Sachs!

They got even more mad with the outrageous lies being told about the Health Care thing. Lying in our faces saying if you like it you can keep it (companies are dropping health coverage or lowering coverage), costs will go down (they went up), and supposedly surrendering the “public option” (caught on tape earlier admitting they woudn’t get it right away but it will eventually be the only one), denying the “death panels” (now its supporters are admitting to it).

They’re angry at the lack of transparency, secret money –stolen from us (without representation or direct oversight)– going to secret rich fat cats.

This is what gave Tea Party grassroots such ire.

False-flag Dems that so hypocritically hide their blatant corruption and free money for their rich moneybags patrons behind the skirts of the poor give special fits to some of us who know that the best thing you can do for the poor is to let them have incentive to fly free.

That’s compassion. If you help a butterfly struggle out the cocoon by snipping it open, you doomed the poor thing to a quick floundering death because it somehow has to have that toning to be able to fly.

A mother eagle doesn’t leave the eaglets in the nest bringing the poor things good because they can’t fly. When it comes of age, the mother eagle starts making the nest uncomfortable and finally even maybe some thorns come in, then it starts pushing that little one into the air.

You don’t really help anybody if you give him a fish for one meal, you’ve heard the story. You teach him how to fish.

Obama was spouting total nonsense when he said he didn’t know anybody that would prefer an unemployment check over a job. He’s from what area in Chicago?

If he does not know anybody like that, it’s because all his friends are RICH and socialists who even deny such a person exists to your face.

Compassion for the poor is giving your own life for them, your own money, out of your own pockets. Joining the ganging up on people you think have more than you to take somebody else’s money and giving that to the poor is a selfish conscience salve.