After becoming an atheist (and socialist) after years of high school and Ivy League university indoctrination schooling, and then, facts, science, logic and reality -mostly science, though– dragged me back to believing in the Bible.

Now, it is obvious that the evidence against long ages for the earth is overwhelming. Even the starlight distances is contradicted by evidence, like the quasar anomalies, which Halton Arp catalogued in his 1966 Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (see And there is Russ Humphreys’ book Starlight and Time, and later writings and modifications of the theories therein, compatible with the Creation Week of Genesis.

There are dozens, even hundreds, of testimonies from the real world itself, to the truth of Genesis One, the Creation week.

Anthropic principle: the fine-tuned physics constants that support the universe as it is.

Polonium halos.

Punctuated equilibrium, Stephen Jay Gould’s name for his explanation as to why there is such a complete absence of any “transitional fossils” showing even a small part of any evidence of common ancestry.

The receding of the moon’s orbit from earth.

The complete lack of any consistent explanation for the origins of the planets.

The giant honking impossibility of spontaneous biogeneration, life from non-life.

Millions of generations of bacteria grown in a closed environment since the 1950s in an experiment which shows exactly ZERO changes that should happen, according to anti-creationist assertions.

The evident structural orientation in the “galactic neighborhood” of the Milky Way galaxy. It shows a clear orientation centering on the Milky Way, which would be consistent with Genesis Once.

Russ Humphreys predicting with precision the magnetic field force of the planets Uranus and Neptune, based on the Biblical Creation account, while the NASA scientists, predicting based on secular long-ages narratives, were way wildly off. They held off afterward on predictions for Mercury, for which Russ Humphreys’s prediction was again correct.

Inverted layers in geological formations.

Polystrate fossils embedded in rocks, individual fossils that straddle multiple layers that secular geologists say show millions of years from one layer to another, an impossibility.

The optimal combination of visibility to the universe, with a life-supporting environment, that makes the Earth a “privileged planet”. Plus Earth’s positioning in this galaxy in an optimal position in one of its spiral arms. Closer to the galactic center would mean many more meteorite and comet encounters, making life much more untenable. It also means better visibility to see the wider universe Farther away would have other consequences, and fewer stellar neighbors to learn from.

Geology shows overwhelming evidence of a worldwide flood. One “skeptic” wrote a book that compiled thousands of stories of the Flood from tribes around the world, that to the consternation of “skeptics” since, have shown a consistency that cannot be explained away.

Fossils show that animals were very much larger in the past, showing that as implied in the Biblical Flood narrative, the climate changed post-Flood. Some creationists say it shows a change in atmospheric pressure, that would be compatible with larger insects, like 12-inch long cockroach fossils.

The Ica stones in Peru have carvings on them of all kinds of animals, including man-dinosaur encounters.. All across the Americas there are stories about giant creatures, their descriptions matching the flying dinosaur pterodactyl. Missionaries in the Congo showed pictures of dinosaurs to natives, including of a brontosaurus, excitedly recognizing “mokele-membe”, an animal that existed deep in the Congo jungle.

Irreducible complexity. “Darwin’s Black Box”.

Darwin’s own idea that the lack of fossil continuity was one evidence that contradicted his theory. Thomas Huxley told him he should have kept his mouth shut about that, setting the example for anti-creationists since.

Even the foremost international philosopher and apologist for atheism conceded after many formal and friendly debates with creationists, that DNA was strong evidence of some kind of Creator. Life requires a cellular structure, managed across generations by DNA, which cannot exist without the protection and support of that cellular structure, including all the processes that support it with food, expelling of waste, energy processing, all that, and all together, and all at the same time. Anti-creationists cannot come up with even a convincing hypothesis that can explain how all those things could happen at the same time (without a miracle of course).

The Big Bang was forced past anti-creationist denials by the “expanding universe” observations that pointed back in time to a point of origin. They cannot explain why the universe appeared ‘ex nihilo’ in contradiction to the three fundamental acknowledged axiomatic principles of physics, the three laws of thermodynamics. To even get past the initial “bang”, all they have is “inflation” which they all agree is not completely convincing.


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