Anthropic principle and evolution

There are two “versions” of the anthropic principle. There is one of those that was a “defense” against the other one.

Spontaneous universe defenders argue against the straw man, the redundant version, that says of course we fit this universe because here we are. That argument should fail Logic 101 class and it is indeed meaningless.

But then there they go, the same ones, ever searching anyway for a non-circular argument of the holy grail of an origins theory that fits. Big bang, inflation, variable speed of light, ever trying to find a reason to doubt the TRUE anthropic principle.

The fact is, creationists winning the debates is more than arrogant “scientists” dismissing it claim. The spontaneous universe believers are the ones who agreed to debate because they thought it would be as easy as disproving the flat earth idea. Oops.

So then they took a page from the clerics who banned Bible reading for the masses so now they say nobody could understand “evolution” because it takes years of learning. Bait and swich word. It takes years of indoctrination to undo logical thinking

You talk about it takes “being able to understand or comprehend”. And yet the main reason creationists won those debates is because they understand the atheist theories better than the atheists.

Don’t know where you get your info, but none other than paleontologist Stephen Gould based his entire theory on “punctuated equilibrium” based on the fact that THERE ARE NO transitional forms between groups of animals, meaning there are nothing but great gaps, chasms really, between the goups. Canines and felines, but no transitions. His theory says Darwinian evolution happened based on the evidence that there is no evidence for it between groups.

Denying the mountains of evidence accumulated that cannot account for the spontaneous origins myth is no evidence at all.

There are no refutations other than hand-waving and “just add time” and muzzling the kids that say the Emperor has no clothes:

_1_ Mathematicians at a combined math-and-biology conference in the 1980s told the biologists to come up with a better explanation than “natural selection” because they odds were astronomical against.

_2_ Darwin himself admitted the fossil record was a refutation against his theory, but said he was confident that ongoing discoveries would fill it in. So today’s fossils, as admitted by Stephen J. Gould, are stronger refutation still. (Thomas Huxley told him shut up, don’t admit anything, and the faithful followers have followed suit since).

_3_ When DNA was first discovered, instead of questioning how the three-legged stool of DNA, mRNA, and the cellular environment –all absolutely necessary for even one living cell–, the faithful only proclaimed it was an explanation for Darwinism.

_4_ Then along came epigenetics around the 1190s-2000s and biologists publicly wept that it was trashing everything they knew about biology. (Thomas Kuhn warned them but by then he was into trashing free markets).

_5_ Then came “Irreducible Complexity”, pointing to the organic molecular machines that cannot work without every individual component in place and doing its particular functions. Meaning there no transitinal precedent would work to get there. The cell has millions of them.

_6_ along the way, biologists and anatomists kept finding “vestigial organs”. I laughed all along at that one. Like the human tailbone, which serves to anchor absolutely necessary muscles in that area.And snake and whale leg bones, which were once “vestigial”. but serve to help anchor the animals during copulation. A function necessary for propagation of the species).

_7_ Hundreds of cellular and organic processes similarly lacking in any reasonable theoretical evolutionary precedent. Blood clotting requires some many steps in reaction to exposure to air that ALL and EACH have to happen quickly, or death comes quick. (Hemophiliacs). One cell in the retina gets hit by ONE PHOTON and starts a lightning quick chain reaction of also some 12 or so steps,and it all has to immediately snap back in place for the next photon.

ON AND ON AND ON. There are HUNDREDS more examples.

Not to mention the multitude of physical and scientific and astronomical facts that have brought


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