Biden’s handlers should stop using *illegal* immigrants as political pawns

Steven Greenhut has penned article “Don’t Use Immigrants as Political Pawns” at magazine.


Everybody in the world knows who started the circus of using illegal immigrants as pawns. We have even Nancy Pelosi setting up MS-13 and 18 gang members as “God’s children”.

Believe you me, my Honduran wife HATES any coddling of the gangs that invaded people’s homes in Honduras and more than once chopped up whole families’ bodies into pieces. In one case for a competition to see which one would lead a cell.

The article subheading sets the pace for some gross real-world denials in the text: “The best rebuke to the Biden administration’s inhumane border policies is for Republican governors to welcome migrants into their states.”


And all the women they bring across get raped. I have had personal cconfirmation of this.

So let’s get this straight: The best rebuke to the Biden administration’s inhumane border policies is to welcome these ILLEGAL migrants (don’t use weasal wrod euphemisms steven! Nobody is talking about LEGAL “migrants” here, LIKE MY WIFE, and people like Mayra Flores in the southernmost border county of Texas, leave them out of it! You certainly don’t speak for my wife, who is personally familiar with what insane open border poicies do to her fellow Latinos!

It is those insane cartel-friendly policies that have converted a welcome mat for refugees into an obvious political stunt by Democrats who are trying to change the future electoral map, since their current policies have converted their former constituents into electoral anathema for them.

And don’t lie to us about claims of the “victims” of Florida’s governor suing him. We all know that these are the “claims” of the ambulance-chasing lawyers who saw dollar signs in this group, and that it is the lawyers who are claiming fraud.

And what about the FRAUD of the rich billionaire oligarchs, among whom are the owners of the mansions at Martha’s Vineyard, including the 12-million dollar mansion owned by Barack and Michele Obama. Fine examples of victims they, with Michele actually claiming out loud in a video that she feels fear from all that prejudice by people who elected her husband to high office (you know, getting elected by white people to the WH in spite of themselves).

They are the ones, including the now outed liars on Martha’s Vineyard who have been echoing Biden’s invitation for 6 billion people to come to America. The poor, benighted billionaire of that beleaguered island cannot possibly afford to feed 50 migrants. Everybody knows full well that Texas border counties can handle all the 4 Million being foisted upon them by Biden’s border policies.

Those fifty, oh my gosh, fifty of them!, never mind they signed documents agreeing with the transport to one of the richest places on Earth, having no idea that the island ghetto could not possibly help them.

Hint to Governor Abbot: Maybe next time ask if any black Ameicans want a free ride to Martha’s Vineyard!


Only a doofus asks that. NOBODY is blaming Venezuelans or Mexicans or anybody else for “seeking asylum here”, even if it’s a misguided financial, fiduciary, or economic asylum they seek. Go back and talk about who Governors Abbot and Desantis are blaming. That’s a lie of omission, because we ALL know that NOBODY is blaming these victims of the Biden administration’s inhumane border policy.

EDven Mr. Borders, Language and Culture Michael Savage has praised Mexican immigrants for how hard they work and all, and makes clear he does not blame them in the least. So stop lying!


I know the lying lawyers that signed up some of them (not all, I note) to sue that claim victimhood on their behalf, avoid mentioning the complaints from blacks and poor whites (yes, there are still millions of poor white people, the ones Stzrok said stink up the Walmarts)

The southern governors have only called the bluff on the virtue signalling millionaire class and their apologists like Steven Greenhut by giving them what they said they wanted. Immigrants seeking asylum.

Illegal because this crowd that wants to destroy America’s culture of God, family, and country, was not able to get open borders passed legally.

Texas and Florida are only sending them to places that loudly and proudly signalled that they welcome them. Border counties in Texas are fed up with litter, harrassment in their streets.


Really, Steven? Sending them to places that loudly say they want them is more hardship than what Texans face with the onslaught to their state?

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