Cold fusion and LENR rap

There was an ICCF24 conference, associated with the Anthropocene Institute, Infinite Energy Magazine, and the New Energy Foundation founded by the late Eugene Mallove, who quit MIT in disgust after they (falsely) denied getting positive results from testing the experiments announced by Fleischmann and Pons in 1989.

Hot nuclear fusion is a multi-billion dollar business for universities today. But the DoD, and science institutes around the world are studying it. It promises vast potential for energy. Eugene Mallove said it had potential to make flights into space much more common, among other things.

I don’t wonder why the “Green” movement has ignored it, despite repeated entreaties from its advocates. That’s because I suspect the big money that is involved in that movement. Remember J. P. Morgan pulling his funding from Nicolas Tesla when he found that Tesla was working on an energy transmission method, through the earth itself, that could not be metered. And Tesla’s patents were all seized by the US government immediately after his death.

Somebody should do a FOIA suit for that.


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