A Ukrainian history lesson


There have been many such unnatural creations of nation-states mostly in the 20th century.

Iraq is a composite of three “ethnic” territories: Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish.

Israel was carved out of an Arab “protectorate” of Britain, where Arabs and Jews lived mostly peaceably until the Zionists started acting on their centuries old plans.

The Soviet Union forcibly unified a great diversity of “republics”, that split into more than a dozen different republics afterward.

Each of Spain, France, Great Britain, and lastly, Italy, are geopolitical terrritories brought together by shotgun weddings. Each now speaks the language of the dominant ethnicity in its region.

Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are examples of both peaceful and violent divorces. Kosovar was carved out of Serbia by subterfuge led by the Yankees, and Panama carved out of Colombia by the same Yankees.

Switzerland is not a forced unity as far as I can tell but is an exception in that its citizens seem very content living together.

Why not give peace a chance? Europe joining the US in an orgy of shooting themselves in the foot to spite Russia shows that the more trade nations engage in with each other, the higher the cost and the more difficult it is to make war with those trade partners.


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