Child abuse: Who are the worst abusers, parents or the STATE?

Number one, states have caused WAY too much child abuse in their interventions against parents. During a couple of years after enacting severe measures against parents for spanking their kids or even when they don’t, there were later by count 18,000 kids that the state lost track of.

And other studies found that kids in foster care suffered NINE TIMES more abuse than in parental care.

With no state at all, parents will be the responsible parties for their kids, but they will be empowered without old biddy gossipy busybodes getting tax extortion to pay for their abusive meddling.

In one case, there was a religious group (“new religious movement”) that had every one of their communal homes raided by state the government in Argentina, instigated by “anti-cult” fascists and “deprogrammers” from the States (only states are allowed to “deprogram” anybody, dontcha know). The justification for the raid was that the children were abused.

They shopped a judge and the judge ordered the raid, led by the Chief of Police himself. (Note that this was also during the coup government years in the 1970s). So they raided and ransacked all the homes, I think a dozen of them, and arrested the adults.

The judge appointed social workers to interview the children. ALL the social workers came back and reported that the kids were the MOST SOCIALLY BALANCED kids they had ever seen.

So the judged fired all of them and hired a different group of social workers. And THEY came back with the same reports.

Meantime, their brethren elsewhere organized demonstrations in front of all the Argentine embassies around the world, in sackcloth and ashes, wearing poster boards with warnings from scripture.

Then higher authorities began their own investigation. The result was that they ordered all the adults and children released, and arrested both that judge and that Chief of Police. One of them ended up in an insane asylum (I think the judge) and the other served a prison term.

Something similar happened when somebody freaked out from an overheard comment from a child walking home from school to the communal home, in New Hampshire or Vermont as I remember it. She called somebody (another self-righteous biddy no doubt). They raided the home but found that all the kids were, again, well cared for.

Then there was the raid on the ranch in east Texas (1980s i think). In this case the state used Baptist Sunday School buses to load up the kids and take them for interviews with social workers to try to get dirt on the parents, taking cell phones from both kids and parents. NOT ONE of the kids said ANYTHING against their parents, good for them. Finally the criminal authorities worked out a deal where they could do weekly inspections on their property. (No doubt threatening extended retention to extort the concessions).

Governments ALWAYS make EVERYTHING worse in whatever they do. It’s the nature of the beast. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Government is based on the threat of force against anyone who disobeys, and the same government has the last word on what the rules to obey are. Rotten roots, rotten fruit.

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