The FBI is the biggest breaker of the law. They gave a promotion to the guy in charge (Bob Barr) who ordered the sniper to fire on the civilians at RUby Ridge. For which the courts adjudicated againt the FBI.

The FBI organized an illegal property theft agains the family in Nevada grazing their cattle on land as per federal law.

They organized a dozen terrorist plots after 9//11 using Muslim proxies as patsies, and they stopped most of them arresting a lot of the Mualim victims and braggning about it all in press conferences. Gotta keep justifying the budget.

They also organized and supplied the materials for the first Islamist bombing of the Towers in New York. The informant that infiltrated them and pushed it (at the FBI’s urging) and promises they would stop it in time -0which they didn’t) complained about it and still got his $1 million in payment.

The FBI under J. Edgar sent pictures of his extra-marital affairs to Martin Luther King with a note that he should kill himsself, and covered up the real story of how he was killed.(A mock court with jury proved that MLK was murdered by his own government.

And we now know the FBI had dozens of agents and “informants” herding the more gullible of Trump’s supporters into the Capitol building, with the star of the show, Ray Epps, captured on video demanding that they storm into the Capitol that day, and the guy on the tower with a bullhorn saying the same things. And Capitol police opening the barriers and calling the demonstrators to come in.
While meantime, Trump supporters on video calling out all the antifa who were obviously coordinating with the FBI thugs: breaking windows with Trump supporters yelling to stop them.

It’s only left to record Biden yelling about “enemies of the state” with a blood-red background like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao used to agitate their followers, gesticulating with air chops, with the symbolism of martial rule of two Marines at attention behind him. yelling about semi-fascists. Pot, meet kettle.

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