I got a lying Dimbot missive about abortion

A broadcast text from the 458 area code exhorting me to “voting out the GOP”.

Quote: “The MAGA GOP has already banned abortion in 14 states. If they get power this November, they want Congress to ban abortion in all 50.” A bald-faced lie and they know it full well as shown by the first sentence in that quote.

Big lie: All the Dobs decision did was to return to the Constitution and “return” the issue “to the states and to the people”.

The second part of the quote also exposes what they’re about: not giving up their power.

The brownshirts from Lenin’s “useful idiots” vandalizing Crisis Pregnancy Centers also show their true colors. They’re not about “choice”. The Dimbots make it as easy as they can for women to get an abortion. They say the same things that boyfriends and fathers tell their girls to get them to kill it, because they hate women actually choosing to have the baby. No money in it for them in that. But plenty of taxpayer-extorted government money there.

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers don’t charge, it is supported by donors to make birth a real choice for mothers.

They don’t support choice. They want more abortions. This was a Trojan horse issue from the moment the ACLU picked on the poorest white girl they could find to sue and get SCOTUS to do the dirty work. Ruth Bader Ginzburg thought is was a bad decision because it would provoke a pro-life movement. She wanted to expand it by stealth. That’s too slow for eugenicists who want to “cull the herd” of hoi polloi.

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