Voter remorse over Hunter’s laptop and the latest Honduran presidential election

The censorship of the New York Post story about Hunter’s laptop is support for my opinion that elections should be held on just one day, not all the weeks they’re piling on about early voting.

The story broke after a great many people had already cast their vote. And many of those that did get the story despite the suppression and FBI pressure on social media too, as Zuckerberg admitted, now regret the vote they cast. That”s surely evident from the polls, even as much as I distrust most polling.

It’s like the buzz out of my wife’s natal country of Honduras. A significant percentage of Hondurans regret voting for the so-called “Libre” Party of the 2009 strongman wannabe Manuel Zelaya. My wife is good friends with the mother of her “godson”. She voted for them and now spits out a contempt for them.

Almost the first day after inauguration, the gangs hit the streets again. Soon after they began releasing gang members from the very secure prisons Juan Orlando Hernandez had made across the country. They didn’t wait long to go to the Central Bank and cart off hundreds of millions of dollars, not lempiras. That was one of the Zelaya scandals in 2009, in fact. Hunter’s

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