Abortion: What does the baby think?

And yet, every single intentional abortion anywhere kills a new human life, a death sentence for arguably the demographic sector is innocent beyond dispute.

I used to say, I am in favor of the death penalty for every single fetus that is adjudicated guilty of mass murder by a jury of his peers. Kill the rapist, not the innocent victim that has to depend on the other innocent victim of a rape, for example

Totally ironic that this discussion is started by a premise of one of the most unscientific ideas ever. That being, the idea that a human being can be killed so dismissively as if he or she were not a human being.

The protection of the practice of infant sacrifice “legalized” by Roe v Wade gave birth (pun deliberate) to more anti-scientific craziness, such as the claim that the baby in the womb is actually part of the mother’s body. Do the DNA samples that everybody knows would establish kinship of the two but not origination from the “same body”. Possible exception in that test with identical twins, which I am sure can be distinguished scientifically too. In any case it’s an exception that proves the point.

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