Earth: Goldilocks zone and Goldilocks condition

Earth is the way God made it, for its inhabitants, especially the most intelligent ones. If ice was not lighter in weight per square centimeter than liquid water, the Arctic would freeze from the bottom up and all the fist in the northernmost latitudes would get frozen in the ice.

Earth’s conditions are optimal for life, for intelligent life, and for us. The transparent atmosphere give us visibility to the universe, an advantage over Venusians and Jupiterians and Saturnians. We can even know the planets and stars are there, and the sun.

The atmosphere is Goldilocks-level just right. Earth is in the Goldilocks zone, at just the right distance from the sun so we get the planet covered in water. Carbon has perfect properties for organic compounds and is abundant enough for plenty of life on Earth.

The gravity constant is perfectly set optimally for maintaining balance between cohesion of objects (like planets, stars, galaxies) to keep them from falling apart, but not so much as to make them all fall together into a sort of plasma state.

The outer planets are really big and protect the Earth from the most catastrophic-sized asteroids, like the one that hit Jupiter in the year 1994.

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