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The difference between the best-known ancient pagan gods (includes Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Assyrian, Philistines, Germanic, Hindu, Amerindian) and the God of the Bible is that those pagan gods were indeed created in the image of the humans that idolized them, feared them.

Whereas the Biblical God is a God of love. “God is love”, wrote the apostle John. Sure other religions have versions of this, it’s a universal natural law written in the hearts of all mankind.

But all mankind is also prone to disobey law, and they fall into temptations, just like Eve opened up the Pandora’s box and brought sin into the world, and Adam followed right along.

And yes, there were problems in early, and later Christianity, because man is a fallen creature. And some pagan practices were brought into “the church”. One of the problems early on were because the Christians moved from the middle of the arena into the stands.

“A fact-based faith is an oxymoron.” And that is an answer from a vacant brain. You have faith that the sun will rise on the horizon in the morning, even if black clouds hide it. You have so much faith you won’t go floating upward into the vacuum of space that you don’t even think about it. You have faith that storm clouds will dump rain that you carry an umbrella on a rainy day, even when it’s raining.

That’s fact-based faith. You don’t know the Bible enough to know that the whole thing is full of facts in evidence of God’s reality, it does not argue from “blind faith”. Even most Christians get this wrong.

I was much like the apostle Thomas, refusing to believe until he thrust his hand into Jesus’ wounds. I was atheist, but not empty-headed and college indoctrination hacking had fortunately failed to demolish all my logic circuits.

You talk about ‘invisible sky man”, but you yourself believe in it. You cannot see the wind but you admit to its effects. You cannot see radio waves but you admit they exist and you see the evidence in television and in reading this.

But you see the signs of the times and deny their existence. Protest all you want, but there were over 300 wannabe “messiahs” contemporary with Jesus. That’s because the rabbis knew that the book of Daniel pinpointed exactly when the Messiah would appear. They wanted to claim the title.

But only one persisted past his crucifixion. That’s because he was the only one who rose from the dead. More than 500 witnessed him on many different occasions after the Resurrection and went on to prove the truth of their testimony (they believed it) by laughing at the Romans and others who killed them for believing it.They feared not them that kill the body, but him that can throw body and sould in hell”.

There’s plenty of other things. The description in the Gospels of the crucifixion is very strong medical evidence that Jesus died there. Secular historians denied the Romans did crucifixions until archaeologists dug up the evidence. They denied the Assyrian Empire (“myth of the Bible”) until they dug up the city.

You mention Hitler. OF COURSE Hitler “referenced God often”. Governments, tyrants, antichrists, and socialists like Hitler and Stalin will not tolerate any of their claimed “subjects” having any loyalty above theirs.

Ezekiel 8 exposes those liars, the early church had its own unbelieving infiltrators as Paul himself denounced. And wpeaking of “white people” in the misnamed “Civil War”, those were abolitionist CHRISTIANS, very much involved in the Underground Railroad. William Wilberforce is another such example, as is John Newton, a former and repentant slave trader who wrote the most beloved hymn, Amazing Grace, and who raged against slavery all his life after becoming a born-again Christian.

And yes, abortion is indeed “killing babies”. A change of geographical location upon exiting the birth canal does not infuse a magic potion bequeathing life upon that soul. It’s the same baby. Sane expectant mothers not corrupted by evil people, always call it a baby. It’s unavoidable.

Pro-life people are simply against the murder of that innocent baby. And the principle behind the advocates of the mass slaughter holocaust in the world today of babies in the womb are finally now unmasked. There’s video of them gyrating their behinds in public in protest, they’re trying to argue its benefits. Big bad greedy corporations are all in, they hate paying out pregnancy and new motherhood benefits and losing that time at work.

And eugenecists like Bill Gates, son of the head of The Birth Control League (aka Planned Barrenhood) in Seattle for a time, and Margaret Sanger (founder of the Birth Control League, hero of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi eugenics minister), and Hitler (“useless eaters” hater), they all hate babies (except their own). Whence they’ve devised the “[biggest] electoral fraud of history”-Biden) and the biggest holocaust of history (post-jab die-offs, much more to come), to help accomplish their aims.

Embrace truth.

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