American coups

The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was bought and paid for by super-rich billionaires in the USA, the same ones now trying to impose an updated version in the third decade of the 21st century. The big bankers in the West had told the Mensheviks they had to stay committed to the war against Germany in order to continue getting loans. So they stayed in the War, which was massively unpopular in Russia. It was so unpopular the Bolsheviks were able to organize a soldiers’ union!

The Mensheviks, in power at the time, begged to be released from the obligation to the war while continuing to get the funding. So they stayed in the war, which fed fuel to the fire. But as soon as the Bolsheviks took power, and immediately quit the war, they got funding from the big bankers, despite the incursion by tens of thousands of American troops attempting, or least appearing to try, to stop the Bolsheviks.

But even there in Russia, it took a while to get to full Stalinism. They first had to consolidate power into what were vassal Czarist states. Took a while to end the White Russians resistance.

There have been coups in the USA. The first one after the arguably libertarian Declaration of Independence, it could be argued, was the US Constitution, proposed by the super-secret meeting of the continental congress. Alexander Hamilton even proposed a monarchy modeled on the British one they had just expelled!

But the colonies were so jealous of their few-found independence, and so suspicious of this usurpation of power by the band of federalists, that the authoritarians had to concede to the Bill of Rights. Patrick Henry said about the confab, “I smell a rat!”

The next coup was Abraham Lincoln. Te Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party but Lincoln only regarded it as an issue secondary to consolidating power in the federal government. Sic Semper Tiranus was an apt epithet uttered by the assassin at Ford Theater. He was definitely not an equity, diversity, and inclusion kind of guy as in CRT. He said it was unfair to expect blacks to compete with whites, and initiated the effort to repatriate blacks to Africa.

The assassination of JFK was a surely a coup, as there is ample evidence that VP LBJ was in on the plot. He was in such a rush for power he had a judge swear him in as president on Air Force One, with the widow present, while she still had her husband’s blood on her clothes.

There is ample evidence that the next coup happened in the 2020 presidential election, although there has been plenty of lead-up. By the turn of the century, the nation’s political, economic, banking, and social institutions were already in subjugation to a group of unelected elites.

One sign that it was an overthrow is that it is prohibited in the officially approved media to say that the election was won my fraud. Evidence of it is banned, and apparently every well-known media personality was compelled, forced somehow to utter the idea positively that it was a “legitimate election”. I even heard Tucker Carlson utter this idea, in my opinion, almost “under his breath” and as an adjunct to a different theme. I got the impression from the delivery that it was even “under protest”.

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