Time to make language honest again!

Well folks, there you have it! Seize the language!

I first heard the term “fake news” in a report where Barack Hussein Obama used it to condemn dissident voices. The masses, being asses, immediately turned the words around on him and the entire Liars Media. That shows something. So…

Instead of “mainstream media”, or “lamestream media”, I have used the term “Operation Mockingbird Media”, or just “Mockingbird Media” to refer to all the “private” parrot media acing as voices for the CIA-controlled narratives. They supposedly “ended” that propaganda operation, but during Obama’s reign one German journalist publicly resigned from his career, explaining he was tired of being a CIA spokesman, or putting his byline of CIA missives. Not in those words but close enough.

I’m starting to call them Liars Media now though. Quick and easy, rolls off the tongue, and its almost a monosyllable adjectival term, and conveys the emotional content or what they’re doing to us.

Now, the unvaxxed (meani9ng those undamaged by the “covid” jabs) we can call them “purebloods“. You can recognize intentional purebloods by the lack of a muzzle on their faces. Like Allan Stevo said (read what he said about it), take back these words for good. Like Joseph in Genesis told his brothers: “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”

Don’t call it a mask, call it a muzzle. Or at least, maybe even better, a muffler. I have trouble understand people talking through those things, even my family members.

And Texas is doing right with these horrendous Mengele-style physiology abuse of children that the Perverter Class call “transexual”. Today it has gotten worse that Sodom and Gomorrah.

And if a man says he “becomes” a woman, use the proper English pronouns, which have referred to the biology of it, since long before the word used for a man evolved into the word we use today.

More than anything, remain firm in your moral and intellectual foundations. Stand your ground against becoming sucked in to adjusting yourself to the demands of the clueless that you battle with them against nature itself. Ridicule them as they deserve. Don’t be an NPC.

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