Markets are global now

Markets are global now. Europe joined the embargo against Russian oil, but they still made deals, and the oil now just goes through a more indirect (and more “unofficial”) route thru China, India and other countries that still deal with Russia

It’s like the Arab oil embargo against the United States in 1973-1974 to punish it for supporting Israel in the war. After a while, they added The Netherlands to the boycott because the Dutch were redirecting a lot of that oil to the States. Truck drivers lined the highways on strike demanding the government drop the muzzle on the imports. Even then they were sitting on oceans of oil underground in the “reserves”.

Remember, hard drugs are banned in the USA but that’s not only no problem, it adds a markup to the smuggling profits. Gun-hating “piti-dictators” in “blue states” do their best to ban as many guns as they can, then when crime goes up because the decent citizens obey the laws, they blame the states that have less crime (because their laws on guns are less restrictive), saying the gun crime that does happen in red-state cities is because the guns are smuggled in from elsewhere. Haha.

That’s a hint they want to pass “common-sense gun control” in all the other states. As if the guns will still not come in. Consider the guns now in Ukraine and Afghanistan that will find world markets. I knew a former Sandinista once who said every house had lots of guns.

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